Hitler Trump Being Exposed
Quote:  “Now Trump and his millions are in the driver’s
seat, attempting to pose as respectable participants in
American politics, when their views come out of a playbook
written in German,” said Mr Rosenbaum, who wrote
Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil.
“The playbook is Mein Kampf.”
In an article for the Los Angeles Review of Books, Mr
Rosenbaum offers a brief historical look at the rise of the
Nazi party, emphasising how Hitler targeted one of the only
German newspapers to continually investigate and expose
The Munich Post was first ransacked by Nazis in 1923, and
was eventually closed down by the party when Hitler came
to power in 1933. Many of the local paper's journalists were
disappeared or sent to Dachau concentration camp under
Nazi rule.  In contrast, other newspapers, and virtually all
politicians, did not know how to handle Hitler, and
consequently failed to recognise the extent to which he
was a threat, or to meet the need to actively oppose him.
Adolf Hitler Trump is what was is now
again seen in Eccl.
1:9-11 and Rev. 1:
... "What was before will be again
and what is now was before."
Eva Braun Model (1912–1945) died
with Hitler at the age of
"33." This
first Hitler died at the age of
and Hitler thought he was God!
Hitlers wife Ava was with him when
they both committed suicide in
"19" "
45." This also touches on
Trump the
"45"th Presdident of
second Jer-
USA-lem. God shows
these things in signs!
We see Hitlers wifes age of "33" the age of Jesus when
he died and rose again still
"33." Next, we add Hitlers age
"56" ... 5 + 6 = "11" the amount of letters in Jesus
Christ who died for our sins. Malania Trump is
"48" years
of age and Donald Trump is
"72" years of age added
together is
"120." We see "12" drop the zero and we see
this first Hitler went after the
"12" tribes of Israel and now
this second Hitler goes after the
"12" apostle Church! The
first HItler went after the Jews who never accepted Jesus
"33" years old when he died on the cross. Jesus said,
"What was good for the Jew is now good for the Gentile for
God does not show favoritism

I preach this awesome message of the first and second
Adolph Hitler and his wife
Eva Braun and Malania Trump
and both were models
! It was year "45" when Hitler
and his wife, Ava, committed suicide in a bunker. Beast
Adolph Trump is the
"45"th president of this second
-USA-lem nation. It was year "45" when the "33"rd
president Truman dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan
killing thousands of men, women and children. Now we
Trum--an in year "45" and Trum--p the "45"th
president tying together with
Nuclear WW III.
Above left, above the white cloud that God put in his
heavens of old Hilter, shows Hitler of today going after the
"V" for Virgins seen at his waist!  Another sign from God in
the lava flowing from Hawaii, the 50th state of this "50"
states Union, is an image of
Black Bird Trump with his
mouth wide open roaring down the dusty road seen
behind him, into the white hot Nuclear bombs of Russia,
blowing off his lower jaw, the red fiery blood coming from
his administration soon and suddenly that brings in the
other 2 Lions heads,
Clinton 42 & Bush 43.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...