Kim Kar-dashian Church Runs

In cloud form above, God is looking ahead to see the Church of today, large butt,
dashian dashing into the rocks and holes in the ground to hide from the dread
of the Lord and the splendor of his majesty when he rises to shake the earth soon and
suddenly! You can see her lounging on the beast when this
dark wave of destruction
rolls in on her as she plays with her children. Notice the white cloud of God showing this
woman Church of today swinging her arms as she runs to the rocks to hide from God

Almighty when he rises to shake the earth
real soon and suddenly! Below left we see
this Church of today as the pig Church
seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 heading into the
Rocks to hide from God. Notice God is
showing her as a pig, the pig head pointed
down left of her going into the rocks to
hide from God. Notice left her big Donkey
ASS as this is what she is today a
who has disobeyed God's Laws.

The big donkey, jackAss
Church of today, will soon
be running for their very
lives and some will not
make it, for the nuclear
poison will hit them full in
the face as God shows
below in his Hubble
telescope. He shows them
running like the wind also
seen above, both stark
naked. This naked woman
Church is seen here
looking upward as she
runs for her very life soon
and suddenly!
Below this running like the wind, sleeping,
naked Church of today, we see another
Open Vision from God in his Hubble
telescope, showing this very naked
Churches upper and also her lower part
made by God Almighty and not man
. She is
seen here being hit in the face with the
nuclear radiation poison bombs coming
from the Russia Bear.

Kim Kar-dashian is married to a black man
and having Children with him! This is a sign
from God that his Church has been married
to the
black man, meaning Satan, and is
having children from him,
half white and half
! Left, below the naked woman Church
and this same naked woman Church soon to
be dashing into the rocks, we see her below
with the black man wearing a black shirt with
WEST "23" on his back.

This Ministry is seen as the
WEST ONE in my
messages, where I purchased my last three
vehicles, and the last one was a 2000
which means,
"God's Moving Church" with
license plate
XYJ - 892 which means X for
Crossing, Y for Yahweh's and J for Jordan

and numbers ... 892 ...
8 x 9 = 72 x 2 = 144 and
year 2000 we see 144,000
that God soon
takes out to be with him, seen in Revelation
14:1-5. The rest not God's people, stay
behind to experience the fiery 42 months of
wrath coming upon them, and some will be
saved laying on the ground dying and
repenting of their many sins. A few days
before receiving my new license, I had
written a News Letter titled,
Yahweh's Jordan 144,000
Number "23" means DEATH! The first head
of the beast is
William Jefferson Clinton who
"23" letters in his name. He is also seen
as the Black Man of Satan that comes in and
chases the
sleeping dog-pig-goat Churches
of today
. Signs, signs and more signs from
God as he uses many things to get man's
attention, from the heavens above to the earth below. God uses everything even to the
two above and his large bottom wife as well even to her name,
Dashing, into the rocks!
God is not only the God of numbers but he is also the God who named all the stars in his
heavens and also named all the people on his earth as well. People's names also ties
into their calling and also touches on who and what they are. Below, God burned out in
solid rock form, this Open Vision of his Church gone mad wearing a black witches hat
God is saying ... "Run Black
Church Run
" dressed in black ...
your days has come to a close
and will be no more!
Pick out
the rocks you will soon be
hiding in
and showing her naked breasts! On her stomach is
the capital letter
"V" for "Virgins" ... naked as s
. Below her is a stark naked whore woman
with her hand on
"Rock Jesus" looking out over the
sea waiting for the return of
Noah's Ark which will
not come for her!
She is also standing on Rock
Jesus and at her knees you can see the
little rock,
Satan, who she has been bowing down to,
he is Jesus but is the devil himself
. I don't know who
the naked, whore woman standing and waiting for
Noah's Ark to appear is, but right of her is the
woman married to the black man,
Kim Kar-Dashian
who also represents the evil Churches of today,
standing stark naked going down into the black
trash bag of time.

Below this is the large Donkey ASS Church of today,
Kim Kar-Dashian laying on the beach with her
children, half white and half black waiting for Noah's
Ark that is not coming for them!
She is nonchalant
and laughing at these messages today while the
dark wave of
Nuclear War is seen above her head
soon to be rolling in over her and her children with
no escaping! Only to run into the rocks to hide from
God ... Isaiah 2:19-22. Below left is
red dress Kim
with her large behind,
with the sign of an idol right of
her knees
, confirming from God the sign above
bowing her knees to Baal-Satan, the sign of the
Church today who has gone down the sewer pipe,
and God is now ready to flush the toilet!
God shows left the Nuke
bomb coming with the
window on the stem is
now open for this to
Left is red dress Kim and her large behind,
with the sign of idols right of her knees,
confirming from God the sign above
bowing her knee to Satan, the sign of the
Church today who has gone down the
Don't forget August 21 is the solar eclipse of
the Sun and Moon showing the end of the
Bible today, Rev. "22" verse "21." The moon
represents the Church and God is the SUN.  
The moon Church today is blocking  out
God, the SUN ... it is finished!
drain, the sewer pipe, and God is now ready to flush the toilet on this Garbage Church
who today is following Satan who they believe is Jesus but the devil himself.

Todays Church has blocked out God and this means we are looking today at a very
angry God who is bringing an end to the Churches 2000 years and her
"42" generations
as seen in Matthew 1:17.  From Abraham to Jesus was 2000 years and count the
generations for they are seen here as
"42" that means rebellion, when the Jews crucified
Jesus the first time around!

Today the Church is doing the same thing 2000 years later, today, and also another
generations to when the beast, Bill Clinton
"42" appears on the scene and the "42"
months of wrath begins and comes upon the Church saints of today seen in Revelation
13:5-7!  We add 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This
coming in beast comes from the White House along with the other "2" beast men, Bush
43 and Trump 45
. All "3" men were born in year "4'6" and we see "666" and God using
these "3" men, Clinton 42, Bush 43 and Trump 45 ... of the
"666" to take out his Church
seen in Isaiah

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...