In The Beginning Was The End
Now in the End is a New
Beginning after the Fire
burns off the garbage
from the Baby Church!

Naked in the beginning and naked in
the end now comes the New
Beginning for ever and ever with no
end! First comes the 42 months of
Fiery wrath! Where will you go in this
new Eternal picture? Heaven or Hell?
Adam & Eve & Serpent Satan
the Serpent who went into the Garden of God and fooled the woman Eve but the man Adam was
not deceived but went along with the woman, his wife and also sinned. This is also spoken about in
1 Timothy 2:9-15 by the first Apostle Paul now spoken again by God's second Apostle Paul 2000 years
later when many of the women in this
Eve Woman Church of these last days have done the same
thing Eve did 6000 years ago

Many of today's women in the Church have become preachers and teachers to men and the first
Apostle Paul said this is a
no-no! Many thousands of men are following in the foot steps of Women
Preachers today and topping the list in the Protestant Church is
Jimmy Swaggart and Dr. Mike
Murdering Murdock and both are Pentecostal money men today preaching lies at Judgment time

We have 42 months of wrath
after these lying men and women preachers of today from Adam and
are taken out of what is left of the Garden of Eden now gone to POT  Literally speaking!
One of the main men today here in second Jer-
USA-lem ... is Donald J. Trump 45 leading this nation
into nuclear war with the
Russian bear! Below, todays naked Moon Pot Church has gotten in front of
SON ... SUN and today this naked woman Church has gone to POT and led today by many
This Pot Head nation is seen above
with the Pot leaves on th
e breasts of
the women of
this gone to POT Nation
is seen in the White House as well, the
first lady that the leader of this
Donald married ...
Melanina Trump
whose parents are known Communists!

Jesus said people are seen as
Notice below this
POT Nation of today
the naked rear-end of the Church.

Jesus said people are seen as trees!

Upper left is a storm over the State of
Florida a few years ago, showing this
nation of Women
and Men wearing a
Bun Hairdo looking to the left and not
the right
with a smug look on their
. I outlined her face, chin and Bun
along with her neck.

I found this Red headed woman
wearing a Red
BUN hairdo tying into
the Red headed scarlet colored woman
Church God showed in the cloud. This
is seen in Revelation 17:1-7 that this
nation has killed, who is riding the
beast today, Donald J. Trump this last
day Mystery Babylon president!
God shows above in cloud form this woman Church of these last days shown wearing the famous
Bun Hairdo today
... meaning this is about to happen! Notice the woman I found on the Internet, a
copy of this cloud picture of this last day woman Church and signs of the hair-bun hairdo of today
and right of this God shows the naked rear- end of her as well, naked as a Jay-bird in tree form.

Taken about the same time I found the cloud picture of this storm of this naked woman Church
wearing a hair-bun ... I took the picture above in rock form, showing this last day hair-bun woman
Church heading into the rocks to hide from Almighty God when he rises to shake the earth now on
its way. Notice she is wearing a warm winter coat turning her head around looking at you also
wearing a
BUN-Hairdo. Left of her hair-bun hairdo you can see the head of a pig looking down! This
pig represents the Church of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22.

Look at top right you can see the legs of a LION coming down to chase her. Left of the Lion's legs is
the word,
Swastika ... the old German Swastika that went after the Jews and now going after the
Gentle Church of today! Jesus said ...
"What was good for the Jew is now good for the Gentile for God
does not show favoritism
Isaiah 2:19-22
This rock left was so large I had to
make two images of it! The top one
above shows the legs of the LION'S
coming down from the top and
chasing the Church who has gone to
POT. Left you can see the two bears...
the two war horses of Russia and
China hitting this gay nation in its
head killing it!

When this happens then it pushes out
of the mouth of this nation gone GAY
... the "3" lions seen coming out from
the mouth of
Gay USA ... second
USA- lem. Notice left of the Lions
head I circled the image of the old
German Swastika.
This last day Prophet of God Almighty yours truly, has Jewish blood running through my veins from
both sides of my family ... my father and my mother. Both of them came from old Germany as well.
Now to end this awesome message today I will show you the numbers of the
"3" beast President
men who belong to Satan and are part of the
"666" of Revelation 13:18 and Isaiah "66:6" and all are
seen as the
Pale Riders of DEATH in Revelation "6:7-8."
Ram Trump
Sucks in
Left is a building
"666" belonging to
the Trump family. The
storm cloud from God
shows the Ram,
Trump 45 getting
ready to pull in the
naked little girl
woman Church who
has never grown up
to maturity who put
this Bastard of Satan,
Trump 45 into power.
After war with Russia
and China is when
"666" comes into
being! Now comes the
"3" headed Lion
Beast, Clinton 42,
Bush 43, Trump 45.
Now hold on to your pants because of what i am about to show you proof positive from Almighty God
today! God is the God of numbers not Satan the sleeping, baby Church of today claim! Bill Clinton
was born year
"46" ... Bush was born year "46" ... Trump was born year "46." Now we see this
number of the Beast are
"3" president men ... "666."

All three president men of second Jer-USA-lem makes up the "666" of Revelation 13:18 that states;
"Let him with insight calculate the number of the BEAST for it is man's number ... his number is "666."
God confirms this in his OT as well in Isaiah
"66:6." Here we see God angry with this Church of the
last days saying;
"What is that noise in the cities .. what is that sound coming from the Temples
(Meaning the Churches)
it is the sound of the Lord repaying his ENEMIES all they deserve!" Here we
see the enemies of God the Church at the end of days of Adam and Eve being destroyed

Just before we see this for proof-positive, we look at Revelation 6:7-8. I speak about his earlier in
this message of these
"3" beast president men who were all born in year "46" of the "666." Trump
born month
"6" ... Bush month "7" ... Trump month "8" ... Revelation "6":7-8." Now I wonder who
is the God of numbers if not our Creator God?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Is this you naked and your naked family babies or
grown up babies today at
hair-bun days of today
meaning the end of Adam and Eve days?
Do you belong to this
Judas Church on the
hill now getting ready
to hang? Far left
below shows the two
baby Churches
Catholic and
Protestant wearing
Hair-bun Judas last
day Church refers to
today when this
hairdo is popular!
Satanic horns seen left, still little baby girls both
dressed in black the sign of the black baby Judas
Church today and the sign of the Black haired
mother Church wearing the famous Hair-Bun Church
of today ... not one to come but the one that is here
Prophet Paul ...