It's Time For Bertha' Delivery
Above is storm Bertha of 2008
the sign of my mother named
Bertha giving birth to the man
child Children. Notice the head
of the man child, the saints who
has overcome Satan from the
last day Church with its head
down by the birth canal now ready to be born!  Notice this Golden Bertha wrist watch shows its time
the overcoming saints go to Golden heaven.  Isaiah 66:7 and the 144,000 of the overcoming saints
go to Golden heaven.  Isaiah 66:7 and the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 are Revelation 14:1-5 are
soon to be born just before the 42 months of labor pain wrath falls down upon the pregnant woman
Church today!  
Right of this Bertha watch showing it is time for this to happen, you can also see
another picture of storm Bertha shown by the weather people on the far right ... Satan trying to
stop what God is now getting ready to do,
deliver his overcoming man Child Children out from this
dirty world soon and suddenly and take them to heaven and there is no devil large enough to stop

Behind the man child above ... the woman Church giving birth to the 144,000 man child children,
you can see Doctor Father God in his Blue Heavenly gown, delivering his overcoming man child
children. The golden watch above shows these 144,000 overcoming,
Golden Bird Saints are now
getting ready to
fly away to heaven while the Dirty Church remains behind to be washed by water
and purified by burning fire!  

Where did I get this picture of the
Bertha Watch? It came to me on my E-mail website by whoever
God had send it to me! I did not see this by no other way as God sent it to me by the Internet
people and this was no accident period ... advertising the golden Bertha Watches today saying,
is Time for this bird Church to go to heaven!

Read my awesome message titled;  father-son-unholy spirit  ... by clicking the left side of your
mouse on the blue and you will see these two numbers
21 & 22 or 22 & 21 showing the end of the
Holy Bible and the days of the Solar Eclipse last year ... meaning a new beginning is on its way!  This
happened one day before my birthday of August 22.  Jesus said in Matthew
24:20 ... Pray that your
flight moving out from the cities does not happen in

Again, look at the Golden Bertha wrist watch above and you can see the overcoming Birds of God,
his saints who has overcome Satan ... flying away to Golden heaven. Winter begins in December
21-22" the days of last year of August "21" one day before my 83rd birthday of August "22."
Jesus Christ is number
"11" who has 11 letters in his name and is also seen in Joel 2 verse "11"
riding at the head of his army and his forces are beyond number who obey his command!

My age of then
"83" ... added is "11" ... as I was also born on Leo the Lion month of August "22."  
(Jesus was born from the Lion Tribe of Judah and Judah means Jesus) I am not Jesus but today I
speak for Jesus loud and clear!
Pray that your flight moving out from the cities does not happen in
winter and winter begins this year December
21 the "12"th month of 2018. We add 2018 ... 2 + 1 + 8
"11" ... Jesus Christ number "11" is coming real soon and suddenly!

What I am saying in this awesome message about my mother and storm and watch Bertha, it
appears very likely Heaven or Hell is very close at hand,
and winter is just around the corner!
The beginning of the Bible begins with numbers
"6-7" and also ends in number "6-7." God created
man on the
"6" day of a "7" day week seen in Genesis 1. Now the last chapter and verse of the
Holy Bible, Revelation
22:21 we see this also ending in "6-7." Add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 equals "7"

God chose his last day Moses Prophet born from a family "6"th of "7" children that lived and today
I preach seen from Revelation 14 ... verses
"6-7" at the Hour of Judgment from my final and last
third flying in midair angel website.

Now we see today we are going from the
"6"th Millennium into the "7"th Millennium ... "6-7" and
we see man's days of ruling the world has come to a close and will be no more and Jesus will rule
for 1000 years before we go into Eternity! The "3" beasts of Isaiah
"66:6" and Revelation "6:7-8"
who makes up the
Pale rider of death ... all "3" were born in year "46" ... Trump month "6" Bush
"7" and Clinton month "8" ... Revelation "6:7-8." Now lastly we add "6 + 7 + 8" = "21"
equals the day of the Solar Eclipse which means a new beginning is coming in!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
<--Father  God in blue heaven delivers
Those remaining behind get
this ... a hand full of fire!
Satan Trying to Stop it!