Look Up - Jesus Is Coming
Sun Son
Jesus is
Green Church Looking up to see
Jesus coming to their surprise
Big Mouth lying
Trump smokes
the war Pipe
with his arms
sticking out as
usual and
running as fast
as he can today
bring in nuclear
war with the
Russian bear ...
These "3" Open Visions came from God's Hubble
space telescope in his heavens showing Jesus,
SON-SUN coming in Glory soon and
suddenly that the
Sleeping Green Church of
today are not aware of period!

The preachers today are all sleeping! When do
they wake up? Matthew 25:6-7 says they wake up
at the
Midnight Hour! When is the Midnight Hour
upon us when the sleeping ...
GREEN Church of
Matthew 25:6-7 wake up?
When war comes in!

Right of Trump hiding behind this second Jer-
USA-lem USA flag nation, shows Halloween
Pumpkin Head Trump
with white shirt Putin of
make nuclear war! Trump is seen below
the cloud picture of Jesus coming in his
heavens, of Big Mouth Trump who claims he
loves this nation and its people, is seen below
God's cloud, the Red heart lined with Gold, the
beast Billionaire getting ready to pull the pin!
Notice her dark mouth wide Open and her two
dark eyes are very surprised to say the least
seeing Jesus coming that most cannot see!
The two above are the two below left and nuclear war between
them. All the gold in Trumps bank around his Red Heart is the
same color as the Nuclear bombs soon to go off between the
hands of Black Trump on the left and White Putin of Russia on the

DIE ... DEATH has been cast! God shows in cloud form what is
now coming upon a Church nation and world gone sour grapes at
Judgment time today!
Left God shows in
cloud form this
picture across
Klamath Lake, the
white top mount
Mcloughlin, the sign
of the Kingdom of
God and God above
in dark sky form
shows his white head
and his dark right arm
and hand around the
neck of the Rooster
Here we see Almighty God in blue cloud form ... God is blue today and is removing these Cock
Rooster preachers off his high white mountain! Above and right of the word Jesus ... you can faintly
see Jesus setting on the clouds with a Sharp Sickle in his hand seen in Revelation 14:14 ... added is
"10" sleeping Virgins or 14 + 14 = "28" the "28" years I lived in the wilderness area of Klamath
County, Oregon preaching this message to the Church who did not want to believe my message even
when I showed them open visions from Rocks in the location where I lived for 28 years.

Jesus said in Luke 19:40 ...
"If my people do not speak out then the Rocks will cry out." I work for God
and have been working for him for over 30 years when he took me to this area where I live today and
showed me signs in rocks of the last days we are living in today!
This huge rock left
was so large I had to
make two pictures
showing this USA
nation laying dead
upon the ground! Far
left you can see this
nations dead head
looking up! On its
belly you can see the
bear of Russia
looking down on this
Pig Head Nation and her Pig Head Church seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22. Below the word Bear above is the
Bear Putin of Russia that takes down second Jer-
USA-lem! Right in lighter color you can see the
GeOrGe of the Republican Elephant Party today along with Republican Elephant Trump with his ears
spread out, and far right you can see what they are about to do ... make
SKULLS of the sleeping
Church already half way buried in the ground under the dead
SKULL. Click on the left side of your
mouse to see this message I wrote about this Vision picture above ...  Dead Head Church & George  ...
Left is the same green headed Church from above
put together with a large rock burned out by the fire
finger of God, shows the dog serpent head of the
Church today, walking into the nuclear Mushroom
cloud bomb from Putin of Russia! This is a picture of
the Dog Church today stark naked as seen below her
naked waist with the golden letter
"J" for Donald J.
Trump beside her sex organ seen left ...
Sex Maniac Trump 45! You can also see her
upside down with the capital letter
"V" on
her belly and her naked beasts right
bottom. This also shows the black devil
riding her back and the other two beast
men, Clinton 42 and Bush 43 pushing this
dog woman Church into nuclear war!

Below this naked bare breast woman
Church of these last days, is the same rock
and this shows the Church of today naked
riding Golden Beast Sex Maniac Trump! You
can see the large letter "V" on her stomach
and her pink face looking down to Trump!
Left you can see the large capital letter "V" on her stomach
naked. The top left corner of the one below, shows this naked
woman Church with the capital letter "V" for Virgins on her
belly and exposing her two naked breasts also tied into the
larger naked woman Roman Catholic Church of today.

Again you can see above, the first two beast Presidents,
Clinton 42 and Bush 43 added together is
"67" who go after
the sleeping Church of Matthew
25 added equals "7"
Churches and verses

The Prophet giving you this awesome message was born in a
preachers home in year
"34" added is "7" born "6" of "7"
children! I preach this awesome message today at the
Hour of
seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7." We are leaving
"6"th Millennium and going into the "7"th now ... "67."
Before Jesus sets up his 1000 year Kingdom
on earth he first burns off the garbage the
Green Church left behind. I warn you again
these images God burned out in solid rock is
now in the process of happening! God's hand
writing is on the Rock Wall of Jesus Christ
today without hesitation!

We see this also in Daniel 5:23-28 ...
"The hand
writing is on the WALL
." We also see this ...
What was before will be again and what is now
was before there is nothing new under the
." Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 same type of
numbers for God is the God of numbers not

Todays Church is seen upside down seen
above in rock form and walking into the
nuclear cleaning fire of Almighty God.

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
Open mouth------>
Above Pig Head
Church and nation.
Woman Church
dead and buried