In Days Of Noah Is Today
As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the
coming of the Son of Man ... water water all around but
not a drop to drink! Storm, storms and more storms
across second Jer-
USA-lem this Titanic of a Nation is
going down without a shadow of a doubt! God shows
the rainbow that he will never destroy the earth with
water again and he is showing in signs of Noah today
here in second Jer
-USA-lem all the storms which is
now flowing out the USA in no uncertain terms. This
brings in the FIRE that God is using today!
Fires after fires after fires are burning in different place across this nation today, and the largest
began at an oil tank reserve and burning out of control with nothing to stop it. Black smoke like you
have never seen below poisoning the air!  The top picture shows Noah's Ark going down! The picture
below shows the moon dripping with ice, referring to the cold Moon Church of today. Yesterday was
the sign of the Super Wolf, Moon Church in the heavens who has gone bananas that I wrote about
above this message on the bottom of my website. You can see the near naked woman Church being
pushed out from God's Noah's Ark below the
behind her head in fire form, is the capital letter
"C" for the Upside-Down Church of today going
down the ramp in FIRE!

The Red Horse is now ready to come out from the barn in Blazing Fire! God put another rainbow in
his heavens not the rainbow of Noah and the Ark but the
War Rainbow now at the door way to this
nation and world gone
Crazy, Bananas Today! Look at the war bow of this old Indian nation that
God is now pushing off the cleft also seen in fire form below, shows the upside mouth of God
unhappy today having to do this again Notice above his unhappy smile you can see this two black
Left over the old Indian rock ready to roll down off this old huge
Indian nation, is the new Hitler man, Trump 45 with the sign of old
Hitler who Trump represents today takes down this nation seen in
51:25. God says in this passage he will roll her down off
the cleft and it will be no more!
(Jer. 51:25 added is "67.")
To explain the Indian pictures above right of dark rock left of the old Indian head, it the fiery head of
an Indian from a fiery volcano in the
"50"th state of this "50" state Union of second Jer-USA-
lem Hawai
i. Right of the fiery volcano in Hawaii, is a picture of one of my old fishing partners,
Brother Joe Hobbs second in command of the Indian Tribal office in Chiloquin, Oregon.

Joe died not long ago at the age of
"67" from an automobile accident and broken bones at his
home. I was born
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34." Today I preach to the 3 + 4 =
"7" Churches today at the HOUR of JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7."  We are leaving
"6" Millennium now and going into the "7"th Millennium ... the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus
Christ ... number

God's awesome number is "67." God created man on the "6"th day of a "7" day week seen in
"1." God ended his Bible also in numbers "6-7." God is not just a God of addition but he is
also a God of Multiplying and division!  The last chapter and verse of his Holy Bible is Revelation 22:
21 ... add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus "1" equals "7" equals

9. “To me this is like the days of Noah, when I swore that the waters of Noah would never
again cover the earth. So now I have sworn not to be angry with you, never to rebuke you
again. 10. Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love
for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has
compassion on you."
Isaiah 54:9-10 ...

16. “See, it is I who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into flame and forges a weapon
fit for its work. And it is I who have created the destroyer to wreak havoc;
17.   no weapon
forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the
heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me."
Isaiah 54:16-17 ...

God created Satan to work havoc in our lives to forge us into a weapon fit for its use!  Today the
Church are goats, dogs and pigs and are not a forged weapon for Almighty God, but soft metal and
tools made from soft metal are unless to God Almighty! He must take them into a hot fire to prepare
them for duty ... the
"42" months of purification seen in Isaiah 66:7. Here we see the 144,000 man
child Children of Revelation 14:1-5 being born just before the 42 months of wrath labor pains comes
upon the pregnant Church of today! After she gives birth to the children of Revelation 14:1-5 then
the sleeping Church of today foes into the hot fire of purification to be made into a weapon fit for its

We go into God's numbering system again in Isaiah
54:15-16. This now goes into th emergency day
number of God ...
"911." Remember God is the God of numbers not Satan that the sleeping
Churches claim. We look at Isaiah 54:15-16 and we see this: 54 added is "9" and the next two number
"1" verses equals God's emergency day number
"911." Next, we see two number "1"s as "11" the
amount of letters in
Jesus Christ who is number "11."

Lastly we see Isaiah 54:16-17 and we see "6" and "7" put together today at Judgement time ... "67"
... going from "6" thousand years into "7" thousand years, the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ
and working with Jesus will be many of the Church who has been refined in the cleaning fire of God
Almighty who is the "3"rd and last
Adam ... Atom that God created his entire creation from Atoms!

We add 6 + 7 =
"13" the top number of Witchcraft the sleeping Church of today are involved in. Now
we multiply 6 X 7 =
"42" and this number refers to Judgment! This number "42" is seen in Matthew
1:17. Now hold on to your hat for this first book in the NT for the Church says this that will choke
most people! This passage states; From Abraham to Jesus was 2000 years and
"42" generations,
count them for they are listed as
"42." This was the amount of time the Jews had before they
crucified Jesus Christ on the cross and rebelled against Father God.

Now from Jesus Christ then to today we all know it was another "2000" years and another "42"
generations when the Gentiles followed in the Jews footsteps of re crucifying Jesus Christ all over
again ...
Figuratively Speaking ... seen in Revelation 11:8. Using God's numbering system we see 1
+ 1 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins who has re crucified our Lord and Savior all over again!

The first head of the "3" headed lion beast is Bill Clinton number "42" from Washington. Now we
add Revelation
11:8 the other way first seeing the "10" sleeping Virgin Church of Revelation 11:8
"10" sleeping Virgins, and now we add 11 + 8 = "19" the day this Leo the Lion beast of Satan, Bill
Clinton was born on August
"19" and year "46" ... who came out from the "10" sleeping Virgin
Church of today who claims to be a good Christian as his ex-pastor also says about Bill and Hillary,
as they came out from the Baptist Church!
Revelation 13:14 added is number "9" which means Judgment. This
passage speaks about Bill Clinton number
"42." This seven foot bronze
image of Bill Clinton was exposed a few years ago one Sunday morning
on Television that is spoken about in Revelation 13:14 what would
happen and already has happened. The center picture shows Bill and
his evil wife Hillary walking two dogs, the large red dog refers to the Roman Catholic Church and the
smaller dog refers to the Gentile Church and you can see the leashes are crossed touch on the
Cross of Jesus Christ and are in blue heavenly color!

Right of Bill you can see the storm named
"BILL" off the east coast some years ago, comes flying in
soon and suddenly
after the nuclear war fire comes from the Russian bear ... then Bill returns with
his partners in crime, George W. Bush 43 and Donald Trump 45.
All "3" were born in year "46" ...
"666" seen in Isaiah "66:6" and also seen in Revelation 13:18 ... let him with insight calculate the
number of the beast ...
his number is "666."

In closing we see these "3" beast "666" men in the NT of Revelation "6":7-8." We see them all
here as the
PALE Riders of DEATH in no uncertain terms! How? Trump was born month "6" ... Bush
"7" and Clinton month "8" ... Revelation "6:"7" - "8." We add 6 + 7 + 8 = "21" equals the end
of the Bible ... Revelation 22 verse
"21." The Bible begins with "1" and ends with "1" and put
together is the number of
Jesus Christ who has "11" letters in his name.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...