Hitler Good For Gentiles Now!
This awesome Open Vision from God Almighty happened
in Hawaii in a Lava flow showing what is coming upon
this nation very soon! This is the location our 44th
president was said to be born, Barack Obama 44.

Top left, you can see the Military hat of old HItler, and
below his hat you can see his white face looking to the
left. Right of HItlers hat you can see the thinning hair of
the Preachers today, the sign of no covering from
Almighty God, only the covering of Black Satan. Notice
the pink faces of the preachers today talking to black
Satan where God outlined Satan's nose in white for your
Notice the Wool Stocking Cap on Satan!
This suggests Hell will soon be open this winter! Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 ... 24 + 20 = "44" Obama
... pray that your flight out from the cites does not happen in winter! (The wool stocking cap on
Satan's head) You can see in the lava flowing down from the preachers today and from Satan, to the
Dog Church People with their red tongues hanging out loving these evil preachers. Below is another
shot of the Dog Church from another angle showing this Dog Church seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 still
laying down as also seen in Matthew 25:6-7. Below old Hitler behind the head of the bald headed
preachers today who do not have any covering
from Almighty God, is the hat and sign of old HItler,
and below this is another Open Vision from God
Almighty taken from this same lava flow in Hawaii, is
famous military solute of old Hitler. Notice the
large white letter
"V" for Virgins on his hip as I put
the rest of Virgins right of the large letter "V."
Jesus said what was good for the Jew is now good
for the Gentile, for God does not show favoritism. It
was in the late
"30"s and early "40"s when this took
place with first Hitler and now we add 3 + 4 = "7"
Churches of today that in signs the beast coming
against the "7" Churches is soon to take place and
nothing on earth will stop what God has now
allowed to begin again for the Church has now
followed in the footsteps of first Israel!
This Black-bird Nation of today first driven by the Black man, Obama 44, and now Trump 45 is
finishing up the show driving this Black-bird Hot-rod into the white hot nuclear bombs from the
Communist party. First, we saw Black Obama 44 and now we see Donald Trump 45 settting in the
drivers seat with his hand on the steering wheel and his feet under him, driving this black-bird
hot-rod down the road so fast you can see the grey dust billowing out behind him! Trump is driving
this gone to POT nation, second Jer-
USA-lem ... into Nuclear WW III without a shadow of a doubt!
Below is another Open Vision close to my home in solid rock burned out by the fire finger of God
This Open Vision is also the same lava flow from Hawaii as the above.
Almighty. This ties to the place
Jesus speaks about in Luke
21:34 ...
do not get caught in this
trap that is going to come upon
the entire world
... now at the

All I did to this awesome huge
rock close to my home, was
add the writing ... God made
the rest as he made all the
above as well. Looking at
these burned out messages
from Almighty God and not
seeing what he is telling us
today and not paying any
Your in deep deep
It don't take a rocket scientist to understand what God is saying in these Open Vision close to my
home in solid Rock form, of what his
10 Sleeping "V"irgin Church has beome at the hour of Judgment!
First, God shows the naked man and woman Churches of today are stark naked, circumcised only in
the flesh and not the heart seen plainly above
. This message is seen here was burned out in solid
rock form from Almighty God! It shows the naked man with his arm reaching upward and the capitlal
"V" for Virgins in the air. The Church today is laying down sleeping as seen in Matthew 25:6-7.
These bastards of Satan are laying down on the
Money Bull Market today, worshipping the money
god, Satan!

The Bull Market is ready to
CRASH! When this happens then the soldiers seen in the upper right
corner comes ashore and then begins to
RAPE the women in this nation, as seen in Zechariah 14:1-2.
There are two chapters in Zechariah speaking of the end of days without a shadow of a doubt.
Zechariah 5:1-11 and Zechariah 14:1-21. This passage in Zechariah 14:1-21 shows the very end of
days, today! The last verse is
"21" the last verse also in the Holy Bible, Revelation 22 verse "21."
This also touches on the Solar Eclipse that happend this last August
"21" one day before my birthday
on Leo the lion month of August
22! We add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7" equals "67" equals Matthew
25 verses
"6-7" that we see a new begining now coming into existance, this the 1000 year kingdom
of Jesus Christ still 33 years of age.

I was born "6" of "7" Children in a preacher home and today I preach this
Eternal Gospel at the Hour
of Judment today
seen in Revelation 14:"6-7." Zechariah 5:1-11 speaks in verse "11" ... the new
White House being rebuilt after the dirty one burns down! Then the Church that has been cleaned up
sets down in this last
Babylonian nation ... in the new White House where Jesus sets with his
overcoming Church for 1000 years.

Next, we go to Zechariah 14:1-21 to see the Chinese soldiers coming into the homes and rape the
woman in verses 1-2
. Years ago the Chinese government killed many of their infant girl babies to
slow down their over popluation,
and today they say there is only one woman per "7" men. This entire
Chapter speaks of today and of nuclear war coming! We see in verse 12 the eyes of the people will
rot in their sockets and their tongues will rot in their mouths! Tnis happened in Japan when Harry S.
Truman the "33"rd president dropped two Atomic bombs on Japan in year "45." Trump today the
"45"th president is soon to get it in return, as seen in Obadiah 1:15 ... 1 + 15 = "16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC ...
"Your deeds are soon to return upon your own head," ... Read it! O but U are
about to Diah ...

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...