Lebanon Church Dies In Bed
Picture number 56
Lenticular blanket,
Lebanon, MO

From the photographer: "I took this in
2002 in Lebanon, Missouri. I saw the clouds roll in and
knew I had a few minute window to get a possible picture. I high tailed it from my place  
(about 3/4 mile) to get a nice view."
 (Picture #56 added is the Number of Jesus Christ with 11 letters)
I was born and raised in the Albany-Lebanon area in 1934 ... "6" of "7"
children in a preachers home. This was about 10 miles from the capital of
Salem, Oregon, and several miles east of Salem sets a small county named
"St. Paul" where the Solar Eclipse went over August "21" last year one day
before my birthday, Leo the Lion month of August
"22." In reverse we see
the end of the Holy Bible, Revelation
22:21 and the Church of today are still
in bed fast asleep! Lebanon
a small bedroom town, also touches on the first
wife of Jacob who refers to Father God who married his first wife, Leah the
Jews also seen in
Lebanon, Israel that God had to take out because they fell
like the Church of today has also fallen asleep.
The Lebanon Church is still in bed asleep ... a small
bedroom town in Oregon ...
I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home! We add Revelation 22:21 ... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1
"6-7." Today I preach from my "3"rd angel website seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7" this
Eternal Gospel at the

Some years back I moved my older sister, Virgin-ia who left the Church in her late teens to my
property because I too had left the Church about the same age as Virginia did but I returned at the
age of 50, and this number means a new beginning in which it was for me. I moved Virginia that
refers to the 10 sleeping
Virgin-ia Church of today to my property, and after some years later she
moved to Lebanon, Oregon and
Died from a major heart attack.  My sister Grace found Virginia on
the floor of her apartment that
she had spit blood from her heart attack into two sea-shells. When
Grace told me this I said instantly when God showed me,
"She shall see the truth and the truth shell
set her free
."  This ties to the sleeping Lebanon, Virgin Church of today! She shall see the truth ...
SEA SHELLS ... and the truth SHELL set her free ... Praise God!
Left is St. Paul, Oregon, a small county east of Salem.
This is where the Solar Eclipse went over and ended
in South Carolina. I am seen in the red part of this
state of Oregon. The map people bl
ew up St. Paul  
watching the Solar Eclipse go over his head with his
mouth wide open and a red ring around his eye. It
shows the bears from the north coming down to take
out this sleeping
Virgin-ia Pig Headed Church of
today swimming with a fish tail that the Church used
to be called, "Fishers of Men
." This solar eclipse
came in over St. Paul and left at South Carolina which

means "A new beginning."
Left was a huge storm named Pam a couple of
years ago showing me laying in my bed of
suffering that I have had my in-home care lady

working for me a couple days a week
because I lost the use of my legs to Diabetes
six years ago. She also pushes me in my
wheelchair at times. Notice my head on the
top left side with my other arm reaching out to
SC for South Carolina where the Solar Eclipse

It was 2000 when a prophet who had gotten
one of my books called me and asked me if I
woud talk on the radio, long wave and short
wave for 30 minutes and he would call me
back in half an hour. I said yes! He called back
and the first thing he asked me,
"Who is the
? I said ... "Bill Clinton." Then I said
Russia will nuclear bomb this nation
Directly after we talked for about half an hour, I picked up my Bible to have it open to Revelation 8:1
that said,
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour." I often pick up my Bible at what seems to be
special occasions, and this was a
very special occasion when God told me through his Bible that
Heaven was listening to what I was saying across the whole world telling them who the beast coming
and that Russia would nuclear bomb this nation.

The black images under this white Cloud are rocks they put there, and the bottom one points to
yours truly above. Below this in another storm, shows Pam pushing me in my wheel-chair showing
me the center of this storm
coming in soon and suddenly ... the storm of the last days!
You can see me in the center of this storm in the sky,
blowing my trumpet downward to earth from the "3"rd
... my 3rd website of "3" angels total as this is my
"3"rd angel website seen in Revelation 14:
"6-7" at the
hour of Judgment today
. Notice Pam behind my
wheel chair wearing dark glasses as she does often
and myself wearing a cap as I often do when outside.

Notice ahead of my head is the head of a man also
wearing dark glasses, the people I am talking to today
and most do not believe this second Moses Ministry
any more than they believed the first Moses either
This is spoken about in Revelation 11:8 ... Sodom and
Egypt, Gay USA and Egypt meaning the world
figuratively speaking where also the Church has
re-crucified Jesus Christ all over again ...

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...