Jesus Sun - Son God Coming
Far left God
shows from his
Hubble telescope
Son ... Sun
Jesus coming in
to clean up the
show the Church
and world left
behind. In the
center is another
Open Vision of the
face of Jesus God
shows in a cloud
also looking at
God says plain as daylight above from his Hubble telescope ... it is the end as what man has seen
since Adam and Eve! I am bringing in something brand-new for man has messed up big time and now
I, God, Jesus is coming in to straighten everything up that man has messed up big time. Above
center you can see the two eyes, nose and mouth of Jesus Christ.

Just as God Promised in Joel 2 and Acts 2 that he would show signs in the heavens above and on
the earth below before the return of Jesus Christ also seen above. It can't get any plainer, period.
Anyone with eyes and ears in their heads can see what is happening today here in second
USA-lem and around he world. God is blowing down the Churches and setting them on FIRE as
seen here and around the world. What happened to Spring here in second Jer-

God sent his Tornadoes to blow down the houses, and he sent his snow and rain as well causing all
kinds of chaos all over this nation. Satan has been cast out of heaven seen in Revelation
12:12 and
is now causing hell on earth, as people are now going crazy killiing each other like never before.
Left God shows this number "12" over the fire from
the area's of all the fires that burned in southern
Califonia and
down threw Oregon last year. Paradise
Church of Southern California and all over the
world, you can see left what God is showing, your
fiery end has come and after this my
sets up his 1000 year throne
Kingdom on earth!

Michal and his Angels in heaven went to war not
long ago and tossed Satan and his angels out and
now hell has been opened up on earth. Satan fell
from heaven eons ago and God has allowed him to
go back in
to heaven to accuse the brethren and is
using him as the catelist to harden the Church fit for
a tool for the use of God.
God allowed Satan to go back and forth into heaven but now God says in Revelation 12:12 it is
finished, no more will I allow this and I am using Satan to bring fire upon the earth to claen them up
and then I will set my
SUN-SON Jesus over them for 1000 years!

The Purple which refers to Royalty ... is out in bloom now ... the Lilac tree. It sets beside God's new
White house that will set down the
re in her place after God burns down the old gone crazy White
House of today! What is happening in Washington DC? It is all coming down, this Bald Eagle nation is
now in the process of crash landing!
It was some 18-20 years ago while driving into
Klamath Falls, Oregon when God showed me
this cloud looking like a bald Eagle over
Klamath Falls, ready to crash. At the time I put
the writing on the front of this bald eagle
stating what is happening today in Washington
DC. God is forcing th
is Bald Eagle nation to the
ground and she will be no more
, seen in
51:53-58 ... even if Babylon reaches
the sky and fortifies her lofty stronghold I will
send destroyers against her!
An eagle is over the house of the Lord in Washington DC ... Eagle Donald J. Trump 45 who is now
taking her down because this Eagle Bird nation has turned against God! The Bird setting at the
controls of this nation ... Big mouth Donald smoking Trump is now taking her down!
Big Mouth Trump 45 Magnum
flying in Smoking a Pipe Starts
Coming from God's Hubble space telescope seen left,
you an see this crazy beast President Trump 45  with a
huge mouth smoking a large pipe with his arms spread
out as usual and running in smoking a pipe starting
WW III on fire!

God's Ring of fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Purple stands for Royalty as Trump
is the royal liar leader of this nation
who thinks he knows it all, put into
office by the dead Church.