Hawaii Touches On Nuclear War
Hawaii the 50th state of this second Jer-USA-lem 50
State Nation as number
"50" refers to a new
beginning as this old second Jer-
USA-em goes down.
It was
"50" years ago when I visited Hawaii ... and next
week my in-home care lady Pam flies to Hawaii for a
week ...
"7" days. I was "50" years old when I came
back to the Lord ... as
"50" meaning a New Beginning.
Left is a volcano in Hawaii showing What?

This touches on Nuclear war and Donald Trump who is
today before the House and Senate with impeachment
hearings coming against him that touches on the
coming in
Nuclear War with Russia. When Truman the
33rd president dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan
in year
"45" ... touches on Trump the "45"th
President causing it to happen soon over Second
USA-lem the second House of God Gone Bananas!
In 19
45 the skin fell off the bodies of the people below
and left shows this same thing coming from Hawaii.
This was a fiery volcano that happened in Hawaii some time ago showing Nuclear is on the way!
Notice above the Dog on the other side of the Woman Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 and the Dog
Leash is still attached to the meat hand falling off the Dog Woman Churches arm. You can see her
white bone and the man seen on the left side of her has lost all the skin off his body! God is holding
this Dog Woman Church over the Lake of Fire ... the hot nuclear bombs soon to go off. Below under
the Lake of Fire you can see the head of a man in hell who would not repent before he died.

My in home care lady leaving for Hawaii Monday morning is
56 years of age added is "11." Number
"11" is also the number of Jesus Christ who is the head of the Church and has "11" letters in his
This is a sign from God! What is most important about this number "50?" This number "50"
ties into the end in no uncertain terms, as God is the God of Numbers and Numbers controls God's
entire creation as God said he numbered the very hairs on our heads and named all the stars in his
heavens! Now I will show you number
50 began the Holy Bible and number "50" ends the Holy Bible!

In the days of the Jews every
"50" years there was a Jubilee when all debts were paid. We have
been on God's earth created on the
"6"th day of a "7" day week seen in Genesis 1:27. We add 1 + 2
+ 7 =
10 tribes of Israel and 10 sleeping Virgin Church. In Genesis 1 + 2 = "3" types of people, Adam,
Jews and Gentiles! The last number
"7" ties today to the "7" Churches!

Today we have been on God's earth for "6" thousand years going into his Sabbath day, the "7"th
day of the 1000 year kingdom of his Son Jesus Christ ... numbers
"6-7." Now we multiply "50" years
for a Jubilee times 120 ...
50 X 120 and we see 6000 years when all debts are paid, and this is the
120th golden Jubilee Kingdom of Almighty God coming in

We go to Revelation 14 and we see in verses "6-7" at the Hour of Judgment ... meaning today, this
message is being preach by this end time Ministry from my
third and final, flying in mid-air Angel
website seen here in Revelation 14.
I was born on Leo the Lion month of August "22" and 22 means
the end and also seen in the last chapter of Gods Holy Bible, Revelation
"22." I was born "6" of "7"
children in a preachers home! Today we are leaving the "6"th Millennium and going into the "7"th
Millennium ...

Using God's awesome numbering system again we take 6 X 7 = "42" and this number refers to
Rebellion as seen in Matthew
1:17. Here we read from Abraham to Jesus was 2000 years and now
you can count the Generations as they are listed as
"42." What happened at the end of the 2000
years and "42" generations with the Jews and Jesus
? The Jews crucified Jesus and now today
another 2000 years has passed and another
"42" generations has past and the Church has done
the same thing the Jews did and is seen in Revelation
11:8 and seen here as ... "Figuratively
." (We add 1 + 1 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins doing the same thing the "10" tribes of Israel,
the Jews did to Jesus ... this time ...
"Figuratively Speaking" as this passage states!

Both the Jews and the Gentiles did the same thing to God's Jesus! Out of Ten Tribes and out of Ten
Apostles we see a devil mixed in with them! The Jews had a devil mixed in, the Tribe of
"Dan!" The
Gentiles had a devil mixed in with them ...
"Judas." Dan was seen as a serpent beside the road
who strikes the horses heals so the rider falls backwards. Judas was the devil who stole money and
later went out and committed suicide! Israel fell backwards and the Church of the last days
are rich
like Judas who stole from God and are now hanging themselves
! Go into my message titled ,..  
Jesus Cross Nation Blown Away  ... by clicking on the left side of your mouse to see this awesome
message from Almighty God.

Also read my awesome message ...
Trump Rides Nuclear Bomb  ... as today the Pot is hitting the fan
in Washington DC and nuclear war is about to take down this
Eagle Bird Nation in Nuclear War.
Below God shows this Eagle Bird nation crashing when I was driving my GMC ... God's Moving
Church into Klamath, soon to Fall USA and I took this Open Vision showing this sign seen below. I
put the writing on this picture from my Adobe Photo section of my computer many years ago that ties
into today in the Impeachment happening today in the White House and Senate!
Far right upper and lower are the same picture
only the top one I enlarged from a tropical storm
over the nation on election day a few years ago.
God shows his West One end time Prophet yours
truly, blowing my Jesus Trumpet over the West
Coast, God's West One Prophet and going over
this nation to the East Coast hitting this Bald Eagle
Nation in its head killing it seen over the State of
Florida the favorite State of Beast Donald J.
Trump! You can see the face of Jesus in this cloud
picture God shows of his Jesus looking down and
this is now ready to happen!

Below the State of Florida God shows in cloud
form the image of a Mushroom Cloud going off.
Here we see the window for this to happen is now open! In
the window God shows in white cloud form the word ....
"Church." Under Church you can see "3" automobiles
touching on the last day "3" main religions ...
Catholic ...
Protestant and Pentecostal Churches which also includes
the ... "Seven Day Adventists and the Jehovah Witnesses
for God is telling them all ...
"Your days have come to an
end and will be no more
Left in cloud form
God shows his face
beside the face of
his last day Prophet
... "P" for Paul right
of his face as you
can see the "P."
Who makes the clouds if not God Almighty? You can faintly
see my Face in the large Capital letter
"P" right of God's face
giving you the true message today at the Hour of Judgment!  

Left you can see the image of Father God and his last day
Prophet over the trees. Below this is a picture of God's last
day true Prophet with the Trees, referring to the Church
behind him that I am trying hard to
Wake Up, its Midnight!
Where is this spoken about if not in Matthew 25:6-7? We add 2 + 5 =
"7" Churches and verses "6-7" of God's last day Prophet born in a
preachers home
"6" of "7" Children and year "34" added is "7." Lastly
we see Matthew
25:6-7 added is "767" the two Boeing "767" airliners
that took down the
"3" towers in NYC Babylon on 9/11/1 ... the "3"
Churches of today, the "3" number "1"s and the first two towers looked
like the number
"11" as Jesus Christ has "11" letters in his name!
These two tall towers looked like the number
"11" of Jesus Christ were
110 stores tall and the "3rd" tower to fall was number "7" ... the "7"
Churches!  God, is the God of numbers not Satan! God shows the truth
in numbers, as numbers do not lie only Satan and man lie! Hebrews
3:34! I preach this today to the  ... 3 + 3 + 4 = "10" sleeping Virgins!

God's Elisha Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
... Malachi 4:4-5-6 ...