Hubble Golden President Beast
Left shows Donald Trump walking to the left notice top left his head and his left arm seen on the
right he is carrying the Church in his arm, the dog Republican Elephant Church who put this
Golden Beast Calf  man in power.  Notice his legs on the bottom shows the sign of the Letter "V"
for the "10" sleeping Dog Churches of today. Right of Golden Trump is a volcano blowing  up and
in the middle of the dark smoke you can see the lighter mug face of Beast Trump with a huge
mouth looking at him walking left ... the 2 monsters far left and the monster in smoke that lights the

The sleeping, Dog Churches of today put this Golden Calf Beast man in power and they worship
him! Below  The sign of Moses and the Ten Commandments he brought down the mountain and
seeing his people dancing naked around he golden calf is the same sign this last day Moses
Head of beast Trump
blowing out from the
Abyss ... Hell looking
left - meaning Trump
Ministry is seeing! I came
down off this mountain several
months ago, and moved into
Oregon. Far left under old
Moses with the Ten
Commandments God burned
out in solid Rock, set another
rock in front of my 42 day camp
in God's high wilderness.
This second Moses Ministry had this huge burned out Ten
Commandment stone only a few yards from my vacation tailer. The
huge stone was
"7" feet tall and "10" feet wide and refers to the
"7" Churches of Matthew 25 added is "7" and verses "6-7" shows
"10" sleeping Virgins! I was born "6" of "7" Children in a
preachers home in year
"34" added preaching today to the "7"
Churches. I preach from my final and third Angel Website this
Eternal Gospel at the Hour of Judgment seen in verses
Right of the Ten Commandment Rock for the
sleeping Church, stands the
"Seven Tree
" as Jesus said, people are seen as
Trees. In the center of the seven tree Churches
stands the large AXE head rock, Jesus and left of
the rock shows in signs of the Lion Head, meaning
Jesus Christ from the Lion Tribe of Judah. Notice
the cross bar top left. These are the "7" tree
Churches God is now in the process of cutting
down and tossing them into the Fire brought in by
the Golden Calf Trump seen above!

Left of the "7" tree Churches ready to be cut down
stood this white rock looking like the Dove of the Holy Spirit
drinking out of the high mountain of Bly, Oregon river named
Sprague River, coming out from this high mountain where I had
camped 42 days. Born "6" of "7" children ... 6 X 7
"42." God is the
God of numbers not Satan that the Churches of today claim.

My friend who was me took this picture of me standing on the
Holy Spirit Dove Rock wearing a red shirt showing the red fire is
coming! I never realized this at the time.

It was a short time later when something hit my front window in
my home 40 miles west of my 42 day camp on the high mountain
bringing home the Ten Commandments in picture form and
where God showed me he was getting ready to burn down the
"7" Churches!

Below this second Moses Ministry standing on Dove Rock,
something hit my front window leaving an imprint on the glass. I
went outside and saw a dead Dove laying on the ground that had
hit my west window. I saw the imprint and took a picture of it and
below my standing on Dove Rock, God, I saw the imprint of the
wings of this Dove with its body seen between two trees. God is
showing his two witnesses of the Holy Spirit. Remember Jesus
said people are seen as trees!

11:11 shows the two witnesses laying as dead on the
ground and then they stand upon their feet while their enemies
... the dog Church looks on while they go to heaven in a cloud.
We add 11 + 11 =
"22" and this means the end, the last chapter
of the Bible, Revelation
"22" and this last day Moses Prophets
birthday number, Leo the Lion born August
"22" year "34."

I preach today at the end of time as we know it, number "22" to
the "3 + 4 =
"7" Churches ready to go into the fire of purification
at the end of days!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
PS: Left God shows in cloud
form his two witnesses, the
man on the left and the
woman on the right with the
face of God below looking to
the left! God confirms his
from his Hubble telescope
on the right, the man looking
down and the woman looking
right. God confirns this again
below from a large rock pile
close to my home in the high
wilderness area where I had
lived for 28 years. Puting this
photograph in my Adobe
Photo section of my
computer, I drew lines
around what God showed me
and removed the rest.
I show the woman Church dancing with the black
headed heart Preahers! Behind their head is the
first beast of the
666 of Isaiah 66:6 Bill Clinton
number 42 from Washington
. Below Bill 42 is the
Texan Cowboy, George Bush 43. Right of these
two first beast men of the Apocalypse is yours
truly like Moses with my arms ahd hands in the air
and the other golden witness, sister Katy Sasie of
St. Paul, MN. These two witnesses, a man and a
woman are seen in Revelation
11:11 added is
"22" which means the end, the last
chapter of the Holy Bible, Revelation
"22" and
also God's last day Moses Prophet born on Leo
the Lion month of August "22" year "34" added is "7" Churches that I am preaching to today! We add
2 + 2 + 3 + 4 =
"11" and remove the "4" and we see "7" and put together we see "117."
You say, so what! 9/11/1! The twin towers in NYC, Babylon fell to
tye ground by two Boeing
767 Airliners and the last tower that
fell was number
"7." We multiply 7 x 6 = "42" the first head of
"3" headed Lion beast president men all three born in year
6." Clinton, Bush and Trump all born in year "46" ... "666" and
are seen in Isaiah
"66:6" taking down the Temples, the Pig-Dog
-Goat Churches of today! These three beast president men are
also seen in Revelaion
6:7-8 ... Trump born month "6" ... Bush
born month "7" ... Clinton born month "8" ... Revelation
6:7-8 ...
"3" Pale Riders of DEATH. Left you can see the head of
DEATH in these towers in NYC, Babylon 9/11/1. The first
Babylon went down seen in Genesis
11:1-9 same numbers but
Paul                       Katy
Father God
in reverse. Church the head of smoke coming out from 9/11/1 is DEATH to the "7" woman Churches
of today!    

What just happened with Boeings two
737 airliners? Both crashed killing all aboard! This touches
from Almighy God on the
"7" Churches, the 3 + 7 = "10" sleeping Virgins have crashed ... "737"
have gone down ... the Matthew 25:6-7 sleeping Virgin Churches. We add Matthew 2 + 5 =
"7" plus
" equals "767" Boeings that took down the towers in NYC Babylon USA on 9/11/1 ... showing the
dead womam Churches of today seen above crashing and nothing but
DEATH awaits them!  As in the
days of Noah so shall it be in the days of Jesus' return when only
"8" people in all of humanity were

Prophet Paul ...