Heaven Was Silent - Rev. 8:1
"When he opened
the seventh seal,
there was silence
in heaven for
about half an
hour. "
8:1 ...
It was 18 to 19 years ago when God gave me this passage in Revelation 8:1 ... turned around is
"18." A prophet from South Carolina got one of my books speaking about the end of days as we
know them, and called and asked if he could call me back in
half an hour and put me on short-wave
and long-wave radio ... I said yes! He called me back half an hour later and the first thing he asked
me ...
"Who is the Beast?" I said, "Bill Clinton 42 from Washington!"

In the same breath I said to him, "Russia will nuclear bomb this nation!" Today  18-19 years later
... nuclear war is in the air!  We talked for
half an hour and hung up the phone when I picked up my
Bible as I do when something major takes place, and it  
Opened Up to Revelation "8:1" ... Heaven
was listening when I spoke to the world for
half an hour telling them then what is getting ready to
happen. Now
18-19 years later this is getting ready to happen ... Nuclear War with Russia and
, and foot war with China and other nations!

A few years ago there was a topical storm over this nation seen above on the right. I live in
Southern Oregon on the West Coast side of second Jer-
USA-lem and this topical storm a few years
ago, shows Jesus Christ on the end of my Jesus
Trump-et ... the time of President Trump "45" ...
we add 4 + 5 =
"9" of Judgment over the state of Florida seen above. Florida is Trumps favorite
! We see on the end of my Jesus Trumpet, Jesus head hitting this Bald Eagle nation in its head
killing it
over the state of Florida.

You can plainly see yours truly over the West Coast blowing this Jesus
Trumpet and the head of
Jesus taking out this bald eagle nation over Florida! Far left is a picture God shows in cloud form,
over a freeway of "3" automobiles, coming to an end of their time on earth! These are the "3"
religions today,
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal. I remind you Florida is Trumps favorite state,
and in the stem of this mushroom nuclear cloud bomb going off soon, you can see the window is
now open for this to happen!

Notice in the open window God is showing today in cloud form, you can faintly see the word Church.
Right is a nuclear bomb going off that ties to God's nuclear storm on the left. Above I turned this
nuclear bomb sideways to show you what God is telling who are involved in these nuclear bombs
soon to go off. Notice above the sign of the Goat Church being blown up in the air and its head is
looking to the right. Right of its head is the head of
this bald eagle bird nation. Below this you can see
a White Skull looking at you. Below the dead Skull
you can see the head of Dragon Satan looking right
who is responsible for taking out this gone crazy
second Jer-
USA-lem nation and her Churches.

Left is a fiery volcano from God, showing this Goat
Church of today talking to the devil filled goat
Preachers of today. Notice their red pants referring
to them going to fiery hell. They call themselves
pure white talking on the phone with the White
Skull of the beast Satan over their heads.

The Die ... coming DEATH has been cast! Heaven was silent for about half an hour 18-19 years ago
while God's last day prophet spoke to the world about the first head of the beast Bill Clinton 42 and
the coming nuclear war now in the process of happening. Trump is looking to the south and the kids
coming into this nation as he has closed down the White House while the armies are coming in from
the North to destroy second Jer-
USA-lem and will very well succeed per God Almighty!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...