Hot Fires Left - Florence Right
I show one of dozens of such pictures of
the man in the White House and his girl
friends of fiery hot times and running this
nation today into the ground
... Hell ...
Porno star above one of Trumps many ring of girls as most of
them are very breastly women, runs the show from the White
House in this
Ring of Fire Hurricane from the East Coast to the
West Coast.
It also touches from Hollywood California to Los
Vegas, Nevada ,,,
to the White House in the ring of fire flooding
now forming in Washington DC between him and Putin of Russia.
In all the years of this nation since Washington
there has never been such awesome things taking
place like today in this last president of this once
good nation now gone to pot. Like Jesus said ...
trees are like people! Notice the trees of Putin of
Russia and other nations coming against the White
House today that is seen here in Storm Florence ...
a miracle from God Almighty.

Above the Carr in the water of Florence on the
East Coast matches the
Carr Fire from the West
Coast ... Water and Fire
as in the days of Noah so
shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man Jesus Christ. I
show you more women of Trump including his last wife, with him with
their large breasts all showing them off. Now we have this PIMP of
Washington DC showing off his wears and Florence is taking them
all out and also using Putin of Russia the Red Bear to help him do
this. We are leaving the Black Bull market and going into the Red
Bear Market of China and Russia.

Below close to my old home in the wilderness where I had lived for
28 years, shows a pile of rocks burned out by the fire finger of God
Almighty, shows the naked Church and nation today laying down on
Black Bull Market stark naked as I pointed out. Notice the
naked Church with their hands is the air
showing they are the 10
sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7
." Jesus speaks about this in
Luke 21:34 when he said, don't get caught in the trap.
Porno White House Goes Down
God is speaking from heaven above
seen in white to the carr fire people
below ... as in the days of Noah ... Water
... Water all around  but none to drink
We see this clamshell trap that God burned
out in solid rock form with the Bull market of
the ground and when this happens the
soldiers of Russia and China move into the

Below shows a huge storm off the East
Coast that ties into storm Florence taking
out the White House and this nation with
Trump at the helm. Notice the black and
white bear of Russia and China now raising
up on one side ... notice their black nose
and two black eyes raising up and looking at
the Bull Market leaving.
Notice the Bull ... the Bully setting in the White
House turning his head with a large Trump over his
head, Donald J. Trump as you can also see is eye
looking at you. In the middle of his belly you can
see the
Yellow and Red Bull's Eye as the Bully
Trump begins to walk away.

Below the rainbow of Noah is now seen as a war
bow of war coming in. This is also seen as the
unhappy mouth of God and over the war bow you
an see the two black eyes of Almighty God over
looking his war bow, bringing war soon and
suddenly. We see Jesus Christ who has "11" letters
in his name seen in Joel 2:11 ... number 2 refers to
"2" ... Joel 2 ... Jesus Christ with Father God in
"11" ... as Jesus Christ has "11" letters in
his name and he rides at the head of his Army
Jesus Christ the Fire taking out this nation who
turned against him and put a
PIMP in the White

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Above is Trump and a Playboy
girl and right is a storm over this
nation on election day showing
yours truly blowing this Jesus
Trumpet over this nation on
Election day. I outline Paul and
the head of Jesus looking down
over the East Coast of where
Florence hit and seen hitting
this Bald Eagle Bird nation in it
head killing it over the White
House. See the head of Jesus at
the end of my Jesus Trumpet as
this picture was taken overhead
above the White
house by God's
overhead camera
showing Florence
coming in to take
out his second

Left I removed
the substance
leaving Paul, with
Jesus taking out
the White House.