Last Images Of 67P-residents
This is one of the last pictures
Rosetta took before crashing
into this 67P comet that shows
the two headed Lion Beast of
past Presidents, Clinton 42 and
Bush 42 added together as the
two headed Lion beast is 4 + 2 =
"6" and 4 + 3 = "7" equals comet
"67P" coming back into the
picture seen in Revelation 17:8.
The last day passage says,
beast who once was, now is not,
and yet is coming ... the people
who will be surprised when this
... soon ... their names
have not been written in the
Lamb's book of life." Revelation
 Will you be surprised? Now
let me explain this image of the
two headed Lion beast of Bill
Clinton 42 the main head on the
left and the smaller head of
George Bush 43 on the tail.
On the very top on the left side looking left, is the Dragon Beast over Bills head and Bill is looking
at you. Notice his two black eyes and below them you can see his large nose. On the other end of
this four legged Lion Beast of Clinton, the head who was born on Leo the Lion month of August 19
and was the 42nd president of this fallen nation. My mother's Bible she bought in 1942, shows this
fact today. Now look at the tail end of this 67P rock God is showing us in his heavens ... it is the tail
end of this large Lion Rock George W. Burning Bush 43 looking at you with two large black eyes and
his small black nose ... the two hind legs of this same four legged Lion Beast.
<---------- -------Head of Dragon Satan
<--------------Head of Clinton
head of
Left is a huge rock that shows the two dog Churches,
Catholics and Protestants alike shown as two dogs of
2 Peter 2:20-22 with their dog faces to the left and the
large golden faced Dog Church, and her pretty human
face is turned around facing black Satan who she
thinks is the true God but is Satan instead, the little
rock. Behind Satan is the first head of the two headed
Lion Beast, golden faced Bill Clinton 42 and below
him is the Texan Cowboy, Bush 43 added together is

They are also seen here as the shark getting ready to
put this sleeping, red headed, scarlet woman
Churches head in their mouths and devour them,
seen here beginning to eat her leg! About 4 miles
south of this Dog-Church naked woman is another
long red rock about 300 yards long showing the two
headed Dragon Beast as pointed out ... Bill 42 on the
front and George 43 the Republican Elephant with his
trunk attached to Beast Bill ... the head.

Below Bill and George is this Shark behind them in
this long red rock as they make up this next image of
the shark ready to make
Skulls and Bones from the
sleeping Churches of today! Above the Skull in cloud
form, is the image of an Elephant, Bush, who belongs
to the
"Skull & Bones" secret society ready to kill the
Sleeping Churches of today. Behind the Skull is the
sleeping Churches of Matthew 25:6-7 riding with the
Elephant Bush 43 seen below the dead SKULL
Churches! Below this is a fiery volcano from God
Almighty in fire form with the naked woman Churches
rear-end setting on top of these beast Presidents
heads today.
You can see the naked butt of the Church
setting on top of the head of this nation ...
notice the crown of the Presidency and
under his hat you can see his face turned
around looking at you.

How much plainer can God make it? Burning
out images as he does in solid rock form yet
<-------White Butt
<-------White Crown
<-------His eyes,
nose, mouth and
face looking at you.
the sleeping Churches of today seen exactly nothing!
They believe the lie of a rapture of the Church which will
not happen except for the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5
... those seen in Luke 21:34-36 who pray they may be
ABLE TO ESCAPE all that is coming upon the earth, and
also pray they may be

What I show to the sleeping Churches of today is
opposite of what the lying Dog Wolf preachers tell them.
The tail end of Dragon Rock, the dog wolf preachers
below, follows the sleeping Church seen left, and
below, and Elephant Bush rides with them today. These
preachers are seen at the tail end of Red Dragon rock
below and the ears on this wolf-dog are the heads of
the Churches and the head of George W. Burning Bush.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...