Lair Sex Man Trump & Women
Woman have come against sex maniac Donald
Trump eversince he came to office and he and
his hentchmen all say these women are liars
when the fact remains he is the Gross liar in no
uncertain terms seen in burined out rock from
Almighty God! Tump is also a good friend of
sexy Kim Kardasian the two pictures on the left
that God is now getting ready to put her naked
body in a black garbage bag and drop her in
the bottom of the sea of time to be no more!

You can see Trump wearing a red cap in
between "3" scantly dressed woman Churches
of today, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.
Now to back up my message God shows in
solid rock form close to my old home in the
high wilderness area where there were old
volcano's, and he shows the truth today about
Sex Maniac Donald
John Trump.

God shows the two naked Dog Churches of
today walking to the left both Catholic and
Protestant Churches! The golden face golden
rich Dog Trump walking to the left, shows the
woman face of this Golden rich Dog Trump
Church who they put into office, looking Satan
in his face thinking he is Jesus but the devil

I will not go into the other two heads of these
"3" headed beast presidents, Bill Clnton 42
and George W. Bush 43 looking on ... but I will
also show you the Shark, Trump with the
golden letter X on his neck. Now here comes
the kicker from Almighty God. Liar shark sex
maniac D.
J. Trump has the red headed woman
in his mouth as you can plainly see also seen
in Revelation 17:1-7. Notice where he is
headed for, her vagina!  Notice right of this you
can see his middle inital,
"J" for John!
Close to the above Open Vision of the Dog's ... sets this large rock looking like a clamshell trap now
closing in on the 10 sleeping Virgin Church who ride the beast, Bull ... Bully Donald J. Trump! I also
point out his erect penis! The man holding up his hand showing the "V" for Virgins is J. Trump. Him
and the Church that put him into office are not circumcised in the heart only the flesh. God is
confirming Donald Sex-manic Trump is a liar and also as sex maniac who claims to be a good
Christian but is a gross liar today who calls all the women who came against him liars! His past lawyer
now serving time in Prison for first lying about Trump who now tells the truth is shown by liar Trump
as a liar and Trump is the good one, but the one from Satan telling gross lies like no one ever has
seen before ...
truly a second Adoph Hitler!  

Liar Trump seen above holding up the letter
"V" for Virgins God shows in no uncertan terms, Trump
is a liar of all liars! How many women have come forward saying Trump molest them? Trumps private
lawyer ... Juliana ... another gross liar from hell, cannot be believed either. What God shows above in
burned out rock  ...
"The hand writing is on the wall   (Rock Wall the Wall of Rock Jesus)   in no
uncertain terms
!" Daniel 5:25-28 ... (We add in God's awesome numbering system and we see this: 5 +
2 + 5 + 2 + 8 =
"22" the end of days! This is also the end of the Holy Bible, Revelation "22" and also
the birthday number of God's last day Prophet, yours truly born on Leo the Lion month of August

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
...  Bully
Sex Maniac Trump today is bringing in the
China soldiers seen top right in military hats