Judas - Money Assembies of god
Murderer JUDAS MURDOCK ... Dr.
Michael of Satan
... sold out Jesus
for 30 pieces ...millions of dollars
today and his
Seed Faith Satanic
gospel is no true gospel at all,
man's gospel seen in Isaiah 4:1

What was before will be again, and
what is now was before ... Rev. 1:19
... Judas Iscariot was before
2000 years ago the beginning of the
Church age, and is here again as he
closes out of the Church Age, with
murderer, Judas ... Michael
murdering Murdock ... Doc, Dr. of
divinity! This man from the
Assemblies of little god, goats is the
Judas of the last day Church, selling
SEED faith ... MONEY ... to the
sleeping Church who do not know
the Bible. Send us your ...
in your pockets they say is money,
for God told us to evangelize the
whole world, a lie from hell!
Judas sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and
today Michael Judas Murdering Doc has sold
Jesus out for millions of dollars today for his
lying Seed ... Satanic gospel - not true!
I am a man of God, his last day Apostle
Prophet who does not mince any words, but
speaks them out as God gives them to me! I
have three nephews who are Assemblies of
God Preachers and one lived with me for 1
year in Portland, Oregon when he had told me
the Assembles of God Church was no more
than a business. But after he left with his wife
and two boys he moved to Eugene, Oregon.
From there he went to the headquarters of
the Assemblies of God and got a higher
pedigree in theology tying into 2 Peter 2:20-22
of this
dog-pig Church of today also seen in
Isaiah 4:1 using Jesus' name but doing their
own thing, their dog, pig religion today!
The above Open Visison from Almgithy God as he shows in one of his fiery volcano's, the goat
Church of today tied into Satan in no uncertain terms. This Open Vision shows
Red Pants Burning
George W. Bush 43
who claims to be a good Christian but is a liar instead, talking to the GOAT
. G.W. Bushes father who passed away a few days ago. was really the first head
of the beast President system of this gone down the drain second Jer-
USA-lem nation.

Notice God put over G.W. Bush
#43 white head, the head of a beast. Add 4 + 3 = "7" Churches and
God also ties this together with the year I was born in
"34" added is also "7" ... for I work for the
God of numbers, not the god the sleeping Churches worship as they say Satan is the god of
numbers! Was it Satan who said he numbered the very hairs on our heads, or was it God?

Notice the bladk head with a white eye also with his nose up to the black microphone seen in white
head G.W. Bush. This also shows the black headed Preachers along with G.W. Burning Bush
leading the Churches astray at the hour of Judgment today! The Bush family belongs to the secret
society of the NWO ... Illiminati of Satan ... the
"Skull & Bones." God also shows this over white
G.W. Burning Bush of today, the picture of the "Beasts white Skull."
The awesome Open Vision left I took from
God's camera in his heaven, his Hubble
Telescope, a picture of these Churches today
seen above talking to Satan who they think is
Jesus but the devil himself/ This is you if you
do not belong to the 144,000 of God's true
saints seen in Revelation 14:1-5. These are
not Jews like the sleeping goat Churches
claim! These have Jesus' name written on
their foreheads as the Jews never did accept
Jesus as their Messiah! The goat church of
today preach these are Jews and has the
Church of today all messed up and they
believe they will be raptured out, another lie!
This does not just refer to the Assemblies of God Churches, but it touches on all the Churches of
today as the Judas Money Churches that are and have already been running here in second
USA -lem! Judgment first begins at the House of God! This nation is seen in Isaiah 5:1-5 ... 5 + 1
+ 5 = "11" equals Jesus Christ who has "11" letters in his name. This passage begins with God
digging up his first Vineyard, Israel! He removed the stones and took his choice vines and
replanted his second Jer-
USA-lem ... the Church.

God had his first Vineyard for 2000 years and at the end of their 2000 years they went bananas!
Then he planted the Church for another "2000" years and then he went to look for a good crop of
grapes at harvest time today, but found
ONLY bad fruit! He then said, what more could I have done
than what I have done? So now we look at Isaiah
5:5 added is "10" sleeping Virgins today when
God is saying today,
"I am lifting my hand of protection from around her and she will be

What is happening today in this second Jer-USA-lem nation? God has lifted his hand of protection
from around his second Jer-
USA-lem nation and she is now being destroyed! Open your eyes O'
sleeping Church!  Look at the fires that have burned and now look at the weather across this
nation, Blizzards ... Tornadoes ... Hurricanes and you name it! God is angry and now it is the end for
Goat Church of the last days! Look at the airplane accidents along with cars, buses, trucks,
murders ... the end is before our very eyes but yet the sleeper see exactly nothing becasue they
have listened to the gone Bananas Churches of the last days!

We are looking at Matthew 25 verses
"6-7" ... add 25 = "7" Churches and tied into verses "6-7."
Now we look at Isaiah "5" verses "6-7" and we see God telling these "7" Churhes of verses "6-7"
that he is stopping feeding her WATER ... stopping cultivating and pruning her and she will turn
into a
thorn patch that she has already turned into this ... a thorn patch!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...