Ice Cold Dog Head Church Sinks
Dogs Ear
Open Mouth
Church Tower Dog Ship  is
sinking, going down in ICE!
Ice Cold Dog unholy ghost Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 is sinking across this nation today!
<----Unholy ghost
dog Church
God is showing
the cold weather
across second
USA-lem ... her
days are over,
frozen in the age
of her time on
Left ice cold Dog
Head Church
Luke 21:30-22 Jesus said, "When you see
Jerusalem surrounded by Armies
, both
USA-lems are surruounded by armies
today and God today is talking to his
144,000 from the Church who have
overcome Satan seen in Rev. 14:1-5 ...
up for your redemption is drawing near

Left is a Woman in a white dress and her
white dress looks like the head of the Dog
Church looking to the left, the mussel of
the dog! Her waist looks like the ear of the
Dog Woman Church that God Almighty is
now in the process of taking down.
Left, God shows this Dog Church going into
nuclear fire to purify her. This awesome miracle
came from God in the 50th state of this nation,
Hawaii. It shows the Dog Church walking on the
other side of the woman Church, showing she is
the dog Church seen above that the nuclear
bombs will fall down upon soon and suddenly. I
pointed out the Woman Dog Church with the
Dog flesh still attached to her arm when the
nuclear bombs soon go off. Notice her man's
head left of her arm looking at the Woman
Church of today loosing her flesh whle he has
lost all his flesh.

It was 19
'45' when Harry S. Truman dropped two
Atomic Bombs on Japan and the peoples flesh
fell off their bodies while they were still
standing on their feet! Notice left as this is soon
to happen again!
Trum--an in "45" now Trum--p
"45" ... his number from George Washington,
and who folled Black Obama
God is putting the Dog Church over the Lake of Fire
to purify her!
Notice the man below the Lake of Fire
is in hell! Those who will not repent before the
nuclear bombs drop. Left shows another miracle
image from God, showing this
DOG Church of today
being held by God over the hot fire from the Abyss.

Notice the rear end of the Dog Church that God is
holding over the fiery Abyss, Hell if you will to be
purified. You can see its 2 eyes and mouth.
Jesus said, "I will burn off all the Hay, Wood and Stubble ... you will be saved but ONLY as one

O-Dog-Gone Crazy Church of the last days ... Wake Up and Repent! If you don't wake up and repent
you will be seen above as ice-cold to Almighty God and you will go to hell seen above under the
Lake of Fire!

God's Ring of Frie - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Woman  Dog
Church below
Mexico on
the left  
Russia on
the right &
Dog Church
stuck in the