Little Head Beasts Chase Church
Little head beasts chases naked dog, woman
Church. Notice the beast running after the
woman Church! Notice under his arm on the
right you can see the head of a dog, meaning
the dog
and pig Churches of 2 Peter 2:20-22.
Notice under the dog the
large foot of the
Both Open Visions above came from God's Huddle space telescope. You can see the little head, no
brains ... going after the Red Headed Scarlet woman Church of Revelation 17:1-8. The first head is
Clinton 42, the second head is Bush 43 both beast who once was, now is not and yet is coming. The
third one is in office today, Trump 45 put into power by the sleeping
Dog Churches here in second

These "3" beast men were all born in year "4
6" who makes up the "666" that God is using to take
out th
ese Red Headed Scarlet Churches of today seen here in Isaiah "66:6." Now I wonder who
wrote the Bible if not God Almighty our God of Numbers?

"3" beast men also makes up the Pale Rider of DEATH seen in Revelation "6:7-8." Trump
was born in the
"6"th month ... Bush was born in the "7"th month ... Clinton was born in the "8"th
month ... Revelation
6:7-8.  Following these "3" beast men, Hades ... Hell comes next!
Jesus said, people are seen as trees! Left is a tree with the first
head of the beast, "C" for Clinton 42 shown on his waist soon to
go after the sleeping dog-pig-goat Churches of today!

The second head of the beast is
Red Burning Pants George W.
Bush 43
shown by Almighty God in one of his fiery volcano's.
Satanic George is talking to the
Goat ... Dog ... Pig Churches of
today, and you can see the head of a beast over his head,
meaning he is one of the "3" beast men of today! God made
Burning Bush with a white head with a black microphone seen in
his head talking to the GOAT Churches of today!

God made the
GOAT CHURCHES from BLUE SKY ... Smoke and
! God is coming in with lightning form quick and
suddenly without warning to this Goat Church of today and they
will not escape! God uses his good people to do his good work
who has gone the way of Baal today, so he uses his bad people
to do his bad work which is soon to take place today!
George W. Bush 43 and his family belong
to the Secret Society of the NWO ...
Illuminati of Satan ... the
Skull & Bones!
God shows over Burning Bushes head
the sign of this who soon makes
and Bones
" from this Goat Church of

how this fire came out spelling GOD.
Below this is the sign of the Bush Family
with the dragon of Satan over the
& Bones
" soon to be the Goat, Pig, Dog
Churches of these last days! Below
shows Shark Bush and the Skulls of
these Churches of today and over the
head of the SKULL Churches you can see
that God put in Cloud form, an Elephant,
the Republican Elephant George W. Bush
43 coming in making
Skull's & Bones.  
Below left just behind the Skull sets the sleeping Church of Matthew
25:6-7 who soon wakes up at Midnight, the darkest hour ever. She is
riding just ahead of the Elephant, Burning G.W. Bush 43 that soon
takes her out! Behind them you can see the head of the
Preachers over these
GOAT - Dog - Pig people of 2 Peter

I show over the head of these Dog-wolf preachers of
these last days, two ears! The one on the left is the head
of the sleeping Church and the one on the right is the
head of Elephant George W. Burning Bush who takes out
these Churches of today! The head of this long Red
Dragon Rock that sets a few miles from my home, shows
Bill 42 and second is George 43 as seen below.
You can plainly see the first head looking at you, Beast Bill 42 and attached to the back of his head is
the Republican Elephant George W. Burning Bush 43. This very long Red Rock I estimate it to be 3 to
4 hundred yards long that sets on the hillside looking over the valley below.
Below Dragon Rock,
maybe 100 yards sets
Dead Man USA Rock
showing Putin of Russia
and George of the USA.
Far left is the head of this
nation laying dead. The
middle top shows the
bear of Russia who took
her down. Below the bear
of Russia you can see Putin looking at the PIG below, this Pig nation and Pig Church of today taken
out. The rock was so long I had to take two pictures and put them together as seen above, the
lighter one on the right shows the Elephant G.W. Bush 43 and right of this Elephants head is the
Skull of the Skull & Bones secret society. Under the Skull is the woman Church half way buried in
the ground still reading her black Bible as she soon goes out of sight. Right of the Elephants trunk
with his ears sticking out to the right and to the left. You can faintly see the Horses Head of the
Apocalypse right of the Elephants trunk.

This ministry shows truth to the nth degree! God is the one who burned out in Solid Rock with his
same fire finger that he burned out the
"Ten Commandments" for the first Moses, and now
burning out the true message for this
Second Moses Ministry ... Yours Truly ... at the end of time for
mankind as we know it!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...