Helsinki - BS - It All Goes Down
One of the biggest liars of all times seen heading this message, takes
this Goat Head Nation of Babylon down never to rise again also seen
in Jeremiah
51:25. God takes her down also seen in Helsinki ... she
sinks into hell. You can see this old Indian nation now dancing in
front of the coming in fire, and the rainbow of God over this huge
ship above going down, is now on its way down in sea of time never
to rise again per Jeremiah
51:25! We are at the end of the 5 + 1 =
"6"th millennium, the Church of Matthew "25" added = "7" equals
"67" at the end of the "6"th millennium and the beginning of the
"7"th millennium of God, his 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Today God is showing the days of the end of this Church gone mad,
his rainbow has turned into an old Indian war bow. This war bow is
seen right of the rain
-BOW seen as nuclear taking them away. Left
God shows in his cloud the picture of this Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-
22 with its Dog Mouth wide Open and the
Hammer and Sickle  of the
Communist ... Hammer right and Sickle left as you can plainly see,
both takes this ungodly nation down.
Guess Who This Is? Liar Beast ...
Left is the new missile that China has made to fight
against the USA as they prepare for war, showing
this nation where they are exercising war games in
the south China seas today.

God in no uncertain terms is showing this nation
she is about ready to spit fire from her mouth in
this huge black image of a soldier man with his
black arms sticking out and with their two bright
eyes wide open seeing what Trump and his pack
are up to! War coming in from the South, Mexico
and now war coming in from the North!  
We are living in Luke 21:20-22 without a shadow of a doubt! When you see Jer-USA-lem
surround by armies, look up for your redemption is drawing near! This is speaking to the 144,000
overcomer's from the Church who has overcome Satan today, seen in Revelation 14:1-5. These are
taken to the throne of Jesus Christ leaving the rest of the Church still sleeping, behind to be
purified by God's Fire, for God is a consuming fire!

Most of the world today know beast Trump is a gross liar in no uncertain terms! He has most of the
White ... Black house deceived and is causing commotion around the whole world. God is using this
beast president to take down his goat Church of today gone mad. This is seen in Isaiah "66:6"
showing God bringing in war in the cities and commotion in
the Temples, the Churches who has
become his enemies today without a shadow of a doubt.

Donald Trump was  born in year "4
6" ... and Clinton 42 and Bush 43 we also born in year "46." Now
we know who the three headed Lion Beast President men who goes against the Church are today!
God shows them also in the NT in Revelation
6:7-8. Here we see the three Pale Rides of DEATH
riding out with Hades, Hell following close behind. Trump was born the
"6"th month, Bush the "7"th
month and Clinton the
"8"th month ... Rev. 6:7-8. Now if my God is not the God of numbers who
shows who the
"3" headed lion beast is ... who is?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...