Heil Hitler Says Donald Trump
I Adolph Hitler the second will make second Jer-USA-lem great again says Donald J. Trump!I who
studied old Adolph Hitler's speeches and ways, God shows in the fiery Lava flow volcano in Hawaii
seen above, and God shows him above going after the sleeping "10" Virgin Church seen on his
waist. I added irgins behind the capital letter "V" for Virgins!

Right ... the old Jeremiah
1:15 ... the boiling fire pot burning under Golden Billionaire Trump who is
seen here
Smoking a PIPE ... as Washington DC is soon to Smoke ... 1 + 15 = "16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC., and Golden billionaire Trump is looking Putin of Russia in his face and both
men are wearing
Pony-tail hairdos referring we are now in the time of the Horsemen of the
Apocalypse of the last book of God's Holy Bible of Revelation.

Left above Golden Trump with a pipe in his mouth as you can see Father God looking down on this
picture today and is letting it happen. Right of Father God also in black color, you can see the
former Black President,
Barack Obama 44 with his head in a corner seeing nothing as the stuff is
now getting ready to hit the fan! When does this happen? We turn to Matthew
24:20 ... add 24 with
verse 20 we see number
"44." Jesus said here, "Pray that your flight out from the cities does not
happen in Winter or on the Sabbath."
Winter is the worst time to move to the mountains where the
survivors will be found and also seen in Ezekiel 7:
15-16 that touches on Matthew 24:15-16.

We see verse
"15 and 16" of Matthew saying this: When you see standing in the Holy Place,
meaning the White House of second Jer-
USA-lem, the Abomination that causes desolation,
meaning beast Donald J. Trump ... then you must head to the Mountains! Four verses later is
Matthew 24:20 added refers to black Barack Obama
44 seen above with his head in a corner seeing
nothing as he is also part of the beast seen in Daniel 2:
41-42-43-44-45. In the days of those kings
the God of heaven will set up a kingdom never to be destroyed. These five numbers are seen as
the last five presidents of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation from George H.W. Bush 41 to Trump 45.
The same lava flow from Hawaii showing
Hitler and his famous military solute this
scene was also taken from. It shows the
white thinning hair of Jimmy Swaggart
with his pink face facing Lucifer, Satan,
as both were song leaders, Satan in
Heaven and Swaggart on earth talking to
each other! Notice God put a white line
around Satan's nose for you to see.
Satan is also wearing a winter wool cap
meaning, this happens in winter.

Next, I show you another sign of winter
time when the Church heads to the
rocks to hide from God and the splendor
of his majesty when he rises to shake
the earth. Taken from close to my old
home in the high wilderness area, God
shows the woman Church of today
heading into the rocks wearing heavy
wool coat as I outlined in rock form, and
also wearing a Bun hairdo showing this
hairdo is for today and not down the
road of later on. God shows her as the
PIG head left of her human head looking
downward as to hell. She is seen in 2
Peter 2:20-22 adding the 2's equals "10"
sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7.  
Standing today where he does
not belong ... Matthew 24:15-16
then head for the Mountains!
Above the Pig Woman Church you can plainly see Satan wearing a wool stocking cap ... winter time!
Below this showing the woman ... the Church of today hiding in the rocks to hide from God wearing
a large winter coat! What is God telling us when he said in Matthew 24:20 in the days of 24:20 = "44"
equals black Obama "44" with his head in a corner seeing nothing as most people today which
includes the sleeping Churches also see nothing and it will spring upon the sleeping Church
people like labor pains coming upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape seen in 1
Thessalonian 5:1-3. The first Apostle Paul was preaching this message to the
Awake Church and
now 2000 years and "42" generations later, God's second and last Apostle Paul is speaking this
message to the
SLEEPING CHURCH. We see this again in Matthew 1:17.  

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