Hillary Baptised Into Illuminati
NWO W/Beast Bill
Quote:  This picture is truly worth 1,000 words.  Here, we see Hillary
being "blessed" by a Native American shaman, giving her a
traditional American blessing.  Native American spirituality is quite
the rage these days, as you can see for yourself by going into a New
Age bookstore, where you will find so many books touting their old
religion. The reason New Agers and witches of all stripes are really
"into" Native American spirituality is that the Native Indians
practiced an Earth Mother worship very close to our current New
Age.  In fact, Native Americans are held up continuously as supreme
examples of an entire nation "living close to Nature", in "perfect
harmony and balance".  Hillary would have had no trouble allowing a
Native American shaman bless her and pray over her.

The facts seem to be all in.  Bill and Hillary Clinton are just what Doc
Marquis said they were, telling me back in 1992 that they both were
practicing Illuminist occultists, with Hillary outranking Bill in the
occult world.  Again, if you have not read our articles on the Clinton
Scandals, we urge you to do so.  After reading these articles, you
will understand that our leaders are truly what the Bible says they
will be at the End of the Age -- powerful, Black Magick practitioners,
just as Antichrist will be when he arises.
(Paul ... Anti-Christ Bill is
already here
) listen: "... a king of fierce countenance, and
understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And his power shall
be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy
wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the
mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall
cause craft to prosper in his hand;" [Daniel 8:23-25]   
This is a tattoo on a man's arm meaning something else
than what he planned it to be. The top showing
refers to the 32nd presdident of this nation in reverse,
"Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd Domocrat president."
Below this you can see the American flag and in front of
the flag is the
Cross of Jesus Christ.  Below the cross
bars you can see the number of the beast, Bill Clinton
also seen in the front inside page of mothers Bible
when she bought it in
1942. This is the number of the
beast of Revelation! Bill Clinton was born on Leo the
Lion month of August day
"19" and was the "42"nd
president ...
1942. Now you turn this second number
around, 2004 and you see his number
42 as the 42nd
president of this nation.

Below this is the inside page of mother's Bible showing
when she bought this Bible, Oct.
15 ... 1942. Donald
John Trump has
15 letters in his name and the second
head of the beast. Burning George W. Bush 43 is seen
on the bottom line ... 43 and all three beast
men were born in year
"46" showing the
three beast men of the
"666." Oct., when
mother bought this Bible, is the "10"th month
that ties to these "3" men of the beast system
today all from the
"10" sleeping Virgin
. Above the shoulder of the man
exposing the beast, is Bill Clinton and wife
Hillary walking two dogs, the sign of the Dog
Churches today! Bill is walking the large red
dog and Hillary walking the small dog with
their two blue leashes crossed, making up the sign of the cross of Jesus Christ ... two religions of
that they soon go after! Todays Churches are full of Demons and Dragons! My little black Tina
Poodle Dog had to put away a short time ago because of her age, "16" years old ... God showed her
Shadow Form of the last day dog Churches ... a shadow of what the Churches of today would turn
out to be in the land of second Jer-
USA-lem, "16" hundred Penn., Avn., Washington DC.  
Left shows my Tina dog in shadow form
from God
, chewing on two bones, two
relgions, Catholic and Protestant,
making up her back you can see two beast
heads making up the Dog Church of
Peter 2:20-22
! Number 22 means the end of
days also the last chapter of the Bibl
e and
also God's last day Moses Prophet who
was born on Leo the Lion month of 8/
First, we see the head of a demon over Tina's back and right of the Demon is the head of the
Dragon, Bill Clinton, the black BC that God burned out in solid rock and I put the yellow BC under
the Black BC God put there. Making up the head and front paws of Tina in shadow form shows Tina
Chewing on two bones, the sign of the two religions today, Catholic and Protestant and both are full
DEMONS! This rock showing Tina's head is the other head of the beast with Bill Clinton "42,"
GeOrGe W. Bush "43" seen in Ezekiel 38. This is the land of Magog spoken about here which
means, the Land of Many Gogs ... "3" in all ... GeOrGe Washington ... GeOrGe H.W. Bush and
GeOrGe W. Bush and the last two touches on the Burning Bush of first Moses day, and now the last
Moses of the end times, yours truly! Don't get caught with your pant down like almost all the people
will be caught, stark naked before God when this hits soon and suddenly.  
PIG                                                                                         DOG
Below is the full picture of my Poodle Dog Tina that shows what is
now getting ready to happen here in second Jer-
USA-lem, the last
day "3"rd Babylon. Below this Open Vision shows Babylon Rock right
of the Dragans head just below facing left. The Dragon is looking to
take down this "3"rd Babylon, the USA. I will come back to this rock
after I show you this oval office of this nation below and the oval
office is seen above the "R" in Rock. Above the word CROSS is Jesus
laying on the ground, re-
Crucified this second
time by the Church of the
last days seen in Rev.
11:8, figuratively
speaking! Below the
word, Politics you can see
the Eagle Bird sign of this
nation laying dead on the
ground by the armies
coming against her soon
and suddenly, North
Korea, China and Russia!
Below the word, Eagle,
you can see the in the
green bush, the head of
the bear, Russia and
China soon to take down
this nation!

Now we go back to the
Dragon looking over this
last day Babylon nation,
and we see right of the
word, DRAGON, what
looks like a rafter of the
houses in this nation
blown down. Above the
yellow letter N I put there
to show you the small
letter "N" for nuclear for
this takes down the
houses and etc., in this
nation soon. Above the
red letters of
you can see the head of a
Dog and on the left side
of this tree is the head of
a Pig, the dog and pig
Churches of
2 Peter
Jesus told us in his word, that people are seen as trees! The large tree above the DRAGON shows
the Dog and the Pig Churches of today are full of Satan to the
RAFFTERS! Ecc. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19
both say,
"What was before will be again, and what is now was before." Jesus was crucified the first
time around by the Jews crucified the second time around by the Church figuratively speaking seen
in Revelation 11:8. Add 1 + 1 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7 and is led taking down this
PIG-DOG Church of today who are full of evil spirits from hell by the head of the beast, Bill Clinton
"42" who was born on Leo the Lion month of August
"19" equals "1942" in mothers Bible. We add
the other way in Rev. 11 + 8 =
"19" another number of the Beast! Now I wonder who is the God of
Numbers if not my God and not the sleeping Churches god, Satan?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...