Hitler Trump & His German Wall
Top left shows from God in lava
flowing volcano from Hawaii, the
image of the New Hitler, Donald
Trump 45! Right shows Trumps
naked wife, Melania. Right of
her naked body shows firsts
Hitlers wife,
Ava Braun also a
model like Trumps wife. Read my
"Hitler Trump Being
" to see all about Hitler
and his wife, for the two are a
The top left Open Vision and this lower left one
came from the same lava flow from the "50"th
state of this 50 state second Jer-
USA-lem. The
top right shows the bald headed preachers
seen right of Hitlers hat and face looking left ...
meaning they have no covering from God! They
are talking to black faced Satan who they think
is God but Satan himself. Below the  preachers
of today and their music, you can see their
music drifting down to the dog Churches in the
lava flowing down, with their red tongues
sticking out of their mouths loving it.
Hitlers Hat----->
Left of these bald headed preachers, no covering from God, you can
see the old German military hat of Hitler, now Trump, with his white
face looking to the left! Below his face you can see these red lion
Trump, Bush and Clinton all going after the DOG Churches of
today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22. Above I enlarged the bald head
preachers of today talking to Satan who the think in god, but Satan
himself! You can see these last day preachers talking to Satan that God
has put a white line around Satan's nose to show you Satan wearing a  
winter wool cap, suggesting this takes place in winter as Jesus warns
in Matthew 24:20.
Above is another shot from a different angle of the red tongue dog Church that the sleeping dog
Churches of today love to listen to music while they lay down seen in Matthew 25:6-7
sleeping while
hell is being opened up on earth!
 Look at all the bad weather happening around this nation of
second Jer-
USA-lem ... everything going to POT. Murders all over this nation like never before and
now this second Hitler has closed down the Government! Everything has gone to hell in a hand
basket while the sleeping, Dog Churches
sing and play music while second Rome begins to BURN!

Right of the top left picture of todays Hitler in Hawaii, is naked Melania. Next is old Hitlers wife also a
model!  God shows the Hitler Trump on the top left, going after the
"Ten Sleeping Virgins" seen on
his waist ... the large letter
"V" for Virgins. I wrote right of the large "V" irgins.. Click left side of your
mouse to see this most important message seen in blue.  
Hitler Trump Being Exposed ...
Second Rome Burns and the sleeping dog
Churches are all dancing to music! God
shows this left from his heavens. This shows
a round ball of fire with his Church left of the
bright white light in the center referring to   
nuclear bombs soon to go off! You can see
the red headed scarlet woman Church left
with her red scarlet hair blowing to the left
from the nuclear bombs soon to go off while
she dances to music while second Rome
Burns to the ground! Second Rome is seen in
Revelation 17:9-11.

The first beast just died not long ago and was
buried in Texas ...
G.H.W. Bush 41 added is
"5" has fallen seen in Rev. 17:9-11
. He fell to
the second head, Bill Clinton 42 in years
2-93 added is "5" have fallen to beast # 2.
Remember it was George H.W. Bush 41 added is "5" had fallen to this last day Rome beast, Bill Clinton
in years 1992 and 1993 ... 2 and 3 = "5" have fallen!
The "7"th had not come yet which was George W.
43 added is number "7." Now we see this sixth one, Bill Clinton number "42" added is the
"6"th one but he then becomes the "8"th one and is seen in Revelation 17 verse "8." We add Rev.
17 ... 1 + 7 + 8 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.

This passage says,
"The beast who once was (Meaning Bill Clinton) now is not and yet is coming. Those
who will be surprised when this happens, their names have not been written in the Lambs book of life!"
Revelation 17:8 ...

Bill Clinton 42 added is the "6"th who took out number "5" Bush 41 added is number "5" in years 92
and 93 adding 2 + 3 =
"5" has fallen! Clinton 42 and Bush 43 who followed Bill making Bill 42 added is
the sixth is soon to become the
"8" but of the "7." The beast who once was, now is not and yet is
coming! God said in Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 same type of numbers,
"What was before will be
again, and what is now was before

Two Romes! Two sets of Gods people ... the Jews first and the Gentiles second ... both ended up
following Satan as their god. What happened to the Jews and Hitler is now happening to the Gentiles
and second Hitler!  This happened to the Jews in the
"30"s and "40"s added is now happening to
the Gentiles today ... the
"7" Churches who followed their mother, the Jews down to the pit.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Two Hitlers and
their two wives a
perfect match!
The last one is
stark naked and
both were