Hammer & Sickle - Attack!
God is showing the
Hammer and Sickle in the
fiers burning in the USA
today seen left. Notice the
Hammer on the right and
the sickle on the left as
also seen on the right in
cloud form by Almighty
God seen in the Dogs
mouth of the Church in 2
Peter 2:20-22. Next
, we
see the fire on the left
showing the capital letter
G for Gerig, God's last day
Prophet that also makes
up the Sickle of WW III.
Above also shows this ministry G for Gerig. You can my face going
to the left with this horrible fire message not many want to believe.
You can see below the large letter "G" my mouth wide Open with my tongue sticking out
proclaiming the truth and signs from God what is now before the eyes of this nation and world.
The Hammer and Sickle as most know, is the sign of Communism of Russia and China and others
who are part of th
at system.  Gerig speaks the coming awful truth as God is showing in this fire
burning in the USA. This fire burning is only the sign of what is just around the corner of poision
nuclear fire seen coming from the Russian bear ... Putin
and seen in Revelation 8.

Russia is seen in Revelation 8 that ties into the poison star
Wormwood ... the nuclear power plant
Chernobyl  that melted down some years ago in Russia poisoning many people. This is what is
soon to happen in this nation and world soon when WW III begins.
"Wake Up O" Sleeping
," your days are now at hand. I wrote this Book titled above, and published it in 1991 ... 19
chapters and over 300 hundred pages. I also spoke about this on longwave and shortwave radio
in the year 2000 from South Carolina, telling the world who the coming president beast is, Bill
Clinton 42 and that Russia would nuclear bomb this nation.

Now the Lord is showing this Gerig, prophetic Ministry in fire form speaking out that Russia and
China are soon to attack this bald eagle nation that has gone down the drain of time as God is
showing below on his sandy beach.  God says, I am flushing her down into the pit of hell.
USA Bald Eagle
Nation goes down.
This Bald Eagle nation has no covering from God Almighty for she is
balder than a billiard ball! She is seen as the "3"rd Babylon ... and
seen as the Mystery Babylon the Great in Revelation 17:1-8 the place
the beast who once was, (Bill Clinton 42)  now is not but yet is coming.
This passage also states, those people whose names are not written
in the Lambs book of life
, will be surprised when he is revealed soon
and suddenly now being put together as head of the Wolrd Bank.

If you are still here after this beast comes into power after war begins
with Russia and China, to eat and etc., you must first take his mark,
the mark of the beast ... Bill Clinton number "42" which means
rebellion. Where did Bill Clinton come out from? How about the
"Southern Baptist Church!" The NT of the Bible says, the anti-Christ
beast was already in the early Church and now this is where he  
comes out from today. Who knows the Bible from this last day Church? Hardly no one!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...