Head to Rocks & Holes in Ground
The third "666" ... "45" Pistol Trump man is
setting the table for what you see on the
left. This table covered with vomit and not
one spot is without filth, is seen in Isaiah
28:8.  Apostle Paul states in Roman's
9:27-29 although the Israelites, this
includes the Churches today, be like the
sand by the seashore,
only the remnant
will be saved
! The Remnant means those
who fell away from this last day table
covered with vomit, will be saved, these
the 144,000 with Jesus' and the Father's
name written on their foreheads! These are
not Jews as the Churches of today claim,
as the Jews still have not accepted Jesus
as their Messiah so why would God put
Jesus' name on their foreheads? He
doesn't and he isn't! These are the only
ones God takes out seen also in Luke

Now read Isaiah 2:10-19 and you will see
these two Open Visions in rock form from
Almighty God soon to take place. You say,
I am not part of the Laodicean church, but
all the Churches of today have fallen, and all the Churches of today makes up the Laodicean
Church of the last days and must go into the
fire of purification! These two Open Visions are
in rock form from God and close to my home! This picture is very soon to take place here in
second Jer-
USA-lem, the land where the tables in the Churches are all covered with VOMIT ...
dog vomit of 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... and there is not one spot without filth!

With Strike on Syria, Trump Sends a Global Message:

The three men of the "666" ... Clinton 42 Bush 43 and Trump "45" were all born in year
6."  Trump was born month 6 ... Bush month 7 and Clinton month 8 and here we see
"6-7-8" that ties into the horsemen of the Apocalypse in Revelation "6:7-8." God is the God
of numbers not Satan that these Churches of today claim!
Trump "45" is the top GUN, (45
side arm in the military, and he is also seen as the BIG MOUTH TODAY! Revelation
6:7-8 shows the Pale Rider named DEATH with Hades, Hell following close behind which is
now on the horizon!

Kid-Kim of North Korea and Russia and China are friends with Syria that Trump bombed this
week, now what do you think is about to take place? Below, I will show you what God has
laid out about
KID-KIM wearing his KID cap backwards as many KIDS do with red fire on top
as he hits this Churchy nation on top of her head that begins to take her down along
with the other two Communist
nations, Russia and China. Notice
this message coming out from the
Red Bible also the one I read from
today, shows these Communist
nations taking down second Jer-
USA-lem who has fallen away from
GRACE. Notice the Communists
large black eye and their sign of their
Hammer and Sickle now over the top
of this Churchy nations head! Below
this in cloud form, God is confirming
this message showing the Dog
Church of this nation with the
Hammer in its mouth ... this is real as God made this
conformation in his cloud.

The Open Vision below the Dog Church and the
hammer  soon to be hit over their heads by nuclear
bombs, God made in cloud form over Florida not long
ago, showing the window for this is now open to take
place! Notice the Mushroom cloud bomb and the stem
showing the window is open, now ready to take place!  

To confirm this fact my large black clock on the wall
stopped working several days ago and I couldn't get it
back to running so I took it off the wall and replaced it
with another clock I haven't been using for some time,
a red clock with two hearts attached. This clock now
replaces the old one that stopped. Now do you want to
hear what God told me about this sign seen in Joel 2
and Acts 2 that signs would appear in the heavens
above and on the earth below before the return of
Jesus Christ?  

Time has run out! Now it is time for the two hearts of
God and his overcoming Church to get together, the
heart of God with his 144,000 who has overcome Satan
to date leaving the rest behind to be purified by
nuclear fire! God is the "3"rd Adam ... Atom that he
made his creation from Atoms. If you go to hell you will
be with God for eternity in his hot punishing fire! Now if
you go to heaven you will be in his awesome warm fire
for Eternity! Amos 9 says,
"Where will you hide
from me
?" If you go to the bottom of the sea, I will
sent my serpent to bite you and if you go to the
heavens above I will also bring you down! Where
would you hide from me?

Left is your lot today if you are not part of the 144,000
that God takes out soon and suddenly! This is also seen in Luke 21:34-36 and the trap that is
soon to shut down on the sleeping, Dog, Pig Church of today of 2 Peter 2:20-22. Notice the
second open Vision above, shows the head of the Pig Church pointed downward to hell, left
of the woman heading into the rocks. Peter said, the pigs have returned to their wallowing in
the mud and the
dogs have returned to their own vomit, as also seen in Isaiah 28:8
and today there in not one spot without filth for the dogs have returned to their own vomit!
Very close to the two top Open
Visions, is this one on the left
Bully Trump with the
Church today in
male form,
circumcised only in the flesh and
not the heart
, with their arms in the
air showing "V"irgins, are
worshipping Trump who they put
into power. This is the trap Jesus
speaks about in
Luke 21:34-36.
Now notice what Trump is doing
today, bringing in the soldiers of
North Korea, Russia and China
seen on the right of this clam trap.
People will be saying, "This is a good thing Trump is doing because Syria is in wrong."
Maybe so, but God has allowed this to happen that brings in the very end of days, and
brings back into power the other two heads of the
Beast, Clinton 42 and Bush 43. They are
seen in Revelation 17:8 ...
"The beast that once was, now is not, and yet is coming."
Now hold on to your girdle for this same passage in verse 8 also says, "Those who will be
surprised when this happens, their names have not been written in the Lambs
book of life
." I told this to a friend of mine sometime ago and they said, "That can't be
!" I said it is true because this is what the Bible says! Today's Church knows not the

This means; if you are the true sheep of God's pasture,
you will hear his voice! If you are not
from his pasture then you are from Satan's pasture and will believe the lie! Satan has put his
throne above the stars of God and today rules over them, seen in Isaiah 14:14 ... added
refers to the
"10" very sleeping Virgins that are laying down on beast TRUMP "45" ... the
Gun now ready to start
WW III seen above in God's Clamshell trap seen in Luke 21:34. We
add 21 + 34 =
"55" ... the "5" wise and the "5" foolish virgins ready to go into wrath as seen
in Daniel
11:35 and Hebrews 11:35! NIV ...

Here we see 1 + 1 + 3 = "5" plus "5" equals "10" sleeping Virgins also seen in the NT witness
in Hebrews 11:35. These two passages speaks of the "10" sleeping Virgins still here when
the nuclear fire breaks out! Daniel 11:35 says, some of the
WISE will stumble so that they
may be
refined and made spotless until the time of the end!

Next, in the NT witness in Hebrews same numbers states, women receive back their dead
raised to life again, others refused to be released from torture so they might gain the better
resurrection! This means there are two resurrections, the first resurrection happens after the
42 months of wrath is over, these reign with Jesus for a thousand years! The second
resurrection happens after the thousand years is over, they are part of the Church not the
Bride, who missed her honeymoon with husband Jesus, they come back as wife who never
had a honeymoon!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Luke 23:29