Lion Rock & Fiery St. Paul
There are two sides to many stories and this
story also has two sides shown by God Almighty.
The above picture of a fiery Lion is seen in Rev.
1:14-15. His head and hair was like wool and his
eyes were like blazing fire. His feet were like
bronze glowing in a furnace and his voice was
like the sound of rushing waters.
The above Open Vision was a lightning strike over
Iceland showing the fire Lion Jesus and also his last day
Prophet yours truly born on Leo the Lion month of
August 22, as 22 also means the end of the Holy Bible ...
Revelation 22. I preach for Jesus Christ today who is
also seen as Leo the Lion who came from the tribe of
Judah, today Judah meaning Lion Jesus. Left is a
burning fire from the ring of fire around the Pacific
Ocean, as I live off the east side of the large ring of fire
around the Pacific Ocean. Notice the capital letter
for Gerig on top of this Fiery Lion Paul seen left. Before I
go to the top left showing the golden outlined letter "P"
for Paul, first I will explain the rock below shaped like a
Lions head with the capital letter "G" for Gerig shown on
the front right side in white color.

This Comet came flying in and they named it
"67P." I
wrote about the other side of this rock and its meaning
sometime ago, but today the Lord said, give the other
meaning! The first meaning referred to the two P for
George Bush 43 and Bill Clinton 42 seen as
the two eyes, the "G" for George on the right and the
grey capital letter "C" on the left added together is
"67P" Clinton and Geo. Now for the second meaning. I
was born
"6 of 7" children in a "P"reacher home in year
. My name is P for "Paul ... 6 of 7 Children." This
ministry is God's last day Lion Ministry to the world ... the
rock head of the lion on the left, I had an only son we
named ROCKY some 59 years ago who lived two days ... a
seven month premature baby boy. This Rocky of mine, as this is
also seen as a Father Ministry who has a son ... the Rock who
went to heaven 59 years ago whose last name was Gerig that also
touches on rock

Below rock 67P is a storm off the North East corner of second
USA-lem. I took this picture from the weather people and I
show it today as a Lion coming in wearing dark glasses showing
he has a heart for the people, or else I would not be showing this
Open Vision from God. Below this Lion is the cloud over Lion Rock
showing the face of this Lion Ministry today seen in these last two
Open Visions from Almighty God.

Now back up to the first large Lion Rock less than a mile east of
my home. Under the top word Down, you can see the capital letter
"P" for Paul outlined in gold. The word before Down is Coming,
meaning the old black Bull Market is coming down! Left of this
about one inch and down about one inch, you can see the golden
head of this pig and Church nation today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22
on fire in yellow color, referring to fire, the two capital letters DC
for Washington DC on fire. On the bottom right you can see the
dog part of 2 Peter 2 ... equals 22 the end of days, barking out lies
to the sleeping Church who believe lies today and not truth.
God said in the OT and NT alike in Joel 2 and Acts 2 = 22 my birthday ... that he would show signs in
the heavens above and on the earth below before the return of Jesus Christ half God and half man.
The sign in the comet 67P and the large rock close to my home showing the Golden letter "P" for
Paul are two signs from heaven above and on the earth below to where I still live at the age of 83 ...
8 + 3 "11" that is the number of Jesus Christ who has "11" letters in his name who shows me these
message of the end times to his Prophet Paul Gerig who has "9" letters in his name and this number
"911" is the emergency day number for man spoken to you from Jesus Christ and his last day Lion
Prophet ... 911 emergency day Church your time has run out!

From St. Paul to the rider of
DEATH of Revelation 6:7-8 that louches on the "3" riders of DEATH ...
Trump 6 Bush 7 Clinton 8 all born in year 46 = 666 and seen in Isaiah 66:6. I was born "6" of "7"
Children that lived and born 6 of 8 when the first son died at birth leaving me born of
This left my parents Pale Riders of DEATh in signs. I married and had a seven month premature son
who lived "2" days that we named
ROCKY and we were Pale riders of death also when he died.
Jesus said in Luke 19:39-40 ... if my people do not speak out then the
ROCKS will cry out and these
rocks are crying out big time where I live today as seen in this awesome website Ministry!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
I took out the
black leaving
the head.