Judas Dog - Pig Hangs Herself
Big fat liar President Trump 45 is now being exposed as a
gross liar! Very soon things will happen that people are
not expecting! It was this rich,
Dog-Pig-Judas Church who
put this
Bastard of Satan into power and now he is about
ready to go after them in ways they do not expect!

The Judas woman left is a tattoo ... next is a volcano from
God showing the head and face, neck and body of a Dog,
the Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-
22. Number 22 means the
end ... the last chapter of the Bible and adding just the "2"s
refers to the "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7. Right
of the Dog Church is the Pig Church taken from the large
Lion Rock next to it less than one mile from my old home in
the wilderness ... a huge rock maybe 60 or so feet in the
air. This shows the head of the
PIG Church seen with fire
coming out from the top of this Pig Head with the two
capital letters
DC in the fire, meaning Wash.,  DC is about
to burn which includes the Judas, Dog Church of today
along with this gone to Pot second Jer-
USA-lem nation!
We look at the bottom right hand corner on this huge rock, and you can see the Dog Preachers with
their lying mouths wide open feeding lies to the Church that are still fast asleep! Go to the top on this
huge Lion Rock of yours truly preaching truth today for God Almighty ...
 born the 22'nd day of Leo the
Lion month of August year "34" added showing the 3 + 4 = "7" sleeping Churches the truth
! You can
faintly see the capital letter
"P" for Paul outlined in gold over the word on top ..."DOWN."

The word before DOWN ... is "COMING" and under the word coming ... "down" ... is the black bull
market of today
COMING DOWN that brings in the RED BEAR MARKET of Russia! I outlined this
black BULL to intensify the meaning of what is happening today! The black stock Market of this
nation is
falling ... coming down just like the Black BULL Market is coming down today on this huge
rock close to my old home in the wilderness where I had lived for "28" years! We add 2
+ 8 is "10" ...
as I preach to the "
10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7 but never got the attention from many from
Dog-Pig- Judas Church of the last days!

Below this Lion Rock close to my old home, is another Open Vision from Almighty God, showing this
Bald Eagle Mountain of second Jer-USA-lem is about to go up in flames! We go back to the
second Open Vision above following the Judas Church soon to hang herself, we see under the lion
mountain the Dog Church with the
fire capital letter "V" for "V"irgins under them which is very
soon to take place

Yesterday's news shows Trumps top lawyer is finally speaking out the truth about Trump that he had
been keeping a secret to himself until he got the news of a jail term and now he is exposing Liar
TRUMP who is part of the
"666" of Isaiah "6:66." Trump born in 46 ... Bush born in "46" ...
Clinton born in "4
6" now we see "666." God said in Isaiah "66:6" ... "What is that sound in the city
... what is that noise from the Temple
(Meaning the Churches)  it is the sound of the Lord repaying his
(Meaning the DOG-PIG-JUDAS Churches of today) all they deserve! " Isaiah "66:6."
Left is a picture of Trumps son-in-law's building with "666" on
the side who he has been thinking about putting in office with
him as an aid. The three beast
s, the setting and the two past
Presidents are seen as the
"Pale Riders of DEATH!" Not only
does God i
n this number "666" show the "3" headed LION
... but he also uses his numbering system to point them
each out by his number
s as well.

Trump was born in month
"6" ... Bush was born in month "7" ...
Clinton was born in month
"8" ... now we see "6"-"7"-"8."
Here we see the
"3" Pale Riders of DEATH! The first rider is
William Jefferson Clinton who has
"23" letters in his full name
which means
DEATH and also ties into Ezekiel "23." These
three men are seen in
Revelation "6:7-8."

For months, President Trump’s spokesmen, his lawyer
and his lawyer’s lawyer denied that Trump knew about
payments during his 2016 campaign to buy the silence of
women who alleged sexual encounters with him. The president
himself claimed the same.

But after mounting evidence and fresh courthouse revelations
of wrongdoing this week exposed those denials as falsehoods,
Trump is shifting his tune.

Big mouth, sex maniac left doesn't know what truth is all about!
Everyone coming against this last day liar Hitler beast are liars
according to this "666"
beast president today! The
women coming forth against
Trump are all liars according
to him, and his lawyer today
coming out after he receive
a jail sentence, are all liars
except him who is the
biggest liar since adoplh
Hitler in the 30's and 40's.
Above in solid RED lava rock form from Hawaii, God shows Donald, lying Trump with his HItler arm
and hand in the air who wears a long Red neck tie that matches the fiery red rock from Hawaii. God
shows you 10 sleeping Virgins ...
Dog-Pig-Judas Church what soon awaits you ... the Gallows! Notice
on the image God is showing above, has the large capital letter
"V" for "V"irgins on his waist. Notice
the large white letter "V" and I added irgins for Virgins!
Hitler Trump is now being forced to drump
this nation
! He has been caught in lies he
cannot protect himself, so what lies ahead
for him is seen left! Trump drives his
black bird hotrod into white hot nuclear
war with Russia! Notice the dust billowing
out behind him as he roars this nation
into nuclear war seen above, and shown
by Almighty God. Notice this black bird
with his mouth wide Open, hitting nuclear
bombs blowing out his presidency with
his hands on the stearing wheel guilding this nation into nuclear war! Where did this image come
from if not from Almighty God?! It came from the same lava flow showing Hitler Trump giving his
military solute! Below God shows this naked woman Churches butt riding this beast into nuclear war.
Notice right of the trumps head as he drives his black bird hotrod, you
can see the dust billowing out behind him.
You can see Trumps hands
on the steering wheel as he roars into nuclear war with Russia. What I
am showing you is very soon to happen! You can see his head just
left of the dust billowing out behind him.

Left in another one of God's fiery volcano's, shows this beast, Trump,
setting down on his hind legs and raised up on his front legs, with his
head turned around looking at you. You can see the naked Churches
rear-end setting on Trumps
White hat in the White House, and right of
her you can see the
red-blood and fire coming upon her for God is
using this last President along with two other Presidents to punish his
gone down the drain ...
dog-pig-Judas Money Church of the last days!
The Black Bull Stock Market is now falling! The
Red Bear Market
of Russia and China are ready to move in! Left from
a storm off the East Coast, shows the bear of
Russia and China now raising up on one side after
Black Blue Bull Market is now leaving, meaning
today! In no uncertain terms you can see God
made the image of the bears waking up and
coming against this nation of corruption to the hilt.
Notice the Bull with his Horn above his head,
Trump ... Trumpet Trump looking at you while he
walks out with the
Golden Red Bulls Eye on his big
fat belly ...
Golden Rich Donald Duck Trump!
The signs are all before our very eyes today! The signs in the White House, todays Black House
shows the message that God has shown to me, as I show to you to get your attentions to repent and
come to the Lord of Heaven and not the little lord of hell, Satan, that the Churches of today are
following.    (
The Black & Blue Bull Market is now in a crashing mode and the Red Bear Market is on
its way! Trump says, he does not care for when it goes down he will not be in office
!) God shows big
horn golden rich Bully Trump ... the loud Trump-et walking away with the
Bulls Eye on his fat belly!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Mtn.  Bald Eagle USA Burns