Hair-BUN-Church Heads Out
This does not mean only the
Church are wearing Hair-Buns but
in the days when Hair-Buns is
popular which is today, the
heads to the Hills
for the Coffee Pot is
now Boiling
! This is a huge rock
that was close to my old home in
the hills of klamath County,
Oregon where I had lived for 28
years before moving into Klamath
Falls where I live today! Klamath is
soon to
FALL USA Oregon that is
now in the process of happening!
Hurricane Dorian Blew down the
Bahamas and now hitting second
USA-lem as God Almighty
means business!
It was 1985 when I was Ordained into the
Prophet Jeremiah's Ministry one day after my
mother passed away and went to the Lord in
heaven. The first and the last numbers of 1985
is "1 and 5" put together is "15" or seen in
Jeremiah "1" verses "5" equals
"15." Isaiah
2:19 added is "12" Apostle Pig Church of 2
Peter 2:20-22 adding the 2's as 2's equals
"12" Apostle Virgin Pig Churches
heading into the cracks in the rock and hole in
the ground to hide from the dread of the Lord
and the splendor of his Majesty when he rises
to shake the earth which is now happening!
I took this top Open Vision picture with my good telescope Cannon Camera and put the photo into my
Adobe Photo section of my Computer and all I did was outline the woman Church heading into the
rocks wearing the famous hair-do
hairbun of today turning her head around looking at you and also
wearing a heavy winter coat suggesting this happens in winter. Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 added
"44" ... Pray that your flight moving out from the cities does not happen in winter the worst time to
move. The Open Vision above showing the boiling
Coffee Pot of Hills Brothers ... head for the Hills
for today the Boiling Coffee Pot of Hills Brothers seen above, shows black Obama "44"
with his
black head stuck in the corner seeing nothing ... the only black president of this second
USA-lem nation!

The golden
rich billionaire President Trump is seen here smoking a pipe over this Boiling Hills
Brother coffee pot with his beast Pony-tail hair-do sticking in Black Obama's beast
ly tail hair-do as
both are beasts!
Black tail of Obama sticking into Golden Trump smoking a Golden nuclear Pipe
shows Nuclear war with Putin of Russia
soon begins yet blind Black Obama "44" sees nothing!

We move to the top Open Vision showing the
Pig Money Church of today are looking down to hell as
they think Satan is Jesus but is the devil himself. We see the legs of the lions coming down wearing
the old German Swastika and going after the Church who are now ready to hide from God in the rocks
of Isaiah
2:19-22. The first head of the "3" headed beast is Bill Clinton born on Leo the Lion month of
August "19" that ties into God's last day Jeremiah Prophet yours truly born on Leo the Lion month of
August "22." We add Isaiah 2 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 2 = "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC!

Next we add the other way of Isaiah 2 + 19 + 22 =
"43" and this number "43" shows the second head
of the
"3" headed Lion, Lying beast, George W. Bush "43" from George Washington. George W. Bush
43 claims to be a good Christian and he and his family belongs to the evil
secret society of Satan ...
"The Skull and Bones!" They are also tied into the other evil society of Satan ... "The Phoenix Bird"
that in signs from these evil, devil filled people refers to this nation a little over
"500" years old
dying and coming back to life and reigning from here on out with Satan! (The Phoenix Bird in their
devil filled minds lives for 500 years
, dies and comes back to life ... today second Jer-USA-lem who
has sold out to the devil)
Obama 44
Above Prophet Paul Jeremiah's Boiling Coffee Pot
Left was a large rock close to my old home in the high
desert area where I had lived for 28 years. I took this
picture and put it into my Adobe Photo section of my
computer and outlined Hillary who ran for President and
lost Opening the door for Beast Donald J. Trump 45. I
outlined Hillary waving her hand and arm at you seen in
white. Look closely and you can see the bears of Russia
and China sleeping at the time.

Below the nose of the bears with there eyelids closed,
you can see the capital letter
"C" for Clinton as I fished
Clinton's name ...
linton! Right of Hillary in light golden
form is Golden rich Trump who brings in the Bears of
Russia and China
when they wake up!

Below this I point to Hillary, the white image in rock form
from Almighty God and below Clinton I put the line
around Bills nose and put his girl friend Monica on his
face and her other hand of the back of the White House
where Bill and Monica has sex that caused him to have
fatal wound to his headship that healed. The House
Impeached Bill ... the head wound of Revelation 13:3 that
healed and a little later the Senate turned him loose ...
Clinton's head wound unto death to his administration
was healed!

Below Monica with her one hand on Bills face and her
other hand on the back of the head of the old George
Washington White House
, is the Open Vision seen below.
This rock was so large I had to make two pictures of it.
Left of Hillary, Monica and Bill is the rock below showing
what is soon to take place!

We seen this nation gone gay as I pointed out below. We
see the
two war horses of Russia and China hitting the
gay forehead of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation gone to
POT. After this happens we see the
"3" headed Lion
Beast coming out from the mouth of old George!
Left of the 3 Lions, Bill ... George ... Trump
you can see the old
German Swastika of
old Hitler coming out from these
"3" lion
beast president men!

Below from the hot lava flowing out from
this nations
"50"th State of this Union,
God shows this old German Swastika of
Hitler in solid rock form now heading into
the end time situation today causing the
Pig Headed Woman Church in the days of
today, the days of the popular Hair-buns to
start heading to the rocks and holes in the
ground from the dread of God now getting
worse and worse as the days go by!
Close to this rock left showing Hitler and War upon the
sleeping Virgin Church where I added irgins to the capital
letter "V" that God put there, is another Open Vision from
Almighty God showing the black bird president, Donald J.
Trump setting in the drivers seat of this last day second
USA-lem nation heading it into the white hot nuclear
war with Russia and China!

We see this black bird Trump with his mouth wide open as
usual and blowing off the lower jaw of this black bird
nation and killing many people. Notice behind his head
roaring down the dusty road today in dust form, you can
see the head of dead people looking at you in black form.
Notice this grey dead
head looking at you its
two black eyes and black
noes and black mouth
trailing behind Beast
Trump as he roars down
the road today into
nuclear war!

God's Elijah Ring of
Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul
Gerig ...
Above Dead Head Trump
and Dead Head Church
headed into hot hell
White Hot Nuclear War