Ice Cold Church Slides Out
God shows the Moon as
the Church of today ice
cold to Jesus Christ seen
left dripping with ice
sickles. Left we see the
Money Hungery Church
with her hand held out for
Money while God shoves
her out of Noah's Ark!
Notice the large capital "C"
in fire form from Fire God
behind her while she
slides down into the ocean
of time still holding her
hand out for

We go back to Joesph and
his dream ... his Father was
seen as the SUN, his
mother was seen as the
MOON his brothers were
see as the Stars.
We are leaving the "6"th Millennium and going into the "7"th Millennium ... "6-7" the 1000 year
Kingdom of Jesus Christ! God created man and woman seen in Genesis
1:27 ... 1 + 2 + 7 = today the
"10" stars in Joesph's day ... his "10" older brothers who sold Joesph for silver who refers to Jesus
today and the
"10" ... very asleep Virgin Stars of the Church! Today we see these "10" sleeping
Virgin Church people followed in Joseph's footsteps. Today we see a money Church that God is
shoving out from his Ark of Safety into the deep ocean of time!

Here we see the Church here in second Jer-
USA-lem on fire! Fire Burning across this nation and
world today ... also burning in the State I live in  ...  
Klamath soon to Fall Oregon! This does not
only speak about second Jer-
USA-lem but it also speaks of the whole world that this nation has
messed up seen in Revelation 17:1-7 ... 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC!

The Fire has gotton out of control big time by the farmers in the Amazon Rain Forest! This fire is so
huge words cannot describle it. God shows his
FIRE has already begun to Burn and will end up with
Nuclear Fire coming from the Russian and China Bears! God works in "3"s ... first man Adam ...
second Holy Spirit Adam ... JESUS ... and lastly the "3"rd Adam ... Atom as God created everything
from ATOMS ... signs all over the place yet the Church of today seen exactly nothing as they wait in
vain for a Rapture that will not come to them, for God is dumping them into the ocean of time!
hurch out U Go
Sun Father God
I was born 6 of 7 Children in a preachers home in year "34." I
preach this awesome message today to the "3 + 4" =
Churches today at judgment time! I was born on Leo the Lion
month of August
"22" and this number refers to the end of
days and the end of God's Holy Bible ... Revelation

The Open Visions from Almighty God shows this Leo the Lion
Prophet of Almighty God in four storms! The top one shows the
face of a Lion in cloud form pver LION Rock which I had named
some years ago in the area where I had lived for 28 years.

Left was a storm at the tip of the northern and eastern
coastline of this nation. What I did was take my mouse in my
Adobe Photo section of my computer and removed the
substance that exposes this last day Lion Prophet of God. God
put glasses on me walking ahead with the sign on my chest of
a heart for God's true people! Below this is another sign of
this Lion Prophet of God in fire form with the capital letter
for Gerig on top of my head. Below at my feet you can see
Bryon a young
22 year old man from Southern California who
touches on this Ministry in truth.

The fourth Open Vision from Almighty God shows a lightning
strike from
"Iceland" showing this end time Leo the Lion
Prophet of Almighty God exposing the Ice-cold Moon Church
seen heading this message ... God pushing this ice-cold Moon
Church out into the ocean of time!

You can faintly see hanging around my waist a pocket watch!
This means one thing ... its time for this to take place ... God
shows in no uncertain terms ... the day is here!
God shows below is last day Lightning Leo the Lion  
Prophet the picture the weather people took of this
comet in God's heavens that they named
Notice below the word Comet you can see the capital
"G" for Gerig.

I was born
"6" of "7" children in a Preachers home ...
"67P." We drop below the comet 67P and we see
this huge rock shaped like a lion's head looking
upward to God which was less than a mile from my
home where I had lived for 28 years in the high
wilderness area of Klamath County, Oregon.

This huge rock was about 60 feet or so high when I
took thie picture some 25 or so years ago wtih my
Cannon Camera! Above the passage "Bull Market
Coming Down" you can see the large capital letter
for PAUL outlined in Gold. Left of "P" for Paul you can
see the last letter for Pau"L" the letter "L" left of "P"
and you can also see above it looks like a wheel- chair
I ride today because of loosing the use of my legs and
feet due to getting Diabetes.

What is happening today across this nation and
world? The
Black Bear Stock Market is coming down
which brings in the
Red Bear Market ... Red Russia
and Red China
! You can see below the word "coming"
as I outlined the picture of the black bear market
coming down which is happening today! I did this
maybe 15 or so years ago.

Now look at the right hand lower corner and you see a
Dog with his mouth open showing his teeth that refers
to the Dog Church Preachers today barking out lies to
the sleeping Church who are still in bed sleeping
while hell is being opened up on earth! Left of the
words ...
"Wolves preaching to sleeping Christians" ...
you can see the PIG head looking down in fire
showing the two capital letters ...
"DC" in the fire!

On the left side of Lion Rock you can see the first
head of the Lion Beast, Bill Clinton 42 coming in with
George Bush 43 who follows him ... added is another

Below I enlarged the image of the Pig Head Church
and nation on fire with the two large letters
"DC" in
the Fire ...
Washington DC soon to Burn Down! When
this happens the first two heads of the Lion Beast
comes back ... Bill Clinton 42 and George Bush 43
added together is

I underlined the two capitlal letters "DC" over the
head of this Pig Church and Pig Nation of
2 Peter
that God is now in the process of destroying
forever and ever into the ocean of time! Add the 2's
as 2's equals "22" the end of the Holy Bible Rev.,
and God's last day prophet, yours truly born on Leo
the Lion month of August
Comet # 67P
God's Elijah Ring of Fire -
Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Prophet Paul