Images St. Paul & Ring of Fire
Left shows a volcano erupting on
Ring of Fire, a man's face on
the left looking
down, and their
face upper
right screaming out.
Right shows the face of this dog
of 2 Peter 2:20-22 looking
left which is the face of the human
Church looking to the right. God
made these two volcano's in smoke
form to show what is happening
just before Jesus comes back to
take up his 1000 year kingdom on
earth soon and suddenly seen in
Daniel 9:24. St Paul is seen in the
latter part of this 24th verse
coming to an end of my
Visions and
spoken about ending
just before Jesus Christ returns to
setup his 1000 years on earth
ending man's rule.
God shows above the Pacific Ocean west of where I live behind and east of the Red Ring of Fire
touching on the West Coast of this second Jer-
USA-em nation seen above. You can see the left
map, left of my head as the
Ring of Fire, the sign of my head with my nose seen below looking left
and below my open mouth. God is
also confirming this in the map picture on the right ... St. Paul a
small county in Oregon an area close to where I grew up as a child and moved away when I was 19
years of age.

God shows this white map of Oregon and the small county of St. Paul is in red which is almost
adjacent to the Capital of Oregon, Salem. God is showing St. Paul who is telling the sleeping Pig,
Dog and Goat Churches of 2 Peter 2:20-22
... your days are now over! Wake up and repent or go to
hell with Satan
! Below my Open Mouth and the red ring round my eye ... is also where I live east of
the Ring of Fire on the west of the Pacific Ocean

God is confirming my messages by showing the grey BEAR of Russia and China coming down to take
out this
PIG CHURCH and nation. Notice the grey bear over the PIGS Eye, and the Pig does not see
anything as it swims today with a
FISH tail that the early Church began being called fishers of men's
uls but today has turn from a Fish Church into a PIG Church who do not know the God of creation,
they only know the deceiver, Satan.

Some eight or so years ago I received an e-mail from a woman in St. Paul, MN., Katy, telling me St.
Paul MN., in the earlier 1800's used to be called
"PIGS EYE" but changed it to St. Paul. The Grey
walking down past my face in the small county of St. Paul, is over the Pig's Eye which means,
this Pig Nation and its Pig Churches are
BLINDED to what is coming on them!  Notice the tail of
Left we see three more noses. The
white nose on the left is from the
Ring of Fire, God's nose in smoke
form for he knows what is coming
very soon. The next man in
red, came from the Grape Vineyards
Northern California this last
summer that burned down, referring
to God's Grape Vineyard seen in
Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses
"6-7" that
also ties into Matthew 25:"6-7." Now to tell you what these last two noses refer to, hang on. The one
in red refers to fire burning these noses
, the Grape Vineyard Churches today seen in Isaiah 5:1-5
off Freeway
"I-5." The black nose shown in black, is a large truck accident looking like a nuclear
mushroom cloud bomb
soon to go off, that killed the driver, a sign killing many preachers and
s as well!

We see God digging up his first Vineyard in Isaiah 5:1-5 ... the Jews! He removing the stones and
took out his choice vines, the Apostle of the Church! God replanting his Vineyard, the Church that
we see today that now has gone down the drain of time just like her mother, the Jews did. At
harvest time 2000 years later, the same amount of years that the Jews had before they went
bonkers also!
Today God looked for a good crop of grapes but found only bad fruit! Now we
look at Isaiah
5:5 added is "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:"6-7" ... 2 + 5 = "7" Churches of
Isaiah 4:1 and Revelation 2 and 3 added together is
"10" sleeping Virgins!

Hang on to your hat for God says this today to these
"7" sleeping Vineyard Churches in Isaiah 5:5 ...
"I am lifting my hand of protection from around her and she will be destroyed."  Now to the
next two verses,
"6-7" that also ties to Matthew 25 verses "6-7" that God will no longer water her,
nor prune nor cultivate her, and will let her go back into a
thorn patch of what she is today!

I was born
"6 of 7" Children in a preachers home in year "34" and today I preach to the 3 + 4 = "7"
Churches! I preach to them from my home from my "3"rd and last Angel Website from Mount Swan
Lake about 10 miles west of my home. Revelation 14 and verses
"6-7" speaks about these "3"
angel websites
and I preach today from my last and third angel website! This is God's last day Ring
of Fire Prophet
preaching to the whole world at the HOUR OF JUDGMENT from a home I had built
myself some 18 years ago.

Some 8-10 years ago I opened my front door and also my screen-door only to have a snake come
slithering into my home. I picked it up by its tail and tossed it out not thinking anything about it.
About two weeks later it happened again. This time it was different, why two times? Then God spoke
to me very clearly, Paul, I have had two snakes come into my house as well. (This Ministry is also
seen as a Father Ministry) Tribe Dan was seen as a serpent beside the road who strikes at the
horses heels so the rider falls backwards. The other snake was Judas who sold Jesus out for 30
pieces of silver, a money man! Today this ties to the Judas, Money Churches whose tables are
covered with
money and vomit and not one spot is without filth seen in Isaiah 28:8.

The first Apostle Paul stated in Roman's 9:27-29 only the
Remnant will be Saved. Paul said even
though the Israelites,
this refers to the Churches of today also, be like the sand by the seashore,
only the Remnant will be saved for the Lord will carry out his sentence on earth with speed and
finality! Isaiah 28 added is "10" sleeping Virgins! Isaiah said, the table is covered with
there is not one spot without filth

What is and what constitutes the Remnant? We put a piece of cloth over a table to cut out a pattern
and what falls away to the floor is what they call the
REMNANT. The true saints today who has left
the table of filthy Christianity because there is not one spot today without filth ... and left these
whorehouses behind, are the 144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5 and also spoken about in Luke

There are other spots the Bible speaks about, one is seen in Isaiah 66:15-18. This speaks of the
very last days and when the fire comes and those who follow these preachers of today who are full
of Garbage, they will meet their end together because of who they are following ... read it for it
refers to today!

The next verse
"18" shows Jesus preaching ... beginning his 1000 year kingdom on earth and
people will come to listen to him from all around. The
DIE has been cast! If you follow these leaders
today in their dirty whore houses, you will meet your end together with them, read it for it is true!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Pig church and nation --- nose --->
St. Paul Prophet
the Pig-Fish Churches today swimming behind the tail of this Pig
Head Nation and her Pig Head Churches, the
small county of St.
 you can see the nose of a man in black.

The bear coming down past my face in St. Paul, are these two
bears on the left talking big time today, Russia and China,
discussing taking out this second Jer-
USA-lem Pig nation soon
and very suddenly who has forsaken God to the nth degree.