Hurricane John & Paul Prophets
Above are two Hurricanes of 2006 ... Hurricane John first and Hurricane Paul of Revelation second.
Left you can see old Prophet John leaving the picture of the Island of Patmos, as pointed out in
this storm of old Prophet John who could not walk but had to be carried.
The hurricane storm on
the right was named Paul who cannot walk either but gets around in a wheelchair
.  You can see
John the Revelator leaving the picture, and following in his footsteps, so to speak, is John Paul the
second seen in Revelation
10:11-12 ... 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 = "6" at the end of the "6"th millennium on
earth today preaching for old John which this passage says,
"You must prophesy again about many
peoples nations languages and kings

Old John is not coming back to Prophesy again!  God has raised up another John-Paul the second
to prophesy again for old John, as God shows above in these two hurricane storms. (This type of
Prophecy is also seen in Jeremiah 1:13 ... where old Jeremiah was told to prophesy again as well
about the end of the world as we know it also seen below in St. Paul, Oregon.

This Hurricane named Paul, shows this ministry as the quarter moon, as the moon refers to the
Church that can only give a reflection from Father God seen as the
SUN. Look at my face in the part
of the moon on the left in signs ... you can see my eye and my mouth is wide open preaching today
to the
Seven Churches who has gone the wrong direction with Satan.
<---Paul's eye
Next, we go to the Solar Eclipse of August 21 one
day before my 83rd birthday of
August 22!  In
reverse we see Revelation
22:21 which speaks of
the end as we know it! The Sun coming out as a
New Sun for God, reveal
s his new 1000 year
Kingdom coming in and is at hand today!

Left is St. Paul, Oregon, a
RED small county in
Oregon seen in red on the State of Oregon map the
state made. They also enlarged St. Paul showing me
looking to the left watching the Solar Eclipse
coming in overhead with my mouth wide open.
It shows the grey bears of Russia and China moving in from the North over the eye of this Pig
headed Church and her nation that shows the head of a
PIG CHURCH who still swims with a FISH
tail today, and are seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... adding the "2"s we see "10" sleeping Virgins of
Matthew 25
:6-7. We add Matthew 25 ... 2 + 5 = "7" Churches of the last days. I preach as seen in
Revelation 14 verses
"6-7" also seen as the "3" angels flying in mid air ... preaching the Eternal
at the Hour of Judgment today. A prophet of God who was born into a preachers family "6"
of "7
" children. What more can you ask when God shows in no uncertain terms who this last day
Ministry of God is?

This Solar Eclipse went over
St. Paul and left at South Carolina the ministry that broadcast this
ministry to the entire world in year 2000 who exposed the beast,
Bill Clinton 42, and the coming in
nuclear war with Russia
! I spoke on the air for exactly 30 minutes and hung up the phone and
opened my Bible and it opened to Revelation 8:1 stating:
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour."
Below this is another Open Vision from Almighty God in one of his fiery volcano's not long ago.
Now to the boiling pot of this Jeremiah Ministry
the other prophetic book that I was ordained by
God. In Jeremiah 1:13-16 ... showing golden rich
John Trump setting over this Jeremiah
, Cooking Pot today. Notice golden Trump
wearing a
pony tail hairdo looking at Father God
as he smokes his pipe,
meaning, Washington DC
is soon to BURN
. Golden Trump is looking Putin
of Russia in his face who is also wearing a pony
tail hairdo
, referring the horsemen of the
Apocalypse soon to
come in full bore!

I don't know how much plainer God will make it!
For what
God has laid out before the whole
world today
, is awesome to say the very least!
Hurricane Paul seen above, shows I am part of
the sleeping, snake filled Churches of today
seen in Hurricane Paul above on the right ... seen in the sliver of the moon ... God's end time
Prophet speaking for God in Romans
3:4 who was born year "34" who is preaching today to the 3 + 4
= "7" Churches
who are at this writing ,,, headed behind Satan going to hell. My John Paul message
is to wake as many as I can up before they go to hell in a hand basket. God shows in this sign of the
sliver of the moon on the top right also as this ministry who was part of the Moon Church but left
because I saw wolves preaching out from Jesus Bible and dragging the sleeping Churches behind
them seen below in a huge rock I had name Babylon Rock some 20 or so years ago seen below.
You can see the large capital letters JESUS
that God had burned out in solid rock in
Babylon Rock one mile east of my home.
Below the word JESUS you can see the mouth
of the wolves preaching today from God's
Holy Bible and dragging behind them the
have messed up. Below this blown up picture
of the wolves preaching from God's Holy
Bible, in the full picture of this in the middle
and you can see top right the Abbreviated
for ISIS.
God is cutting off the heads of Satan
over his sleeping Church
who must go into the 42
months of fire to be purified
before they can see God! I
preach a good message for
Almighty God but I preach a
horrible message today to
the sleeping ...
PIG ... DOG ...
GOAT Churches who do not
know God

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
Head of snake---->
<---John's head leaving