Hand Writing On Wall
Above the word Rock you can see the Oval office of the
White House here in second Jer-
USA-lem Babylon
today!  Right of the word, Politics you can see the Open
Bible of Jesus CHRIST over his Open Bible showing the
wolf preachers of today preaching and dragging behind
them a
DEAD HEAD CHURCH. I named this huge rock
Babylon rock some 25 years ago that stood close to my
home in the high wilderness area 43 hundred feet in
elevation where I lived for 28 years with God showing
me these rocks he burned out with his fire finger, a large area of volcano's. This shows the Church
of today gone bananas and the Cross of Jesus Christ is laying on the ground and the Eagle of this
nation soon dies!

Looking below the dead eagle and under the letter "E" you can see a green bush looking to the
left, the head of the Bear Russia who soon bombs this last day second Jer-
USA-lem nation who
has gone to POT. The hand writing of God burned out in solid Rock seen above is real and is not far
from happening!  Below is a larger picture of Jesus in the center and the wolf preachers
dragging behind them the Church
of today! Hold on to your hat for
right of the dead head Churches,
about one inch and above their
dead heads, is the short two
"I.S" short for ISIS the top
news today of where Donald
Trump just pulled his army out
from saying the war is over and
we won this
ISIS army that God is
showing in rock form it's not over.
Quote: Troops to immediately withdraw from Syria as Trump declares victory
over ISIS
.      Unquote!

Here we see something made by God's fire finger showing in short ... I.S for ISIS ...this is not true
what Beast President Donald Trump is telling the world today that this war with them is over which
really just beginning and will end up here in second Jer-USA-lem!

Quote:  Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and other top military officials tried to discourage
Trump from ordering the withdrawal, saying it was a bad idea and would risk ceding control
of Syria to Iran and Russia or give the Islamic State a chance to regroup, according to the
New York Times.  

Who is in control of everything? My God is! He burned out in solid rock form with his fire finger,
showing the dead head of the Church that the wolf preachers of today are dragging behind them,
God is using in signs this
ISIS to cut off the headship of Satan over his people! The wolf-dog
preachers of today who has led the sleeping Church down the road to hell  ... are soon to be no

Revelation 18:1-3 says: "Fallen ... Fallen is Babylon the Great! Jesus wrote Fallen, Fallen twice
Fallen is her Politices and Fallen is her Churches as these two things makes up the
nations on earth! Jesus said, Fallen twice meaning both her Politics and her Churches has fallen to
Satan. The next two verses
"4-5" referring to Donald Trump "45" from Washington, God is telling
them to come out from her, meaning her Politics and her Churches for both are under the control
of Satan today. God says, come out from her if you want to live! Meaning come out from her gone to
pot Churches, and come out from her Politics as well, they both are driven by Satan and he will take
you to hell with him if you don't leave them both!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...