Head Of Ring Of Fire In USA
This first image of the ring of fire around
the Pacific Ocean shows an insert
showing in white the head of a man and
coming to a point on top and also seen in
front of this face the forehead and nose
of a man referring to such. Above this
insert you can see the heaviest fire to
come, as Los Angeles are saying the big
earthquake is soon to hit this nation and
is also referred to in
Ezekiel 38:18-19 and
Revelation 11:11-14
. (Standing on feet)

The Open Vision above shows a man's
head and body coming out from the hot
water soon to be standing on his feet!
This touches on yours truly who is soon to be standing on his feet, coming out from his wheel-chair
and hospital bed due to having lost the use of my legs and feet to diabetes some
6-7 years ago.
Above God shows yours truly in the small county of
St. Paul Oregon close to the area I grew up as a
child until I was 19 years of age. I am looking at the Solar Eclipse going over my head in signs with my
mouth wide open and a
red ring around my eye, referring to the Red Ring of Fire west of my home
seen below. This also touches on the two bears of
Russia and China moving in over this PIG head
nation and Church of today who still swims with a fish tail the early Church swam with, the fishers of
men's souls but today are led by the PIG Headed Churches of 2 Peter 2:20-22.  
Compare this Ring of Fire head of Paul looking to the left
to the one above
, and you can see my face pointing to
the left in both Open Visions from Almighty God with the
area I live behind my head seen left.

Below my head seen in the Ring of Fire volcano area
around the Pacific Ocean, you can see my in-home care
lady, Pam, pushing me in my wheelchair. Notice her head
left of my head wearing dark glasses as she does in
sunny weather, and yours truly the center of this storm
riding in my wheel-chair blowing my trumpet downward
from heaven to the people below. You can see my head
looking ahead into the face of the people below also
wearing dark glasses. I didn't make this image, God did!

Below Pam pushing me in my wheelchair preaching to the
world today, are the two war bears of Russia and China
talking over taking down this second Jer-
nation. God is showing signs after signs yet the sleeping
Churches today see nothing as their god is Satan
showing them nothing until the
then it will be too late ... Matthew 25:6-7.

6. “At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom!
Come out to meet him!’
7. “Then all the virgins woke up and
trimmed their lamps."
Matthew 25:6-7 ...

This is when Jesus Comes back again at the darkest
hour. This is when the sleeping Church finally wakes up
and begins to repent! Taking God's awesome numbering
system a little farther down the road, we add Matthew
which also tied into two things; we add 2 + 5 = "7" and
"6-7" equals
"767." This ties into Daniel "7:6-7" and the
two Boeing airliner of
9/11/1 that took down the "3"
towers in NYC ... Babylon.
Now hang on to your hat while I put these numbers together with
this last day Babylonian nation. First, we see the first Babylon of
the "3" ... this number is God's top number "3" along with
numbers "67" as we come into the "7"th Millennium the 1000
year kingdom of Jesus Christ ruling...
"767." (Here we see "2"
bears ...  Russia and China in this passage of Daniel
7:6-7. This
also ties into Revelation 13:1-2 ... 1 + 3 + 1 + 2 =
"7." This beast
resembled a Leopard the largest part of the beast, the China
Bear with 200 million man army strong seen in Revelation 9:16. First we see the largest part, the
Leopard China with
Bears Feet ... Russia and China. This beast has the mouth of a LION ... the big
mouth of Billionaire Donald J. Trump 45 of the USA!

It was two Boeing
"767"s that took down the three towers in NYC, Babylon on 9/11/1. We see the
first Babylon to fall by God in Genesis
11:1-9. This "3"rd and last Babylon began to fall in the same
numbers but in reverse. The second Babylon was punishment for the Jews seen in Daniel
This is also seen in Jeremiah 51 verse 25 that God is about to do the same thing he did with Israel,
push her off the cleft and she will be no more, this Indian nation goes down seen below.
Daniel "7:7" begins with the little horn coming out and uprooting
the other horns and he becomes great. This horn is Bill Clinton 42
from Washington and number 42 means Rebellion as seen in
Matthew 1:17. The big horns today are Russia, China and big mouth
Donald Trump as the whole world knows. Revelation 17:8 states
the beast comes from this nation, the President who once was,
now is not and yet is coming, and the people who will be surprised
when this happens,
"Their names have not been written in the
Lambs book of life
... a must to read."
This long rock maybe 100 yards long sets about one mile from my home. I named this Rock Lion Rock
the head of the Lion on the left and his tail end on the right showing the face of this beast seen in
7:7.  Read this passage for the Bible states, he has IRON TEETH.  Above shows the right end
of this huge Lion Rock with the dragon setting on his upper lip and you can see his large teeth seen
in rock form.
One Sunday afternoon while heading home from
town, God plainly said to me,
"Go by Lion rock on
your way home
."  Left is what I saw and took a
picture over Lion Rock only to see the face of a
Lion cat in cloud form put there by Almighty God.

