Killer Storm Florence & Food
The above picture from the satellite above
shows Hurricane Florence heading into the
nation on the East Coast looking like a man's
head, his two black eyes nose and black
mouth looking at the empty selves in

Heavy Fires burning on the West Coast of
second Jer-
USA-lem closed down one of the
busiest freeways in the
USA for almost a
week from Canada to Mexico ... the
Freeway that touches on Isaiah 5:
"I-5." This
speaks of God lifting his hand of protection
from around this nation seen in verses
and she will be destroyed!

"6-7" God is speaking to the
sleeping Churches of Matthew 25 verses

6-7" that he has lifted his drinking water
from her, stopped cultivating and pruning
her and she has turned into a thorn patch
that she is today. God has lifted his rain from
the west coast and she is burning down.

The drinking water is going ... her food is
disappearing God has already begun to take
her out. Florence is moving into the area of
the White House in Virginia, going past the
Carolina's where I spoke from in 2000, 18
years ago predicting destruction was coming.
A prophet from South Carolina called me by phone after reading one of my books, and asked me,
"Who is the beast coming in?"  I said Bill Clinton number 42. Next I told him Russia would nuclear
bomb this nation. This is now being put together today between Trump of Washington and Putin of
Russia. We spoke for half an hour and I hung up the phone from
South Carolina and picked up my
Bible to have it open to Revelation 8:1.
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour."

This sign is now taking place here in second Jer-USA-lem! First goes your groceries ... water
and food and is happening on the east coast today as this storm approaches this nation this
week. Below God is tying in his Leo the Lion Prophet  ... yours truly speaking from
Carolina seen below as "
SC" in this huge storm called Pam a couple of years ago as Pam is
also the name of my in-home care lady who helps me out a couple days a week. God shows
his last day, Leo the Lion Prophet speaking from this storm cloud Pam referring to the
Hurricane storm now heading into South Carolina.
X                  X
Above the first red X is yours truly in
cloud form and Leo the Lion below the
red X was the month I was born in
August 22 year "34."
Above the second
red X is SC for South Carolina
the Hurricane storm Florence is now
heading into this nation of second Jer-
USA-em full bore. God also shows
through the weather people, the rocks
under this Pam Cloud and the bottom
rock is shaped like a man's hand
pointing to this Leo the Lion Ministry
today showing what is coming next.
Paul Revere road out at midnight telling
the people that the
Red Coats are
coming, and today I have rode out on
my new red electric horse cart down
Klamath ... USA is Falling sharing
this awesome message today ...
the Red
Coats, Russia and China are coming
I speak this today from my bed and from my
wheel-chair that I am held to by God to tell the people
your days has come to a close. I have been in a
hospital bed and wheel-chair now for seven years,
and setting in my wheel-chair for hours preaching
these messages, hurts my legs and thighs but I must
finish my ministry as God directs.

Left is another storm of Pam pushing me in my wheel-
chair as I preach to the people below. Notice my
trumpet is pointing downward from heaven to the
people below on earth ... that the end is now before
your very eyes. Notice me at the center of his storm
setting in my wheel-chair. Notice my face looking
down from heaven above into the face of a man
looking up and both of us are wearing dark glasses.
Notice Pam behind my head also wearing dark glass
pushing me along as she has been doing now for "7"
years. The end is now before our very eyes ... what
will you do?  Repent and come to the Lord before it is
too late!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...