Gross Liar Trump Brings-N-War
The handwriting of Daniel 5:25 is on the
rock wall by Almighty God. God's
fingered fire finger is on the Matthew
Church of today. The long rock above are
two pictures I took because this rock was
so long and large I couldn't get it on one
picture with my good Cannon Camera. The
top left Open Vision over the large letter

in Rock, shows the oval office in this  
last day third Babylon nation. Right of the word Politics, is the word JESUS over his Open Bible with
the wolf preachers preaching out of the left side dragging behind them the dead head Churches of
! Right of this you can see the two short letters "IS" for ISIS in Syria where Trump just pulled
2000 troops out saying, the war is over and won by the USA.

The top left side shows the Eagle Bird, the sign of this
Eagle Bird nation soon to be laying dead on
the ground
! Left of this dead eagle bird nation is the Cross of Jesus Christ also laying dead on the
. Below the word Eagle you can see in the green bush, the head of the bear, Russia and
looking left, waiting in limbo to take this Witchcraft Nation out. Now to confirm these facts we
see the top right Open Vision
same rock, burned out also from God's fire finger.  

You can see the word DRAGON above the image of my old
black Tina Poodle Dog in shadow form,
who I had to put to sleep because of her age of
"16" years old that touches on this nation that sets
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. God shows this as a shadow of the Church full of
demons and dagons!
 Above her black back you can see the head of a demon and the head of a
dragon over her, referring to the dog Churches of 2 Peter 2:20-22. Adding just the 2's as 2's we see
they add up to the
"10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7.

Making up Tina's head I show GeOrGe
W. Bush 43 the second head of the beast who calls himself a
Christian but is a liar
! Behind the shadow of Tina burned out in solid rock, is the black letters BC for
Bill Clinton 42 and or Bush 43 ...
BC!  In shadow form at the head of my old Tina dog ... the Dog
and at the tail burned out in solid rock by Almighty God, is BC for Bill Clinton 42.

Above Tina is the Dragon Satan looking over this last day
Dog Babylonian nation. Right of the Dragon
you can see the rafter of the houses in his nation
that dragon Satan is taking down by nuclear bombs.
I put under the small letter
"N" for nuclear, the large letter "N" to show you what is soon to take
place here in second Jer-
USA-lem ... Babylon ... Nuclear war brought on by Beast Donald Trump 45.
Trump "
45" touches on the 33rd president of this nation, Harry Truman who brought in Nuclear war
with Japan in year

Jesus said people are seen as trees! Notice over the top of Dragon Satan on the left side of the large
, you can see the head of a PIG looking left!  On the right side you can see the head and open
mouth of the
DOG looking right. God is showing the Church of today are pigs and dogs seen in 2
Peter 2:20-22 ... added is
"10" very asleep Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7 still asleep but are soon to wake
up when nuclear war breaks out
Beast trump 45 ... his favorite state is Florida!  Left is a cloud
in Florida of a nuclear bomb going off over a
freeway of cars, three to be exact
! The "3" religions today,
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal
. God is showing the
window for this to happen in now
OPEN. In the Open window
in cloud f
orm from Almighty God, faintly shows the word ...

This means only one thing! The Dragon ... Donald Trump

45" is about to pull the PIN and the Nuclear bombs will
! This also touches on the "33"rd president
in year
"45" the 2 nuclear bombs he dropped over Japan!
Today is
Trum...p "45" and now nuclear bombs over
second Jer-
USA-lem. We go to Obadiah 1:15 added is "16"
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.
"O' but U are about to
This passage states, "What you have done will be done
to you, your deeds will return upon your own head."

Donald Trump was raised as a Presbyterian but when to a Roman Catholic school. These two religons
along with the Lutherin are really the same as the
Roman Catholic Religion. My sister Virgin...ia was
maried to a Roman Cathoic man and I was marred to a Lutheran woman for 18 years and her brother
was married to a Roman Catholic, really the same religion today!

