Guns From South & North Attack
This image came from the
right side of Babylon Rock
one mile east of my 28
year wilderness home.
You can see the head
and  body of the Dragon,
Satan, looking over
Babylon Rock. Right of
the word DRAGON you
can see a log looking like
a rafter from the houses
coming down by nuclear
bombs from the bear,
Russia. I put below the
small letter "N" that took
them down, the large
letter "N" for Nuclear.
Above the Dragon Satan,
you can see above the
head of the Dragon in
Left Mexico from the South and Bears on the
North are preparing for battle while this last
day second Rome soon burns. Below I show
a huge rock close to my old home.
the green tree, the head of the PIG Church looking to the left. Left of the rafter you can see the head
of the Dog Church ... the large tree Church riding Dragon Satan of the last days seen in 2 Peter

Below the dragon looking over Babylon Rock, the third Babylon, second Jer-
USA-lem, you can see
the Black Dog Church in shadow form, a picture of my Black Poodle Dog I had named Tina chewing on
two bones she dearly loved. I had to put Tina down at the age of
"16" because she lost her sight and
hearing. This ties into this
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., White House of Washington DC., who has also
lost her bearing and today all follow the Dragon

You can see in this shadow ... which means this was a shadow of what was to come ... and today it
has become. God put in the large rock of Tina chewing on two bones, referring to the two Churches
of today,
Catholic and Protestant alike. The Rock showing in shadow form, Tina's head and her two
paws holding two soon to be dead bones, two Churches, is made up from the rock GeOrGe burning
Bush 43 ... the second head of the three beasts of the last days also seen in Ezekiel 38 ... the land of
Magog ... the land of many "GeOrGes ... George Washington ... George Bush 41 and George Bush 43.

Right of Tina's head you can see the head and face of a
DEMON. Right of the demon you can see the
head of the DRAGON also seen above. Behind the Dragon head you can see where God burned out
in solid rock the two letters of this beast, BC that refers to two men, Bush 43 in front and Bill 42
second. Or we can see this as BC ... Bill Clinton the first head of this "2" headed Lion  Beast as Bill
was born on Leo the Lion month of August "19" and was the "42"nd president tying in year
Pig Head ... Dog Head
Tree Churches 2nd
Left is the inside page of mother's 1942 Bible
showing the first, second and third head of this
last day beast and nation now in my hands.
Mother bought this Bible that shows the head
of the beast, Bill Clinton born on Leo the Lion
month of August "19" who was the "42"nd
president, 1942. Next, we jump ahead to the
bottom line of Matt. 12 added equals "3" beast
"666" men of the Apocalypse all born in year
"46" ...
"666" seen taking down this PIG-DOG
Church of today seen in Isaiah
God shows them in Isaiah 66:6 as his enemies today. This last line shows Matt. 12 added are "3"
beast men. The first verse is "43" the number of the second head of the Beast, George W. Bush "43."
"3" beast men were born in year "46" ... "666." Now where does Donald John Trump 45 come into
the picture in this second page of mother's Bible? Mother purchased her Bible on the
"10"th month
tying in all three beast men who came out from the sleeping Church and now soon takes her down.
The day she bought her Bible was day
"15" ... and Trump 45 has "15" letters in his full name! Now if
God did not write his Bible in Numbers ... who did?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Dog head  Ice Nation