How Liar Gets Out Of Pickle
Gross LIar President Trump 45 is in a Pickle and looking for a way out! You can see him in the center
picture behind the black rectangle looking at you! This ties to the right also with liar pickle Trump in
black with the naked Putin bear of Russia on the right both holding hands and also reaching out to

This also goes back to Prophet Dutuman and his vision of
"20" years ago. Dutuman saw in a vision
China attacting this second Jer-
USA-lem and Russia was helping along with Korea and Cuba. Twenty
(20")   years ago I reeived a phone call from South Carolina from a Prophet who read one of my books
speaking about what was coming that tied into Dutumans Prophesy. The first thing he said, I will call
you back in
half an hour and put you on radio ... is that fine with you? I said yeas!

He called back in
half an hour and we also spoke for half an hour! The first thing he asked me, "Who
is the Beast
?" I said Bill Clinton number 42 from George Washington! In the same breath I said,
"Russia will nuclear bomb this nation." This messge was played over and over again on
Long and Short-wave radio around the world! After we hung up the Phone I picked up my Bible and it
opened to Revelation 8:1 when I began to read where God led my eyes to,
"Heacen was silent
for ablout half an hour

This ties into the Prophecy of Dutuman of 20 years ago and this ministry also 20 years ago,
both spoke the same thing! How does Liar Trump gets out of the Pickle he is in? He helps
nuclear bomb this nation where hell is now being opened up on earth! Trump 45 is the third and last
beast of the

We see number "3" is a top number of God Almighty! First, we see God as "Father-Son-and Holy
" who created man in his own image, "body, soul and spirit." God made his second Holy people,
the Church in a land of
"3" coastlines. He made this land of second Jer-USA-lem "3" thousand miles
across and also with
"3" time zones. God made this second and final Jer-USA-lem with the "3"
"USA" stuck in the middle of a "9' letter word. God has had "3" sets of people ... Adam the
first, the Jews the second and the Gentiles

"3" have struck out of God's "3" baseball games of time.  Now we see Jer---USA---lem  ... Adam
man, second Adam Spirit ... Jesus ... and now we see the third
ADAM ... ATOM God who created all
things from
ATOMS ... for God is a consuming FIRE and he is also the third Baptism ... Water, Holy
Spirit and FIRE

We see
"3" beast men of the "666" with trump being the final one! Clinton was born in year "46" ...
Bush also in year "4
6" and Trump also in year "46." Now we see the "3" taking out second Jer-USA-
lem. We see God in
"3" parts taking out his enemies today, the Church, the Temples seen in Isaiah
"66:6." This refers to the Church today who has become his enemies because they do not follow him
anymore, they follow Satan who they think is God but the devil himself!

We see the next verse ... 7 tying in "6-7" multiplied is "42" the first head of the "3" headed Lion beast,
Bill Clinton number 42, and we see this Rachel Woman Church of today giving birth to the man child
Children, the 144,000 who has overcome Satan to date seen in Revelation 14:1-5! ... This is God's true
Church who has overcome Satan that God soon takes out to be with him
while he burns off all the
Hay, Wood and Stubble from the rest of the Sleeping Churches!
Jesus said, you will be saved but only
as one
Liar Black
Beast Trump
Left was taken from the Lava flow in
the 50th state of this 50 state Union
of second Jer-
USA-lem. Number "50"
refers to a new begining! I also came
back to the Lord from my late teens
looking at year
"50" that was "33"
years ago.

You can see the Dog Church of 2
Peter 2:20-22 ... the Dog Church of
today, the woman Church walking her
dog seen on the other side of her
and her man, with the skin falling off
their bodies while they are standing
on their feet under the nuclear bomb.
This happened in Japan in year
Trum--an the 33rd President
that ties into
Trum---p "45" is soon
to pull the nuclear Pin that
pulled in year
"45." (Notice 33 above)

"What was before will be again and
what is now was before there is
nothing new under the sun
." "Eccl.
1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19."
Is is holding this Dog Church of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 over the lake of fire, hell, to burn off all
the Hay, Wood and Stubble, she will be saved but
those who do not believe this message you can see yourselves under the Lake of Fire in Hell ...
notice God showing the man in hell as I pointed out above. Notice the woman with her skin falling off
her arm, notice her white bone exposed. Notice her hand is still attached to the Dog, meaning she is
the Dog Church of today. Also notice her man looking at her arm has also lost the skin on his body
exposing only his head.

God made this miracle image in fire form of what is now coming upon his second Jer-
USA-lem nation
gone to POT. Just look at the fires that has burned this last summer in second Jer-
USA-lem! Just look
at all the cars, airliners and airplanes crashing ... all the cars, trucks, buses ... murders of men and
women killing there offspring and etc. Turn you Bible to Isaiah 5:5 ... added refers to today and the
"10" sleeping Virgins of God saying to secone Israel ... second Jer-USA-lem ...
"i have lifted my hand
of protection from around her and now she will be destroyed!
" Judgment first begins at the
House of God!

The next two verses
"6-7" shows the Matthew 25 added are the "7" Churches of today seen in
"6-7" ... God said,  "I am removeing my water from her, I will not cultivate nor prune her
no more and she will turn into a thorn patch
." ... this is what she is today a Church of thorns!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...