Jesus Cross Nation Blown Away
Top left shows this Tornado blowing
down the Cross State of second Jer-
USA-lem. Top center shows an angry
God coming in with vengeance! Top
"3" rd image shows God tearing
down their houses. Below shows the
USA flag blown to pieces.
Above less than one mile from my home in the high wilderness area of Kamath County, Oregon a
huge rock I had named
Babylon Rock some 25 or so years ago, showing the Cross of Jesus Christ
laying on the ground dead ... a nation gone dead to the real Jesus Christ and worship Satan today as
last day jesus who they think is the real Jesus but the real Satan! Right of the dead jesus laying
on the ground you can see the image of the
bald eagle, this nations image also laying on the ground
DEAD! I imposed the writing on this Open Vision some 25 or so years ago!

Below the word Eagle you can see a green bush and under the letter "E" for Eagle, you can see a
head looking left and one inch left of this you can see a face looking at you with two black eyes and
mouth! These are the two huge Nations ... Russia and China that takes down the drain this
Eagle Bird Nation and Church that God also shows below this Church of the last days sliding out from
his Noah's Ark of safety into the ocean of time! Notice this red fire head woman Church with the
capital letter
"C" for Church over her head with her hand sticking out for MONEY as usual.       
God is saying and showing in sign form to the
money rich Church of today ...
out you go as she
slides down the ramp into the ocean of time
!  Look
ahead of her and you can see this
Ice Cold MOON
CHURCH of today
, as the Moon refers to the
Church as in the days of Joseph and his family; his
Father was the
Sun ... his mother was the Moon
and his 10 brothers were the
Stars and today the
stars, the 10 Sleeping Virgins are soon to be
falling as the weather People have warned!

Now notice the moon ahead of the woman Church
being kicked off
Noah's Ark ... is dripping with ice,
meaning the Church of today are ice-cold to the
real true Jesus Christ and are following black
Satan who they believe is the true Jesus but
Satan himself into hot hell! Also notice the capital
"C" for Church is upside down and
backwards and being pushed off
God's Ark!

The Apple of God's Eye ...

Below this ice-cold Mother Moon Church you can
see the Apple of God's eye walking across his
clouds of heaven wearing his black leather cap as
I wear when outside. Notice ahead of the Apple in
darker form, are the two eyes of Father God on
his last day Apostle Paul Ministry preaching this
awesome message when HELL is being opened
upon earth today!
The man in red above is seen in
signs in tree form hanging from a
limb. Jesus said, people are seen as
trees and here we see the Judas
Church of today the USA blown out!
God's mouth below saying
Out You Go Judas!
The USA is                  Blown out!
A few years ago on Election day here in
Second Jer-
USA-lem ... this Tropical
Storm blew over this nation showing
God's last day true Prophet known as the
West One ... Yours Truly blowing my Jesus
Trumpet over this nation
, and the head of
my Trumpet is the head of Jesus Christ
looking down over the
State of Florida
hitting this bald Eagle nation in her head
killing it! Look closely at Jesus' head you
can plainly see his face! Jesus' head hits
this white head bald Eagle nation killing it!
This happens over the
State of Florida!
God shows another storm this one over the State of
Florida, the sign of the Open Vision above it. God
shows below this storm cloud looking like a
Mushroom cloud nuclear bomb going off over a
freeway showing
"3" automobiles driving under it.
In the window showing the window for this to
happen is
now open! In the window in cloud form
from Almighty God ... he shows the word

The "3" automobiles refers to the three main
religions today ... Catholic ... Protestant and
Pentecostal, and also the other two false religions
the Seven Day Adventists and also the Jehovah
Witnesses. The window from nuclear from God, as
God is the "3"rd Adam ...
Man Adam ... Holy Spirit
Adam Jesus ... and now Father God the "3"rd Adam
... ATOM for God is a consuming FIRE who made all
things out from ATOMS
! Warning ... there is no
mother nature this gone down the drain nation calls
Father God ... mother nature!

I have been accused of making these images that
God makes with his Almighty Miracle Hand and
show the world how awesome I am, but no way! Its
all done by God!
Below the Nuclear bomb going off
in the
State of Florida in cloud form from my Almighty
God, I show you a real nuclear bomb going off which
I put sideways for you to see what God is saying to
this gone down the tube nation and Church ... not a
sheep Church of today but a

Jesus said, the Goats will be on my left meaning
judgment and my sheep will be on my right, meaning
mercy. Below the real nuclear bomb soon to be
going off, I show you a fiery volcano that God shows
this Goat Church of today talking to the devil people
standing over the Abyss, hell if you will. Above the
white head preachers and etc., people you can see
the skull head of Satan over them today. Right of the
black microphone in the head of these last day
preachers gone crazy who follow Satan
, you can see
the huge black head of Satan with himself tied into
this Goat Church of these last days!

Now we move up to the Nuclear bombs soon to go
off over this nation who has gone down the drain!
First you can see this goat head being blown up into
the sky ... notice its one horn going up into the sky
by missiles ... nuclear bomb missiles! Now hold onto
your hats for right of the Goat head soon to be
blown up into the Sky, we see this Bald Eagle nation
with its golden beak on the right of this nuclear
bomb soon to go off! Who is the golden rich beak president over this gone down the drain nation
and its Church if not
Golden Rich Donald John Trump 45? Very plainly God shows what is soon to
happen across this nation gone to
POT! Notice below filthy rich Trump has under his golden beak,
nothing but ...
White Skulls!

Below these
Dead White Skulls is the head of the Dragon ... Satan ... looking to the right as God has
given Satan power to do ... as Satan cannot do anything unless he gets the approval of Almighty God!
Today God has gotten his belly full and is now at the end of his rope and is saying ...
"It is finished!"
Far left God shows over this freeway
in Florida
, Trumps favorite state in
... his hand showing "3" fingers
... "3" main Churches saying it is
finished. Right of this shows a nuclear
missile going up over this
USA ...
second Jer-
USA-lem nation and
taking her down.

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig
PS:  This ties into the "3" years ... the "3" fingers God shows above in cloud form: "But now the
LORD says
: "Within three years, as a servant bound by contract would count them, Moab's splendor
and all her many people will be despised,
and her survivors will be very few and feeble." Isaiah 16:13-14
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. "13" touches on the top number of Witchcraft ...
referring to todays Witchcraft Church and 14 added is 1 + 4 =
"5" fingered hand of God taking down
his second Jer-
USA-lem nation gone to POT.
OK Pot head nation and Pot Head Church a nation of second Jer-USA-lem gone totally to POT! Left
God shows this Pot head nation ... the bald eagle going down the drain seen left ... this naked nation
of the woman Church
smoking the Pot Pipe of Nuclear that is killing her! Right of this you can see
this Church on the far right burning down for real, and you can see her
Black BRA that touches on
the woman smoking the POT Pipe wearing a
BLACK BRA. Notice over her black BRA above soon to
burn down, you can also see the tops of her two
large naked beasts and above is her head!  

God shows without hesitation this naked
Churches days are all over down she goes!
God Shows "3" fingers ... USA ...
it's Finished!
Prophet Paul walking on God's clouds
Down She