Here's Looking At You
This looks like a dish of Ice cream with two dark eyes looking
at you but with a fire topping! Left of the dish of ice cream is
another picture of another nuclear bomb going off as both are
real. I will turn the far left nuclear bomb going off to show you
what God has shown me!

The goat Church of today are seen lower left soon to be
blown up into the air by nuclear Bombs. Notice the long horn
of the Goat Church going up into the atmosphere and its head
looking to the right of Beast Donald J. Lying Trump that they
put into power, the Republican Party now fighting the
Democrats in Washington DC trying to impeach Trump today.

You can see the white head of this white bald Eagle Trump
nation in signs and symbols and his golden beak looking to
the right. Under his golden beak you can see
white skulls
soon to appear across this nation and world.
You can see above the soon coming dead
heads of the people, the white head of this
white bald eagle nation ... bald white headed
Trump who has his hair worked on by Trumps

Below the white dead head Dog-Pig-Goat
Church soon to fly up into the air, you can
see the white mouth of the Dragon Satan who
speaks to Donald Trump the upper side ... his
little god Satan who is running the show
today without a shadow of a doubt that God is
allowing to happen because of what the once
Fish Church now a
GOAT Church has done to

Below left shows the fire coming upon the
man left in the image of a fire goat. You can see in the fire
the two horns of the Goat Church and below this you can
see its forehead and below this you can see its mouth with a
Goat-T-Beard. This is the picture of what is now coming!

Below this goat man Church on fire, is another sign and
Open Vision from Almighty God from one of his fiery
volcano's showing this Goat Church of today who put beast
Trump into power on the left talking to beast Trump who
claims to be a good Christian coming out from the Abyss
with his red pants on fire and has with him the huge black
Satan on the right. You can see his huge white eye.
Above white headed Trump with a black
microphone in his white head, is the skull of
the beast looking at you as he is the head of
the beast, Satan today who is also seen below
right of red pants burning Trump!

Jesus said, the Goats will be on the left
meaning Judgment and my sheep will be on
my right meaning mercy! Here we see the
Goats on the left very soon to go up in flames
of fire! Jesus also said about this goat Church
"I will burn off all the Hay, Wood and Stubble
... she will be saved but
ONLY as one escaping
through the flames of fire

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig