Head Of Dragon Bill 42 Tail 43
Comet 67P
shows two
heads & 4
legs as 2 men
Left is the comet "67P" which is the last of the pictures taken from this comet before the
spacecraft Rosetta crashed into it and had sent back this picture plus others. The name they had
given this comet,
"67P" refers to "2" past president men, the head Clinton 42 and the other
attached to him,
the tail Bush 43 ... added together is "67" and P refers to Presidents shown in
God's heavens by Almighty God.
Add 4 + 2 = "6" and 4 + 3 = "7" equals "67"P" for Presidents!

The Open Vision on the top far right is a long Red Rock about 300 yards long showing the two heads
of the
67P Comet that begins this message and ends with the Wolf-Dog preachers! Behind the two
heads of the Beast, Bill & Geo., is this shark seen behind them leaving dead Skull of the sleeping
Church. Over the head of the Skull in cloud form is the Elephant Bush who belongs to the Skull &
Bones secret society of the NWO. Below this in solid rock from from Almighty God, shows the
sleeping woman Churvh laying down in front of Elephant Burning Bush.
Notice the comet 67P
shows the head of the Lion, Bill Clinton 42 added is
"6" as you can see he is the head part of the
four legged Lion Beast that God tosses
the sleeping Christians into this Lions den!
soon takes out and makes Skull & Bones
out from the Sleeping Church that Geo.,
belongs to this NWO ... Illuminati secret
society of the
"Skull & Bones." Below the
Skull is the next picture of Red Dragon
Rock showing the sleeping Church with the
head of the Elephant laying down
sleeping Church ... soon to wake up.
The Open Vision below this sleeping Church riding
with the beast, is the head of the dog-wolf preachers
who have led the Church down to hell. Notice the
head of the sleeping Woman Church and
the head of
Geo. W. Bush, makes up the ears of the world listening
to their gross lies that will sent many to hell.  

Below these wolf-dog preachers is another huge rock
one mile from my home that I named about 25 years
Babylon Rock. Above the Open Bible you can see
the capital letters,
"JESUS" and the left side of the
below you can see the open mouth of the wolves
dragging behind them the
DEAD-HEAD Churches of

Below this large section of
JESUS over his Open Bible
with Wolves preaching out from it, is the full picture I
took of this side of Babylon Rock one mile from my
home. Right of the dead head Church being dragged
behind the lying, wolf preachers
preaching from God's
Holy Bible,
and a little higher, you can see the
abbreviated two letters,
IS for ISIS cutting off their
heads. God in signs is cutting off the headship of
Satan over his Church!

This ties into Amos 9 ... when David
, who typifies
Jesus, walked down to the creek and picked up 5
smooth stones (The sign of Jesus' 5 wounds he
suffered dying on the cross for our sins
) he then
walked up and using on
e of the stones, sunk it into
the head of Goliath, today meaning Satan and killed
him. He then walked up to this giant,
today Satan,
pulled out the giants
own sword using it to kill this
giant, as God is doing today in signs using
IS short for
to cut off the headship of Satan over his people.
Today this Church is under the headship of the devil
and they do not even suspect

I didn't make these Open Visions, God made them and
he made them to where you can see them plainly.
God burned this all out in
solid rock just like he
burned out the 10
Commandments for the
first Moses as well. Rev.
1:19 says, what was before
will be again, and what was
before will be again.
Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 says
the same thing ... two 911's
turned around, for I work
for a God of numbers!
Left, after the word, Politics, is the
image above
, and below this word, as
pointed out, is the soon dead eagle of
this nation! Left of this is the cross of
Jesus Christ also laying on the ground
from the sleeping Churches of today,
as they have
re-crucified Jesus Christ
all over again seen in Revelation 11:8
Figuratively speaking where they also
crucified Jesus all over again, this time
by the Gentile Church ... meaning seen
here in signs. The sign here is Jesus
Cross laying on the ground along with a
soon to be dead bald eagle, the sign of
the eagle bird dead over this nation.

Left is
a tropical storm a few years ago
over this nation
on election day. Yours
truly is
seen here by God blowing this
trumpet today from the West
Coast, notice below the word PAUL ...
and this trumpet is Jesus! Notice
Jesus' head on the end of my trumpet I
blow today
and hitting this eagle bird
nation in its head killing it
! This is
seen over the state of Florida where
"3" hurricanes hit this fall showing it is
the end
... as in the days of Noah, water.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
wold Evangelist - Apotle Prophet Paul
The Tail is Geo 433
First Head  
Bill 42
Republican Elephant Bush 43 attached