Lion Coming - Tribe Of Judah
The Lion from the Tribe of Judah,
Jesus ... is coming soon and
suddenly and going after the
sleeping Churches of today to
punish them for foresaking him at
the end of days as we know them!  
All we have to do is read Rev. 17:
1-8 to see what this last day "3"rd
Babylonian nation has done to the
entire world, decieved them all!

The so-called Christians are soon
to go into the
Lion's Den! The Lion
Jesus is coming and this Lion
Apostle Prophet Paul born on Leo
the LIon month of August
"22" ... is
telling what is soon to happen, as
"22" means the end and
also the end of God's Holy Bible,
So-called Christians going into the Lion's DEN!
Jesus the Lion from the Tribe of Judah is coming in
riding the
Red Horse of War! Below this is the red horse
of war coming in at
Midnight ... the sign of the Knight
riding in for it is
RED WAR TIME black at Knight ... Night.
The Knight ... Red Horse rides at tht darkest hour ever,

ne Knight ... night red riders of DEATH are soon to be
riding out loud and clear!
They are seen on the tail end
of Lion Rock close to my home in rock form from God
Almighty, seen below. This is the tail end of Lion Rock
that shows the
Teeth of Satan's Lion who is setting over
Bush 43  upper lip who claims to be a Christian. Below
the red horse of war the Knight is riding
The full picture of the shark teeth above and the head
of the lion is seen on the left
! You can see his head and
heavy mane
that ties to Clinton 42 and Bush 43. Notice
left side of this long Lion Rock, shows the head of ,
Bill Clinton 42! The right end shows the large teeth of
this LION
Dragon Satan riding their upper lips! Do you
think the Ten Commandments that God burned out in
stone was something? If you do what do you think of these many Open Visions coming from God's
second and last Moses Ministry? Below is a large rock maybe 75 feet in the sky less than a mile east
of my home. The huge Lion Rock looking upward into heaven, shows the golden outlined letter "P"
for Prophet Paul. Left of golden letter "P" you can faintly see a man in a wheel-chair, yours truly.
You can see the last letter "L"for Paul
behind the letter "P" as a man riding in
a wheel-chair, yours truly. Old John the
Revelator when he wrote the book of
Revelation could't walk when he was
on the Island of Patmos either.

Revelation 10:10-11 says,
"You must
prophesy again about many peoples,
nations languages and kings."
This is
exactly what this old John Paul the
Second Prophet is doing today as he
rides in his wheel-chair now for over
"6" years due to the Lord allowing him
to be disabled like old John was also
disabled. I don't know what old John
had, but I am in this wheel-chair due to
having diabedies.

Below the word,
coming, left you can
see where I outlined the bull market
coming down off this Lying ... Lion
nation today! This happens just before
the Russian bear nuclear bombs this
nation! One inch left of the black bull
market crashing, and one inch below,
you can see this
PIG HEAD nation on
fire. Notice above the pigs head in the
yellow fire is
"DC" for Washington DC.
This Pig Head ties into 2 Peter 2:20-22 as the Church of today are seen as PIGS and DOGS. Notice the
lower right hand corner you can see the DOG Preachers of today also talking to the PIG CHURCHES.
Here we see the
PIGS and DOGS messing up the entire world seen in Revelation 17:1-8. I pointed
out LIttle Lion Clinton coming around the left side of this huge
LION ROCK after the Russian's
strikes this nation with its nuclear bombs and takes out the
PIGS and the DOGS of 2 Peter 2:20-22.
Yours truly left about 10 or so year ago, and in the background stood
Red Dragon Rock maybe 100 yards behind me. Below this was a tropical
storm over this nation on Election day showing yours truly on the West
Coast of this nation blowing my
Jesus Trumpet over this land and the
head of Jesus hitting this Bald Eagle Babylonian Nation in its head
killing it as you can plainly see below.

I used my Adobe Photo section from my computer to take out the
substance showing this Ministry blowing the Jesus Trumpet for those
not seeing it in the picture God took from his heavens. How much
plainer will God make it for the sleepers to see the truth and repent?
Next I take you to St. Paul,
Oregon next to the capital
where the Solar Eclipse went
over and ended up in SC ...
South Carolina one day before
my 83rd Birthday, August 21,
2017. My Birthday is August Leo
the Lion month day "22" and in
reverse is August 22 day 21 that
shows the last of the Holy Bible,
22:21 added is
." I was born "6" of "7"
children in a preachers home in
"34." I preach today from
my "3"rd flying angel website  
seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7" ... this Eternal Gospel at
I was born year "34"
added preaching today to the
"7" Churches who do not want
to hear the truth but would
rather listen to Satan!

The state of Oregon made this
map showing St. Paul in
They also blew up this county of
St. Paul showing my face
looking at the Solar Eclipse
going over my head headed for
SC for South Carolina where it
left this nation! Below my face
looking to the left you can see
the grey bear of Russia coming
down to take out this Pig nation
that swims with the tail of the
fish, the once good fish Church
but today are now PIGS still
swimming with the tail of a fish.
Notice the black face, forehead,
big nose and mouth seen on the
tail of this gone mad Church of
the last days.

It was year 2000 when I received
a phone all from this ministry in
South Carolina asking me who
the coming in beast is going to
I said, Bill Clinton 42.
X                   X
In the same breath I also said, RUSSIA WILL NUCLEAR BOMB THIS NATION. (This is being put together
I put a RED X under my face in this storm Pam, the name of my in-home care lady who helps me
out! Right of my human FACE you can see
SC for South Carolina where the Solar Eclipse left this
nation, showing a new beginning is coming in. Below the first Red X you can see me again as the Lion
from the Tribe of Judah, working for Jesus Christ the Lion that I speak for today without a shadow of
a doubt. Below this Open Vision shows the rocks under this huge cloud of storm Pam, and the bottom
rock show in rock form the hand of Rock God pointing to this last day prophetic ministry.  

I didn't make this Open Vision, God made it as he also made the Open Vision above showing this
Ministry of St. Paul telling the world today what is about to happen. Now to end this, I spoke on
short-wave and long wave Radio world wide, telling them who the beast coming in was, Bill Clinton 42
and I also told the world that Russia would nuclear bomb this nation. We spoke for about half and
hour and hung up. I then picked up my Bible and it opened to Revelation 8:1 stating ...
"Heaven was
silent for about half an hour
." Now could you say this was just another accident going someplace to

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...