Jesus Pulls In 144,000 Soon
Above God shows in his Hubble
space telescope the center
picture of his
who died for our sins in
the center as the
SUN and
right of the SUN is the
SON of
God standing up
ready to pull in
his 144,000 overcoming saints
seen in Revelation 14:1-5.

Left you can see the SUN-SON
Jesus Christ from his Hubble
space telescope ... above
enlarged, ready to pull in his
144,000 saints who has over-
come Satan to date! You can
see the
Pulling in the 144,000 saints
who has already been in the
"The Red Rope

Below I am standing in front of
my old friend Leo's Camera
shop in downtown Klamath
soon to Fall ... USA Oregon in
front of my 2000 GMC four
wheel drive truck.
Sun      Son
Red Rope--------->
144,000 Saints
When Leo took this picture was about 17 years ago when I
"67" years of age. This touches on Matthew 25
"6-7." The Church of today who has fallen asleep
many years ago and it is now
Midnight when nuclear war
finally wakes them up! Now hold onto you hats for I will
show you what God has shown me in the license plate
"XYJ-892" on this 2000 GMC meaning ... "God's
Moving Church

Two weeks before I received my new licence plate I had
written a News Letter titled,
"Crossing Yahweh's
Jordan the 144,000
." When I had opened my new licence
plate package I almost dropped my teeth when I saw it.
Here is the meaning of my GMC ...
God's Moving Church
meaning today
!  (First, Leo's Camera shop ties in with
yours truly born on Leo the Lion month of August "22" and
"22" means the end, the last chapter of the Holy Bible,
Here is what God showed me in no uncertain terms! "X" refers to Crossing ... "Y" refers to Yahweh
"J" refers to Jordan .... Meaning "Crossing Yahweh's Jordan!" Now for the 144,000 that God
soon takes out and this came second to me! God said, don't add the numbers, multiply them. So I
did, 8 X 9 = "72" times "2" the year of my GMC ... 2000 ... the last number on my license plate number
"2" and year "2000" and it adds up to 144,000 overcoming Saints today that God is now in the
process of taking to his besom seen above.

I show my age when Leo from the Leo Camera shop in downtown Klamath
soon to Fall USA took this
picture of me as the age of
67. We multiply 6 X 7 = "42" and this number "42" refers to Rebellon
seen in Matthew 1:17 ... count them for this is listed from the 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus
when the Jews crucified Jesus Christ the first time around and now from Jesus to today is another
2000 years and another
42 generations when the sleeping Church has done the same thing the
Jews did to Jesus Christ, and is seen in Revelation
11:8 ... Figuratively Speaking ... 1 + 1 + 8 = "10"
sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25 added = "7" Churches and verses "6-7."

I was born "6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34" ... added, preaching today at
Judgment time,
at the Hour of Judgment today seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7." We are
leaving the
"6"th Millennuim today and going into the "7"th Millennium ... "67." The first two heads
of the "3" headed Lion Beast are Bill Clinton 42 and George Bush 43 added together is

God began his creation of man in Genesis 1:27 ... added touches on the "10" Tribes of Israel and
"10" very sleeping Virgins! God ended his creation as we know it today in Revelation 22:21. We
add 2 + 2 + 2 =
"6" plus "1" equals "7" equals "67."
Age "67"
Now you Goat Churches of today God
speaks to you very plainly in his fiery
volcano ... you who put the third beast,
FIRE PANTS Trump into power!
Now this Red Fiery Pants Trump is
headed to this Goat Church of today
Notice over the white head Trump who
claims to be a good Christian but is a
gross liar instead, stands under the
Beast Head of the Devil today. Here we
see the four all together, "The Goat
Church left,
Red Pants Burn Trump with
the beast over their heads, and Black
Satan right of them and all four are
communicating together today!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet
Paul Gerig ...