Isaiah 33-34 + = 67 = Destruction
Read these two chapters for they speak for today!
The Bible begins in Genesis 1 showing God
created man day "6" and rested in day "7" ...
He ends his Bible in the same way, Revelation 22:21
... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7" ...
"67." God uses two
men to go against his Church gone down the drain
in numbers
"6-7" ... Bill Clinton #42 and George W.
Bush #43 added together, Democrat Donkey 42 and
Republican Elephant 43 equals
"67." The third
beast man is Trump as all three were born in year
6" ... 666 who takes out these Churchy people
seen in Isaiah
"666." Now I wonder who the God of
Numbers really is ... not Satan the sleeping Church
claims, but Father God the creator of all things who
even has the very hairs on our head numbered!

God is taking the sleeping DOG Church and putting
them over the Lake of Fire to be purified
. You can
see the man below in hell who doesn't repent.
When Trum--an in year "45" dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan their skin fell off their bodies
while they were still standing on their feet! Now when
Trum--p number "45" causes nuclear war
with Russia, this same thing will happen as shown by God in an Open Vision from the
Ring of Fire.
The woman Church with her man, has the Dog walking beside them, referring to the Dog Church of 2
Peter 2:20-22. Notice the skin falling off her arm with the leash of the dog still attached.

Look at her man looking at this happening while the skin has fallen off his body as well. All I did to
this Open Vision from God was put the writing in place from my Adobe Photo section of my computer.
Left you can see the third baseball
game of God, Adam first, Jews second
and now thirdly the Church, all have
struck out! Notice right of the left light
shows this
Dog, Pig, Goat Churches
today as
Setting Ducks going into the
mouth of the eater ... Dragon
!  Church,
you are all setting Ducks today at
Judgment time! Below left God shows
what is about to happen ... Church.
God is going to stand the Church in signs, on his Rock Jesus while
the burning fire of purification burns off all the golden money out from
her bloomers that she received from her false husband, Satan, when
and making children with Satan, making them bastards to true
Christianity. Notice what God did in this fiery volcano, making the gold
melt out from her vagina back into the snake who gave it to her in the
first place while she slept with Satan in signs waking up in Mt. 25:6-7.

A few years back Rod Parsley stated on TBN to the whole world that
God has laid money on the table and pushed it over to the Church, a
lie from hell! Parsley called Jesus Christ a liar who told us we cannot
worship money and God from the same table. This Pentecostal liar
preacher in the same message said when the rapture accrues it will
take out 80% of Los Angels.

My Bible says many are those who take the broad road to destruction
and narrow is the road leading to salvation and few are those who
find it! Now does this sound to you what liar Parsley said or what the
true Bible says? I won't go into what the lying preachers have told the
Dog Churches of today  because this website could not handle it for
there is too many lies. I never made this Open Vision left, God make it
as the gold flowing out from her pants and down her legs where she
committed adultery with Satan while she slept!
again still "33" years of age. I was born year "34" that ties this ministry to Jesus Christ ... 3 + 3 = "6"
and 3 + 4 = "7" equals
"67." Both this ministry of Jesus and myself are seen in Daniel 9:24 added is
"33." This passage is only one verse. I am seen coming to the end of this Ministry for God Almighty
these Open Visions and Prophecies very soon.  After the 42 months of wrath seen in Revelations
13:5-7 when the Beast, Clinton 42 comes into the
"42" months of wrath upon the Saints and
conquers them ... then Jesus sets up his 1000 year kingdom on earth.
Left is another Open Vision from Almighty God
in rock form, burned out by the Almighty hand
of God, shows the clam shell trap is closing
down on the Church and they will soon be
caught in it seen in Luke 21:34. Added is "10"  
foolish sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25 verses

Here we see the very naked man Church
which includes the naked women as well,
laying down on the old Bull Market stark
naked as pointed out, showing their right
hand sticking upward and "V" for Virgins
in the air. This trap is now closing down on the naked dog-pig-goat Churches and then the soldiers
head wearing the military hat appears top right corner. This is true and is soon to happen all burned
out in solid rock from Almighty God close to my old home in the wilderness for 28 years. I am
preaching to you O' Sleeping Church, your days has come to a close and will very soon be no more.
You are naked, circumcised only in the flesh and not the heart.
This huge rock sat one mile from my home
facing south. Above the word Rock you
can see the Oval Office of the presidency
of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation. Below
the word Politics you can see this dead
Eagle Nation soon to be laying dead on
the ground. Left of the eagle bird you can
see the
Cross of Jesus Christ also laying
on the ground
... trampled down in the
ground of this last day Babylonian nation
soon to disappear from sight.

Below is the scene right of the word
Politics looking right. It shows
burned out in rock by God above his
Open Bible. Below Jesus
name shows the wolves
preaching from the left side
of his Bible and dragging
behind them the d
. Right of this you can
see the abbreviated
I.S. for
soon to cut off their
dead heads. I don't know
how God could show this any
plainer, for this way is God's
This ties into Amos 9:1 ... 9 + 1 = "10" sleeping Virgins also seen in verse "10" ... all the sinners among
my people will die by the sword verse "10." This goes back to little David who represents Jesus who
walked down to the creek and picked up "5" smooth stones and went up to the Giant, Goliath who
represents Satan today, and tossed a stone at his head hilling him. (This ties into the "5" wounds
Jesus suffered dying on the cross for our sins)  Then David walked up to Goliath and used the giant's
own sword to cut off his head. This is the sign today, of Jesus cutting off the heads of the Church
The DIE ... DEATH has been cast! The Church seen above standing on Rock Jesus with the gold
burned out from her adulterous panties when sleeping with Satan for many years, is soon to take
place and no one can stop what God has allowed to happen! The Chinese soldiers are seen in
Zechariah 14:1-2 coming into the homes of this nation and
raping the women. China killed many of
their girl babies before birth to slow down their over population and today there is only one woman
per seven men. This entire chapter speaks of the end and nuclear war and the end speaks of Jesus
sending out cooking pots for the survivors of this nuclear war also seen in verse 12.

The end is here and nothing but nothing is going to stop it for God has ordained this to happen to a
Church who has forsaken him for Satan!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...