Here Comes The Punch 3 Beasts
The 144,000 Butterfly Church of Rev. 14:1-5
soon flies away to heaven with Almighty God.
Notice woman
in left wing of
Church soon
to fly away with
This punch
comes from
God Almighty
shown in
cloud form
The "3" Headed Beast
These three
headed  2
horned fire
beasts come out
from the Church
of today per the
NT witnesses
2000 year ago the Church said, the Anti-Christ is
already in the Church and now they are coming
out ... Bill Clinton 42 ... George W. Bush 43 and
Donald J. Trump 45! Add these 3 beasts
together and we see "22." Number "22" means
the end, the last chapter of the Holy Bible and
also God's last day Prophet born on Leo the
Lion month of August "22" and year
"34" added
preaching today to the
"7" Churches who are
all headed down the drain of time. God is taking
out his butterfly, overcomer's of Rev. 14:1-5
soon, just before hell is opened up.
Weapon of Mass Destruction --- Trump
The New Testament tells us the anti-Christ beasts come out from the Church of the last days, for
he was already in the early Church! God shows this white headed Beast, Bill Clinton #42 from
Washington who received the head wound of Impeachment for lying to Congress that he had no
sexual relations with the Jewish Intern at the White house Monica. The House impeached Bill but
a short time later the Senate turned him loose and his head wound healed seen in Revelation
13:3. Below from one of God's volcano's, shows white hair Bill 42 laying sideways on top of Mtn.
Bill is looking to the right and his first
partner, Bush 43 in black is looking to the
left. Under Bill's head you can see him as
part of the horseman of the Apocalypse ...
notice the horses head under Bills head.
This bastard of Satan who calls himself a Christian, and his past Pastor from the Baptist Church
says both him and Hillary are good Christians, a lie from hell coming out from the sleeping, devil
filled Churches of today. You can see white haired Bill above left and above right, behind the
pulpits of the Church with his arms held out, I am your Pastor O' Churches of today. I am not the
beast this Prophet of God is telling you, I am a good man and will lead you down a good road while
I cut off your heads! Before I show you Bill cutting off the heads of the naked Church, let me show
you the numbers of these "3" beast men who came out from the sleeping Church seen in Isaiah
"66:6" that God is using to take out this disobedient Church of the last days seen in this passage

Clinton was born in year "46" ... Bush in "46" and Trump in "46" ... equals "
666." Trump was
born month "6" ... Bush month "7" ... Clinton month "8" ... now we see
"6-7-8." You say, so what?
We go into God's numbering system again to Revelation
"6:7-8" to see these "3" beast men as
"PALE RIDERS OF DEATH" and Clinton leading the show from the gone mad Churches of today!
A few years ago one Sunday Morning the news showed this on TV
of Bill Clinton and his seven foot tall bronze image that Kosavo
make of President Clinton with Clinton standing beside his image
also waving at you, as this picture fulfills the passage in Rev. 13:14
of this first head of Beast, Bill Clinton.

Below this statue of the beast Bill the beast of this statue seen in
Revelation 13:14 ... we see his golden head hair looking to the
right with number "19" circled in front of his chest. Bill was born
on Leo the lion month owf August "19." The picture right of this is
the same picture only of the full picture showing Bill over the
Church who has her head today on the chopping block ... this very
naked, red headed scarlet Church seen in Revelation 17:1-8 who
has messed up the true saints of God and messed up the entire
world. Verse "8" tells us this beast who once was, now is not and
yet is coming ... this Bill Clinton. It goes on to say, when this beast
comes back the people who will be surprised ... their names have
not been written in the Lambs book of life. Is this you?
Bill and Paul are
seen in Isaiah 2 ...
2 men in verses
"19" and "22." This
passage speaks of
two men both
lions. I am the Lion
of God today and
Bill is the little
Lion of Satan who
used to be
governor of Little
Rock Ark ...ansas.
God is showing signs all over the place but the sleeping Church of today see nothing! God is
using Clinton to cut off the headship of Satan over his Church. The passage in Isaiah 2:19-22
shows this Church of today soon to be heading to the rocks and holes in the ground from the
dread of the Lord and the spendor of his Majestry when he rises to shake the earth as seen below.
Far left you can see the head of a pig
looking down as this touches on 2 Peter
2:20-22 the pig and dog Churches of today
going down. I outlined the woman Church
wearing a bun hairdo turning her head
around looking at you and wearing a winter
coat as she walks into the rocks spoken
about in Isaiah
2:19-22.  We add 2 + 1 + 9 + 2
+ 2 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington
 Jess said in Matthew 24:20 to pray that
your flight out from the city does not
happen in winter! Why winter? Winter is the
hardest time to move!

The first two heads of the beast soon
comes against the sleeping, whorehouse
Churches of foday even if they hide from
God, as God says in Amos 9:1 ... where
would you hide from me. If you go to the
bottom of the sea, I will send my serpant to
bit you. If you go to the heavens I will bring
you down ... where would you hide from

These two pictures left is one Open Vision
from God which I cut into two pictures to
show you the two headed Lion Beast, Bill
Clinton on the top as this storm some time
ago was named Storm Bill. The top half
shows Bill 42 flying into the picture and the
bottom half shows George W. Bush 43 the
lamb of Satan coming in with iron teeth and
horns seen in Rev. 13:11-18
This passage states, he had horns like a Lamb but he spoke like a Dragon ... meaning Satan. He
exercised the first beast on his behalf and he came from the same land and having the same power,
both from the USA and both Presidents, B
ush followed Clinton. Bush caused FIRE to fall from
heaven in plain view of men! How did he do this? When Bush was the 43rd President who followed
Bill 42 seen above in strom Bill, he stood his war-ships off shore and
shot smart fiery missiles into
Iraq that the whole world saw on TV ...
fire falling from heaven in plain view of man.  

God is showing the sleeping ... dead Goat Church of today what lies ahead for them real soon! This
Goat Church of today are seen talking to the Beast who has the Skull of the Beast over his head as
he belongs to the secret society of the Skull & Bones of the NWO ... Illuminati seen below in a fiery
volcano from God Almighty.
Wake up O' Sleeping, Goat Churches
of today your at the end of your road
and God says it is finished. This
Open Vision left from God, does not
take a rocket scientist to
understand what God is telling
these Churches of today who they
are and what is soon to happen to
them becasue of their disobedience
to him over the last few years on

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig