Jesus Looks Down On Pigs-Dogs   
Dead Church------------------------->
Golden Jesus------------->
After I got this Open Vision
from God's Hubble
telescope I went into the
inter-net to find Dog's
sucking on their mothers,
that was after I received
the image of the Pig riding
on the drivers lap and
stopped by
Sheriff God.  
The Sheriff stopped the
driver holding the PIG on
his lap as seen below the
two pups sucking on their
mother. The people of
today call the earth,
mother nature and leave
God Almighty out from the
picture. God is showing as
pointed out, Golden Jesus
looking down on man ...
dead men ... dead woman
Church with his mouth
wide open who are seen
in 2 Peter 2:20-22 as Pigs
and Dogs who returned to
their own vomit and
wallowing in the mud!. You
can see the rear end of
the woman Church that I
point to and her head is
above the breast of what
they call Mother earth.
Now you can see this Miracle from God Almighty as
for proof positive! I went into the website to find
these 2 dogs sucking on their mother and guess
what, God shows his miracle to truth today about
dog- pig Church. I put this mother dog nursing
her two pups, meaning the
Catholics and the
Protestant Churches
, on the left corner and the leg
of the mother Dog Church is a perfect match with
the sign from God's Space Hubble picture of the
earth, the white line going from the mother dogs leg
going up to the naked breast seen on mother earth
... an awesome miracle from Almighty God!
God also shows them as Goats! Jesus said, my sheep will be on my right, meaning Mercy and my
Goats will be on my left, meaning Judgment! Below left you can see God showing this in his fiery
volcano ... His Goat ... Dog ... Pig Churches of today on the left talking to the red pants president
beasts ... notice the black microphone God put in the white heads of the fiery red pants beast
Presidents having the white Skull of the Dragon Satan over all their heads.
God made this Open Vision showing the Goat - Pig -
Dog Churches of today all talking to Satan except His
144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5. These are the last
day true saints of Jesus Christ who have overcome
Satan to date! They have Jesus Christ written on
their foreheads! We add Revelation 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 =
"11" equals Jesus Christ who has "11" letters in his
name! The animal Churches of today say these
144,000 are Jews, another lie from hell!
Why would
God put Jesus' name on the foreheads of people who
never received Jesus as their Messiah

Notice above the face of Golden Jesus looking down
to the earth below having the two white horns of a LAMB. God uses animals and etc., to show his
messages! He uses
Donkeys for DemocRATs and Elephants for Republicans and in animals he shows
the messages today loud and clear! God says signs would appear in the heavens above and in the
earth below before the return of Jesus Christ and this is happening today
God is using baseball games also
as his "3" baseball games of time
is now coming to a close ...
... Jews and Gentiles!!
 Left is an
Open Vision from Almighty God of
a Baseball game played in
Chicago a few years ago when a
huge storm hit the outskirts of
Chicago. Right of the left bright
light you can see the Duck, this
Duck Church of today as setting
ducks in the mouth of Dragon, Satan!. God said, signs would appear in the heavens above and on
the earth below before the return of Jesus Christ! Here we see two lights shinning brightly over this
last and third baseball game of time ...
Adam ... Jews ... Gentiles!  What is happening today?
Baseball games are beginning!
 Winter is passed and now Spring has arrived!

"The lights are now on ...  O' setting Duck Church!" Your in the huge mouth of Dragon ... Trump  
Below God shows this large mouth of Dragon, Beast Trump in cloud form left, the huge
black dragon left driving the show today!  God shows
Trump with his huge wide open mouth in black cloud form,
the Dragon Beast in this final and third baseball game of
time. God shows Trump 45 driving this nation and world
into nuclear fire war, and you can see his arm steering this
nation saying he loves her with his heart as upside down
behind the head of this Dragon beast.

Left shows Trump and his heart in hand form and the copy
of Satan beside him showing his love to the people when
they are getting ready to kill them!

Below is a storm off the East Coast of the USA showing the
bears of Russia and China are now raising up on one side
seen in Daniel 7:5 ... and the
"3" ribs in their mouths, "The
One rib of Adam now broken into
"3" parts, the Catholics,
Protestants and Pentecostals.

You can see Trump leaving the picture, the Bull of the
Republican party leaving the picture as he looks at you
with his
Trumpet horn above his head ... Trump-et ... with
golden rich Bulls Eye around the Red Bulls eye in the
. Trump-et leaves the scene when the two bears of
Russia and Chine move into the picture!

Below this cloud of the bears raising up, is a cloud God
showed over my old home in the wilderness, showing the
bears raising up on one side with
"3" ribs in their mouth ...
you can count them! Below this God also shows these two
bears in rock form, in Lake Washington, referring to this
nation of Washington DC ... raising up on one side with
ribs in its mouth as well.

Below the rock bear raising up on one side, you can see
two people in
Red Coats soon to go into the fire of wrath!
The Catholics and also the Protestant Churches as the
Pentecostal Churches are also seen as Protestants!
Trump is seen walking out from the picture
looking at you and the Bull's Eye in on his big
belly seen above in cloud form from God
Almighty. Trump sets everything up and then
walks out of the picture!

God put this together with the shot of the
earth and the Dog and PIgs sucking on the
breasts of the old woman Church who are
still Babies, not grown up to maturity! A
second Jer-
USA-lem nation that speaks
about Mother Earth angry with man but do
not refer to God Almighty the creator.
China and Russia are now raising up on one side
and it will not be long before hell is opened up on
earth when two bears attack this nation and Russia
first drops the nuclear bombs and then China with
her 2000 million man army seen in Revelation 9:16
comes ashore and begins to Rape the Woman seen
in Zechariah 14:1-2.
You can see the nuclear bombs
going off in verse

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
Mouth Wide Open--------------------------------------->
Dog woman Churches breast---------------->
Mother Dog Leg--->