What does God say about all three of these religions today? First I will show you these "3" lion beast
men, Clinton a Protestant Baptist, Bush also a Protestant, and thirdly Trump a Protestant and a
Roman Catholic.
All "3" were born in year "46." Now we see this awesome number "666." God is
telling us today without hesitation! I am using these
"3" so-called-Christian men to take out these
Churches of today who has become  

6. "Hear that uproar from the city, hear that noise from the temple! It is the sound of the Lord
his enemies all they deserve
." Isaiah "66:6" ...

The temple refers to the
"3" ... "666" Churches of today! Beast Trump was born month "6" ... Beaat
Bush was born month "7" ... Beast Clinton was born month "8" ...
"6-7-8." Here we see 6 + 7 + 8 =
21" equals the end of the Holy Bible, Revelation 22 verse "21." Next we see Revelation "6:7-8."

Here we see the
"3" ... "666" Pale Riders of DEATH per Almighty God seen in Revelation 6:7-8
with hell following close behind! Now we see God's last day true Prophet also seen in Roman's
born in year
"34" ... preaching the truth to the sleeping, lying Church of today ... Romans 3:4 ... "Let
God be true and every man a liar!
"  I speak for God and not for man!  This ministry is speaking
for God today without a shadow of a doubt! My God who I speak for today, is the God of Numbers and
not Satan the sleeping
Pig-Dog-Goat Churches of today claim.
Nuclear Donald Trump
his favorite State of
My God shows miracles after miracles but the
sleeping Churches see exactly nothing! Left
you can see God showing from one of his fiery
volacno's, His message for today! Jesus said
the Goats will be on the left meaning
Judgment and the sheep will be on the right,
meaning Mercy! God is showing on the left
the Goat ... dog-pig Churches of today talking
to the beast,
George W. Red Pants Burning
Bush 43.
God confirms this fact showing over
the white head of Bush, the Skull of a beast as
also seen in white. Here we see the Bush
Family belonging to the NWO ... Illuminati of
Satan seen above his white head.
The Bible
says, Satan comes as an angel of light!
This going down to hell nation just buried the first head of the Bush Beast family, G.H.W. Burning
Bush 41. He was worshiped by his family and also this nation! They said he is now setting in heaven
holding hands with his wife, Barbara who also died last year, another lie from hell!

This shows the Burning Bushes that ties to the OT of Moses and the Jews. God spoke to the Jews
through a
Burning Bush and today he speaks again to the Church through a Burning Bush! Red
Pants Evil
Burning Satanic Bushes!  Below you can see the head of Bush leaning to the left!
Goat Church                          Satanic Fire Bushes
This ties into the Open Vision above of
the black head leaning into the
microphone of whie head
Burning, Red
Pants Bush
talking to the goat Church of
today. You can see old President
Burning Bush 41 in hell today, talking to
the sleeping Goat Church. This ties into
both Burning Bushes who are hiding
behind a BUSH seen left with the
of Jesus Christ hidden in the Bush.

You can see riding on his back "2" other
LION BEASTS ... Bill Clinton 42 and
Donald Trump 45 and Satan is seen in the
cloud above riding the horses of the
Left you can see close to my old home in the high wilderness, a
large rock showing the face of old George Burning Bush in solld
rock form, wearing a hat with the word, Gog under the Gog I put
there to show you what God burned out in solid rock the coming
in beast of Revelation
"6:7-8." God says, "The Hand Writing is on
the Rock WALL ... seen in Danial 5:25

Notice under the capital letter "G" is for Gog. Below the rim of his  
hat you can see his nose and mouth spewing out lies. Below is
the full picture image of Burning Bush pulling in the first head of
the LION Beast, Bill Clinton 42. Left of the lonely tree you can see
a beast and right of the tree you can see in rock formation, the
capital letters ...
LION. Looking at the top right you can see God's
lion, yours truly climbing to the top of his huge rock also born on
Leo the Lion month of August ...
me born on day "22" and Bill on
day "19.
" Turn this around and we see these two Prophets, Bill 19
for Satan and Paul 22 for God in Isaiah

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Lion Paul