I Am Blowing 'U' Down - USA
O' second Jer-USA-lem
out you go I am blowing
you away! First with my
holy WIND and second
by my
holy FIRE. Wake
Up O' Sleeping Church
your end has come! Last
night was another line of
Tornadoes tearing down
the houses of this
churchy nation and next
comes my nuclear bombs
says Almighty God! God says in no uncertain terms, I am blowing you away because of your many
sins! What just happened in Alaska? Russian airplanes in conflict with USA airplanes as God is now
getting ready to bring in the
Whirlwind of fire!  Notice above the automobile with two lights, the
Cathodic and the Protestant under this huge tornado and tornado bombs soon to go off over the
heads of the Church left behind! Only the 144,000 overcoming witnesses of Revelation 14:1-5 are
taken out to the throne room of Jesus Christ. Add 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 =
"11" as Jesus Christ has "11"
letters in his name who has Jesus Christ written on their foreheads while the rest are under
another name other than Jesus Christ.

Last night on my Television a white haired preacher preached on Revelation 14:
6-7. He read these
two verses and preached on them bypassing the first
"1-5" verses completely, the verses speaking
about the 144,000 that God soon takes out and then drops his Nuclear Bombs down on the rest of
this nation and Church ...  
Fire is soon to cover this entire nation! This preacher went on and on
and on about something totally different from the first
"5" verses that refers to today, and this is all
the Church of these last days are preaching, some truth mixed with many lies coming from Satan and
not from God!
I turned this nuclear bomb sideways to show you the Goat
Church of today going up in nuclear smoke. You can plainly
see in this nuclear fire bomb now getting ready to Blow ...
going up in the air looking to the right, and right of her is
the image of this Bald Eagle nations symbol with the golden
head of golden rich Donald Trump 45. Below Trump is the
white head of the soon to be dead skull people of this
nation! Below these dead head people is the head of the
Dragon, Satan who took them all out.

Below this is a huge rock burned out by the fire finger of
Almighty God close to my old home in the wilderness where
God had me live showing these messages to
the Church of the
"10" sleeping Virgins for
28 years ... added is "10" sleeping Virgins.
Now hold onto your hat as I explain this
awesome Open Vision in tree, rock and black
shadow form!

This main Rock burned out by the Fire Finger
of Almighty God that goes for today without a
shadow of a doubt. I will start from the top
down! First of all Jesus said,
"Men are seen as
!" Here we see this green tree showing
the Pig head on the left and the dog head on
on the right and both with their big mouths wide open lying to the Church of today ... Pigs and Dogs
... and is seen in
2 Peter 2:20-22. Add just the 2's as 2's and we see "10" sleeping Virgins of
25:6-7. Below the word RAFTER and the wood looking like a rafter, I put the yellow X
under the small letter
"N" for Nuclear that God is soon to take down the houses of his gone crazy
Pig, Dog Church nation today that he has already started to do in His many
Tornado Winds!

Under the Tree of today's Pig and Dog Churches, we see the fertilizer coming out from Satan, the
Dragon is supplying the garbage food these Pig-Dog Churches of today are producing! Now keep
your thinking cap on for
Below the Dragon, Satan, is the Black Poodle Dog Church of today as God
is showing in a black shadow above, the black Dog Church of today is full of
Demons and Dragons!

This is shown above by Almighty God of my
16 year old black Poodle dog who lived to be "16" years
old when I had to put her to sleep. This ties into this nation now under the mighty wind hand of God
now tearing this nation down seen in
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. God is saying
today, this is a shadow of what is coming to the
Dog and Pig Church and is here today! Above
Tina's back God shows in rock form that he burned out in solid rock, the face of a Demon and right of
the Demon is the head of the
Dragon, Satan.

Left of the head of shadow Tina chewing on two bones ... two religions today, Catholic and
Protestant alike, you can see the second head of the three headed lion Beast ... George W. Burning
Bush 43. On the tail of the Shadow Church of today ...
Dog Tina ... you can see I put in yellow BC,
under the first head of the
"3" headed Lion ... Lying Beast ... BC. Above this you can see where God
burned out in solid rock, these two letters
, "BC." This touches on two things! First it touches on Bill
Clinton number 42 and second it touches on the second head ... George W. Bush 43 ... as Bush and
Clinton put together is
"67." Add 42 and 43 = "67" who goes after the Church seen in Matthew 25
added is
"7" Churches and verses "6-7."

The above Open Vision from Almighty God creator of all things, and not a mother nature the world
calls God today, I took this picture some years ago while Tina was still alive who God used to show
her as a
shadow form of that the Church of today has become, a Church full of Demons and

GeOrGe W. Bush has "11" letters in his name and is seen in Ezekiel 38 ... 3 + 8 = "11" equals G.W.
Bush who claims to be a good Christian but is a gross liar! The Open Vision above shows the black
Dog and Pig Church ... a sign of this
"Father Ministry, yours truly today" ... showing this second
USA-lem now under the dark, black winds of Almighty God now tearing down the houses here
in once good nation
gone to hell!
Tree Church
First Wind of God
Second Wind
Left taken from a storm cloud over Florida shows this
nuclear wind bomb going off over this nation. It shows
"3" automoblies, the "3" Churches of today under this
Nuclear Wind Bomb soon to go off. God is showing
today the Window for this to happen is now

God put in this Open Window in cloud form, the word
"Church." I first show you over your nation today all my
heavy tornado winds along with unseasonable snow
and etc., what I have already begun to do ... take you
out! Notice all the accidents and murders happening in
your nation today, for I have caused it and your
punishment is now at your door!

Last year I showed all the fires, this year I am showing
you all the heavy winds now upon you and the next
heavy wind in from my Atom hand that I created all thing
from Atoms ...
I am what I am the "3"rd Adam ... Atom!

I God makes the storms and etc., there is no mother
nature you call me, says Almighty God! I make the
storms, I am making the Tornadoes blowing today and I
made this tropical storm over your nation showing my
last day Moses Prophet, yours truly blowing this
message from the West Coast where Paul lives blowing
this head of Jesus from my mouth and on the end of my
Jesus Trumpet is the head of Jesus hitting this black
eagle nation in its head killing it that has begun!
Look closely and you can see Jesus' head and happening over the state of Florida that touches on
the Nuclear Mushroom cloud bomb above as it shows the Pig-Dog-Goat Church under it!  
Left ls another Open Vision from Almighty God from
his fiery valcano's showing the last day Goat
Churches, the Dog and Pig Churches I show above,
talking to the devil who they believe is God, but
Satan himself! Notice above their heads is the head
of a Skull beast also white. Right of White head soon
to burn Preachers having the black micophone seen
in their white heads are telling lies to the world!
Their pants are soon to be set on fire by nuclear war!
Right of the black microphone is black Satan talking
with them all ... The Goat Church and the lying
preachers of these last days!
I preach a message so horrible today it beggars description! It is so bad the only way people can see
it is by the messages God shows through his last day Moses Prophet, yours truly in Rock, cloud and
etc., form,
all miracles from Almighty God!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...