Head Of 666 - Bill Comes In
There is one seat left open at the World Bank and they say it
is seat number
"666." Left is a picture of the woman,
meaning the woman Church of today riding the beast in
front of the World Bank that Bill Clinton number
"42" from
Washington is now being processed to set in.

Below God confirms this message from his Hubble space
telescope showing this
Red Headed Scarlet Woman Church
of the last days riding the beast
... Bill Clinton number "42"
as seen over the top of this Red Headed woman Church in
the black frame that shows M42 which
Man or Mouse 42 ... Bill Clinton
. You can see this red headed
woman Church riding the horse ...
beast Clinton 42 ... side saddle
looking at you. Right of her head you
can see the head of a baby also
looking at you as this Red Headed,
Scarlet woman Church of today has
never grown up to maturity for she is
still a baby
, seen in Hebrews 5:11-14
and Zechariah 5:5-11.

Below, God also confirms this in his
fiery volcano showing this naked butt
Church riding the beast presidents of
this gone down the drain nation. You
can see the fiery red of the nuclear
bombs going off right of her butt.
You can see her naked fanny setting on the white hat of
the President. You can see under his hat his forehead,
eyes, nose and open mouth as he stands on his front two
feet and sets down on his hind legs looking at you with
his short tail sticking out.

God is a God of miracles to say the very least! The
preacher at the
Southern Baptist Church says Bill and
Hillary are good Christians. This is what the Scarlet
Churches of today say, as they are seen in Revelation
17:1-7 ... saying this last day Church has messed up the
entire world and have killed the saints that old John who
wrote the book of Revelations could hardly believe
would happen to this last day Church.

Bill Clinton 42 is also seen in the next verse "8" of Rev.
17:8. We use God's awesome numbering system ... 1 + 7 +
8 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This
passage states,
"This beast that once was, now is not and
yet is coming ... those who will be surprised when he is
revealed, their names have not been written in the Lambs
book of life.
Two past presidents and the last setting one, Pimp Donald Trump ... makes up the "666" of Isaiah
" and Revelation 13:18. How do we know this for proof positive? God is a God of numbers as
he wrote his Bible in numbers also our calendars and clocks as well. Trump ... Bush and Clinton were
all born in year "4
6" ... "666." Trump was born month "6" ... Bush in month "7" ... Clinton month
"8" ... now we see "6-7-8." You say, "So What!" God shows these "3" beast men are all riding the
PALE HORSEMAN OF DEATH seen in Revelation "6:7-8." This happens at the end of days, and
Hades, Hell follows close behind!

All the beasts, all three of them come out from the sleeping Churches at the end of days, today. The
early Church spoke about this that the anti-Christ beast would come out from among them, referring
to the Church then, and coming out today from this same Church that has gone to pot today!
Left you can see this scarlet, red headed
woman Church from the 50th state of this
nation tying in the "50" states of this pot
driven nation today, sliding down the
mountain of God into the sea of time and
will be no more. The man on the right is
also seen part of them with his legs
spread apart, upside down, you can see
the large letter "V" for Virgins of Matthew
25:6-7. We add 25 ... 2 +  = "7" Churches.
We multiply 6 X 7 =
"42" the number of the
first beast, Bill Clinton
Now I wonder who created his numbering system like this if not Almighty God? Numbers runs the
entire creation of God and are not created by Satan as the Churches of the last days claim. God has
numbered the very hairs of our heads, why? He is showing he is the God of numbers and not Satan!
All Satan can do is copy God! We are told in Isaiah 14:13-14 that he said he would put his throne
above the stars of God which he has done. The stars are the saints and not God's angels the
sleeping Churches claim today.

There are "3" heavens not just one! Apostle Paul was taken to the "3"rd heaven and was told by God
not to reveal what he saw. Satan was cast out of the first heaven eons ago and he resides in the
second heaven over the first heaven, the saints. Below God confirms this from his Hubble telescope
seen left, of the man on top as also seen in 1
Timothy 2:8-15 and the woman under him
looking to the right and not to preach or
teach man, for woman was the first to be
deceived ... Eve and the Serpent.

God is using the image of the woman for the
Church today and also using the man as well
who has gone down the drain of time and
soon to be no more as seen below. This old
bird Church of second Jer-
USA-lem, and her
sign and symbol is the bald Eagle Bird going
down the drain.

Left, below the stars in the first heaven, is an
image of this bald eagle nation going down
the drain as the Lord shows from this beach
scene. You can also see her coming down
from God's tall mountain above, flowing down
the drain of time while the man has his legs
spread apart showing the
"V for Virgins."
Show and Tell ... this is the sign of God's last day Moses Ministry
as all can plainly see! They say a picture is worth a thousand words
and so it is!
Wake Up O' Sleeping Church ... your days are now
at an end

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...