Hot Fire Trump & Paul Revere
Quote:  On the evening of April 18, 1775, silversmith Paul Revere left his home and set out
on his now legendary midnight ride.

I Paul Revere Gerig rides out at MIDNIGHT today ... Matthew 25:6-7 on my Red Electric Horse seen
above, and also a
SILVERSMITH!  For many years I worked at Silver in my shop burning out silver in
jewelry rings and etc., known as
Lost Wax Casting.  Hot head Donald J. Trump 45 is the Red Hot
Head 45th president who brings in the
RED COATS ...  Red Russia and Red China due to his RED
of Donald J. Trump 45.

April "18" above when Paul Revere road, added is number "9"  and Trump "45" added is number
"9" and this number "9" refers to Judgment that refers to today and the Midnight sleeping
Church of Matthew
25:6-7 ...we add 2 + 5 = "767."

God shows these two Boeing airliners, "767"s took down the "3" tall towers in Babylon NYC some
years ago on
9/11/1. Jesus Christ has "11" letters in his full name! The first two towers in
Babylon NYC stood
110 stores tall and removing the zero shows Jesus Christ number "11"
overlooking this great city
, and the third tower to fall was number "7" Churches now laying on the
ground! This last day Prophet Paul Silver
-smith Revere Gerig is riding out at MIDNIGHT.

Silver refers to Redemption
! and lead which the Churches of today are seen as, are seen in
Zechariah 5:5-11 covering the
mouths of the sleeping, baby Churches of today who preach a LEAD
They are seen here carried by two women who fly with this last day Church with STORK
, meaning they are carrying a BABY CHURCH  WHO HAS NEVER GROWN UP.

This second Paul Revere Gerig Prophet of God
, is also seen in Revelation 10:9-11 as John Paul
the second! Old John died on the Island of Patmos where he wrote the book of Revelations not
able to walk and had to be carried by people due to loosing the use of his legs and feet, I get
around today not able to walk due to Diabetes, but I ride in a wheel-chair or on my
Red Electric
seen above top right. God told me in Rev. 10:9-11 that I had to Prophecy again about many
peoples, nations, languages and kings which I am doing without a shadow of a doubt
This huge Lion Rock about 60' in the
shows golden Lion Prophet
yours truly, was east and close to my
home where I lived for 28 years in
the wilderness. I did not burn this
message out
in Rock, but the
Almighty fire finger of God burned it
showing his hand writing is on
the wall,
Daniel 5:25.  

Above the word down, you can see
God putting the outlined golden
letter "P" for Paul as this Lion giving
the true message today. Left of the
capital letter "P" you can faintly see
Paul riding in a wheel chair giving
the awesome message to the PIG
and DOG Church.

Below this
Golden letter P for Lion
Paul Revere Gerig's head
you can see the black bull beast
money market coming down which  is
happening today
! Right of Little Lion
Clinton you can see the first head of
the three beast presidents of this
fallen nation
, Bill Clinton 42 and right
of him you can see the Head of this  
PIG nation with its nose pointed
downward with DC in the
middle of
the soon coming in fire of Wash. DC. On the bottom right you can see the DOG Churches soon to
be barking out
bloody murder and also preaching iies to the flock of Goats, and now many of them
are headed to black fiery hell if they do not repent before they die.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

Golden Prophet Paul
speaking out for God
Wolf Dog Preachers
barking out to Pigs
in DC