Hot Howling Pig Nation Leaving
Above left is a map of this PIG USA nation on Fire with
murder! God shows this last day second Jer-
nation with their mouth wide out seen above in hot fire
"Red Fire Burning Murder." You can see this pig
nation and Church
of 2 Peter 2;20-22 in fire hot
temperatures today
screaming out in the top right
corner of this red hot section of this second
USA-lem nation that God is now in the Proses of
taking down also seen in Isaiah
5:5 added is "10"
sleeping Virgins and he says ... "I have lifted my hand of
protection from around her and she will be destroyed

Left you can see DC ... the Pig Head as pointed out on
fire! Below in the bottom right corner you can faintly
see the head of the Dog Preachers along with the Pig
Preachers telling lies to the sleeping,
PIG-DOG Church
of today! Left you can see the word Lion ... Trump
setting in the White House bringing in Nuclear War that
follows this Hot nation burning seen above.

I pointed out the golden, outlined capital letter
"P" for
Prophet Paul ... the Leo Lion Prophet of God today at
Judgment time looking up to God Almighty!  
Below is a
picture of the naked Church burning down
! This is a
real picture of a Church burning down showing the top
of her
black bra exposing the top of her two naked
breasts and her head above soon to be cut off ... the
headship of Satan is over her today leading her into
hell fire and brimstone.

Below the naked burned out Church left, is the Solar
Eclipse that went over this nation one day before my
birthday in 2018 ... August 21 over the small county of
St. Paul close to the capital of Oregon, Salem. This is
the small county God made when he created heaven
and earth some 6000 years ago. My Birthday August
"22" tied to August 21 and this Solar Eclipse, means a
new beginning is coming and tied to God's last day
Prophet, yours truly, also shows the end of the Holy
Bible ...
Revelation 22:21.
The State of Oregon made this map, not me.
The red part is St. Paul seen in this Oregon
map. They also blew up St. Paul in white
looking at the solar Eclipse going over my
head meaning ...
a new beginning is coming!

They put a red ring around my eye and my
mouth wide open and below my open mouth
you can see the bear of Russia and China and
the nations with them covering the eye of this
last day
beginning to scream out ...
"Bloody Murder." I
know people that live in St. Paul, MN., who
told me St. Paul, MN., used to called
" in the middle 1800's changed to St. Paul.
You can see this PIG Head Church and nation above still swimming with the tail of a FISH and the
black nose and face of the Black Hearted Pig Church are
PIGS still preaching some fish truth but
mixed with many  Pig lies from Satan.
Pig Nation
Pig Bully Horn Nation
I enlarged the pig head with DC for
Washington DC over the head of this
Pig nation of today burning down!
Above is the Dog, Devil filled Church of today soon to wear Red Nuclear Fire! The PIG-DOG Church of
2 Peter 2:20-22 adding the 2's as 2's =
"10" sleeping Virgins God shows in his clouds of heaven, the
dark headed face of Russia and her nations who hate this Pig-Headed Dog-Pig Church nation looking
on!  Right shows this Dog Church howling when the bears soon spits fire from their mouth.
Above God shows in a huge storm from the East Coast, the
bears are waking up coming to life and the
Black Bull market of
this nation is leaving
, opening the door for the Red Bear Market
coming in
. Notice the Red Bulls Eye in the middle of this huge
Golden Bully PIG Trump running the show today above, walking
out of the picture

Next we see God putting in cloud form the sign of the Bears
coming in! Right of the bears is what they are bringing upon this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation gone to POT ... God's fire from
heaven - God is a consuming fire!
Notice below the huge fire ball
in cloud form from God, shows what happens when it lands, total
destruction over the trees! Jesus said people are seen as trees!
Dog Church wears fire
I took this long rock picture of Dead USA with the Bear setting on top of her big belly looking down
upon the dead head of this pig Church and nation.  Left you can see her dead head looking up and
the bear on her belly looking down on the dead PIG head Church and Nation. Far right are the Skulls
of this dead Nation and dead woman Church! You can see the Woman Church already half way
buried in the ground still reading her Black Bible she does not understand as she disappears into
the graveyard of eternity! This rock was so large I had to take two picture of it as you can see I put
two pictures together dark and light.

I didn't make this picture in solid rock ... God burned it out by his fire finger in the area I had lived
for 28 years ... 2 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins I preach his awesome message to today who do not
want to believe the truth! Satan has the sleeping Church believing his lies as they worship Satan
today who they think is Jesus but the devil himself and taking many of the Sleeping Church to hell
with him!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Pig head above & bear
above looking down
The hand writing from God
is on the rock wall ...
The dark enemies looking
on today soon to attack