Below the face of a lion over lion rock close to my
home, shows number
"77" in cloud form that
touches on Daniel
7:7 a picture of this "77" cloud
over my home. Below this
"77" cloud also
appeared on this
Boeing Airliner that crashed on
landing in San Francisco showing
"7742" on the
wing.  God is tying this message into the number of the
beast, Bill Clinton 42 from Washington coming back into
power seen in Revelation 17:8. We add 1 + 7 + 8 =
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC! This is the beast
who once was, now is not and yet is coming! He claims
to be a good Christian along with his wife, Jezebel and
his past pastor said this about both of them ... They are
good Christians. The Beast comes out from the sleeping
Church today, as the NT states they come out from the
Church and not some sand trap around the world!
Satan's enemies is the Sleeping Church not a sand trap.
God also showed us Bill Clinton was another sign when he was
Governor of
Little Rock, Ark ... ansas. Clinton is the sign of LIttle
Rock Satan ... the little ark of Satan, not God.

To end this message I show you a naked woman's hind side standing
on Rock Jesus with her hand also on the rock, this refers to the
naked woman Churches of today who bow their knees to Satan who
they think is Jesus Christ.

Notice left of her knee is the little rock Satan who she bows her
knees to today while standing on Rock Jesus looking out over the
ocean waiting for the Ark of the Real God to come in after her naked

LUCK sleeping Churches today! LUCK means LUCIFER for their
LUCK. Noah's Ark is not going to show up for you until after
you go into the
hot fire of purification that Jesus spoke about. Jesus
"I will burn off all the Hay, Wood and Stubble from you, you will

There are "3" baptisms ... Water with Noah, the Holy Spirit with Jesus
and the Fire by Father God who is the baptism of Fire
. First Man
Adam ... second the Spirit of Jesus Christ the baptism of the Holy
Spirit ...
and lastly the Baptism of FIRE for God is a consuming FIRE
per the Holy Bible

There are "3" Adams ... Man ... Jesus ... and the Father. The third one
is for today as Father God created all things out of
... signs all over the place as Joel 2 from the OT and Acts 2 of the NT
both say, the same thing,
"That signs would appear in the heavens
above and on the earth below before the return of the Son of Man.

Number "67" is a top number of God. His Bible begins with "67" and
ends with
"67." God created man on the "6" day of a "7" day week.
He ended it in Revelation 22:21 ... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7" =
God began man on the beginning of years and is ending it
after "6" thousand years when he brings in his 1000 year
kingdom on earth the beginning of the "7" day ...
"6-7." Left is
yours truly at the age of
"67" born on Leo the Lion month of
"22" ... the end time chapter number of God's Holy
Bible and is seen last year when the Solar Eclipse went over
St. Paul, Oregon one day before my birthday showing 22:21
and means a new beginning, the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus
Christ just after man's number
"6" is up and we go into the
"7"th day of the week, "67." Left we see my old 2000 GMC
and the license plate number ...
XYJ-892.  Leo from Leo's
Camera shop in downtown Klamath Falls took this picture of
God's Leo the Lion end time prophet ... I was
"67" years of
age. One week before I received my new license plate for my
used 2000 GMC, meaning God's Moving Church, I wrote a
News letter titled,
"Crossing Yahweh's Jordan 144,000."
The Lord began to show me what my new licence plate meant when I reaches the "22" mile marker
on highway 140 east when I was ready to turn to go over Squaw Flats road, the sign of this old Indian
nation. Here is the meaning of my old GMC ... God's Moving Church and the license plate reveals the
X refers to Crossing ... Y refers to Yahweh ... J refers to Jordan! Next we come to the
numbers which equals
144,000 ... how could this be possible? We multiply 8 X 9 = 72 ... this vehicle is
a 2000 GMC ... the last number behind 9 is 2 and this GMC is a 2
000 added to 72 = 144,000 according
to God's numbering system. 8 X 9 = 72 times 2 = 144 now adding the 2 with the 000's we see 144,000.

Lastly we see these 144,000 are spoken about in Revelation 14:1-5 that God takes out soon and
suddenly to be with Jesus on his throne also seen in Luke 21:34-36. We are to pray that we may not
get caught in this trap today, but we are to pray that we may be able to escape all that is about to
happen and to pray that we may be
ABLE to stand before the Son of Man Jesus Christ!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
of age