I Fell Into - Burning Ring - Fire
Going down the toilet of
time today soon and
suddenly ... the Johnny
Money Cash Church of
today gone to Pot!
The top picture on the right is a picture of a solar eclipse not long ago, showing what is now
coming upon the world! It is a picture of the bears of Russia and China coming in when the
money goes down, the black bear market leaves and the
Red Bear Market takes its
This ties into the old popular Western singer, Johnny Money Cash, the sign of the
money rich Church of today who put the very rich 45th President into power who is bringing
in the two Red Bears of Russia and China!

The first Open Vision above shows a total solar eclipse and the
burning ring of fire
coming in soon and suddenly. This eclipse will be seen fully this August 21 and also seen
totally in Salem, Oregon where the small county of
St. Paul sets a few miles east of Salem,
the capital city of Oregon. This soon to be burning, money rich Johnny, Money Cash Church
of today is soon to burn, and then flushed down the toilet of time per Almighty God!

Next, we see this Johnny Cash Church of today giving this message the finger and God is
showing in the next picture to the right them going down the railroad that leads to their end.
The last solar eclipse is seen above old Johnny showing the bears coming in, in cloud form
during a solar eclipse. What does a full solar eclipse of the Moon covering the Sun mean? It
means several things ... The Moon refers to the Mother and the Sun refers to the Father. This
goes back to Joseph who had a dream that his mother was seen as the moon and his father
was seen as the SUN, meaning Father God, and the Moon represents the mother, meaning
the mother Church who can only give a reflection from the SUN, Father God.

What sold Joseph into Egypt for silver, were his "10" older brothers of then that touches on
today, and the "10" sleeping Virgins of today are seen in Matthew 25 verses "6-7." Rev. 1:19
states and Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 says,
"What was before will be again and what is now was
before ... there is nothing new under the sun

The sun coming in, in full solar eclipse with the moon, the moon, Johnny Cash Church, will
happen August 21 this year one day before my 83rd birthday of August 22. These two
numbers, 22 and 21 is the last chapter and verse of the Holy Bible ... Revelation 22:21. Below
is a picture from the state of Oregon showing St. Paul seen here in
RED, only a few miles
east from Salem. This picture ties to this last day St. Paul who grew up close to Salem.
God shows this St. Paul Ministry looking at
Salem, Oregon where this full eclipse will be
seen 100%. Notice God shows my mouth
wide open and a red circle around my eye. It
shows what is getting ready to take place,
the bear seen here in GREY color, is walking
down from the north covering up the eye of
the PIG who is soon to begin squealing,
notice its mouth wide open that has the tail
of a fish of what this Church used to be a
fishing Church, but today are  pigs seen in 2
Peter 2:20-22 ... 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 10 sleeping
Virgins! Now hold on to your hat while I
finish this horrible message for today! It was "6-7" years ago when I received an e-mail from
a lady named Katy in St. Paul, Minnesota who saw my website and later called me. She told
me that St. Paul, Minnesota used to be called,
"Pigs Eye" but later renamed, St. Paul which
is the capital of MN., just like Salem is the capital of Oregon, and St. Paul is real close by. You
say, so what? Now look at the state of Oregon in this small county of St. Paul and you can
see the grey bear of Russia and China coming in covering up the
"Pigs Eye." You say, so
what? Katy is a woman about 53 years of age, and I a man 83 years of age who have never
met, but exchanged e-mails and phone calls about these messages of the last days.

God is tying two witnesses together of this same message across this Johnny Cash Church
nation, showing they are going down and seen in the signs of the
SUN and MOON, the
Father and his Church. This sign also shows when the SUN comes out from its eclipse, it
begins a new sign in heaven ... the marriage of the 144,000 of the Church today to Jesus
Christ who have overcome Satan to date, seen in Revelation 14:1-5 who has Jesus' and
Father's name written on their foreheads! They go first ahead of the rest of the Church who
remain behind to have the
fire burn off all the hay, wood and stubble from their lives. They
will be saved but
ONLY as one ESCAPING through the flames of fire per Jesus Christ.

They are also seen in the OT witness of Isaiah 60:1-2 and verses 8-9. God tells them in
verses "1-2" ...
"Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon
you; but darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples
." Next we go to
verses "8-9" and we see ...
"In the lead are the sons on the ships of Tarshish, bringing their
silver and gold to the glory of God Almighty
."  The location of Tarshish was a smelting pot
area and these Tarshish ships were the largest in the world. These aboard the ships of
Tarshish have already been in a smelting pot, as Jesus said in the NT ...
All will be salted with

So what happens on August 21 this year, we see a new eclipse, a new beginning and the old
one of past seen above with the bears behind this sliver of the sun, moon eclipse, shows the
bears are coming in soon and suddenly!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ..

Full Solar
The bears are seen in this last partial solar eclipse
... the dark shadow of the bears coming in.
I Paul Gerig have been in this Ring of Fire for 33 years. Notice the capital letter "G" for Gerig
over this ring of fire that Almighty God put there. Also notice below a fiery volcano showing
the Lion from the tribe of Judah in fire form, and Katy of St. Paul, MN., the second witness to
these messages, lying down at his feet! Notice it was God who made both of these pictures
with the capital letter
G for Gerig!
Left shows G for Gerig on Swan Lake
Mountain in snow form, where I send out all
the messages from this Gerig Ministry, is about
10 miles west from my home. Below this is a
large rock maybe 60 or so feet in the air, a mile
east of my home showing this Fire Lion
Ministry as also seen above, looking up!  On
the back side of my head you can see the
capital letter
"P" for Paul, outlined in gold
looking upward
. On the backside of the letter
"P" you can see the letter "L" for P - - L and
this last day Prophet of God is riding in his
wheelchair soon to go out like Apostle John
went out, not being able to walk. You can see
below me and the letter "P" ... the black bull
market coming down and then the
Red Bear
Market comes in ... Red Russia first and then
Red China
. You can also see the dog
preachers of today preaching all their lies,
seen on the bottom right corner of this
awesome Open Vision from God! You can also
see above the yellow and red writing, the head
of this Pig-Dog Church and White House
nation, looking down with the two capital
DC for Washington DC soon to begin to

A very short time before I saw the letter "G" in
snow, I was driving toward this Swan Lake
Mountain with white clouds covering it, was a
black cloud that  sudden rolled up like a
rope and wrote out the word,
showing God's last day prophet ... Yours Truly
would be preaching from it.  Apostle Paul ...