Gross - Gross Liar D.J. Trump
Commentary: I study liars. I've
never seen one like Donald Trump!
Quote:  "I spent the first two decades of my
career as a social scientist studying liars and
their lies. I thought I had developed a sense of
what to expect from them. Then along came
President Donald Trump. His lies are both more
frequent and more malicious than ordinary

In research beginning in the mid-1990s, when I
was a professor at the University of Virginia, my
colleagues and I asked 77 college students and
70 people from the nearby community to keep
diaries of all the lies they told every day for a
week. They handed them in to us with no names
attached. We calculated participants' rates of
lying and categorized each lie as either
self-serving (told to advantage the liar or protect
the liar from embarrassment, blame or other
undesired outcomes) or kind (told to advantage,
flatter or protect someone else).

At The Washington Post, the Fact Checker feature
has been tracking every false and misleading
claim and flip-flop made by Trump this year. The
inclusion of misleading statements and flip-flops
is consistent with the definition of lying my
colleagues and I gave to our participants: "A lie
occurs any time you intentionally try to mislead
someone." In the case of Trump's claims, though,
it is possible to ascertain only whether they were
false or misleading, and not what the president's
intentions were."   
The above Open Vision of Hitler Trump and his Communist Hitler wave, God shows on his belly the
capital letter "V" for "V"irgins who put him in office, soon goes after them with fury and fire.

Quote:   Donald Trump delivers the State of the Union address in the chamber of the U.S. House of
Representatives at the U.S. Capitol Building on February 5, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Getty/Chip

Donald Trump 2019: Same lying racist he was last year Delivered late, this State of the Union offered
the same old Trump: Racist trolling with a dash of desperation.

Unfortunately, Tuesday's speech showed that Trump has learned nothing, not that this is any
surprise. Trump spent the first 72 years of life learning nothing, so there was no reason to think he
would start now. Sure enough, the speech showed that Trump is the same person he has been for
the past three years, and likely his whole life: A liar, a racist and a man who is willing to ruin the
country for no other reason than power and personal gain.  

This blinded liar man from Satan who has guts like no one I ever saw, was put into power by the Dog,
Pig ... Goat Church of today as seen below as God shows the Goat Church of the last days he made
in a fiery volcano in smoke and lighting form, talking to the red pants beast, Fire Trump who claims
he is a good Christian who has the Skull head of the beast, Satan over his so called white head.

last man
for the
God shows Beast Trump
as second HItler in the
clouds in his heavens
and in burned out rock
form on his earth below!
Daniel 5:25 states: "The hand writing is on
the Wall
." Here meaning his Rock Wall close
to my old home in the high wilderness where
I had lived for 28 years and other places
around the world. The two matching images
above shows old HItler, now Trump giving
old HItlers famous military solute, one in the
sky the other in burned out rock form from a
volcano of rock lava in Hawaii,
Right of red fire pants Trump 45 you can see
the sign of Black Satan with his nose beside
the black microphone the Goat Churches and
Donald Trump are both talking on, referring to
the Elephant Republican Party who are tied
into Satan today who is soon to make dead
white skulls of the goat Churches!

Below left shows
Shark Trump soon to kill the
goat-pig-dog Churches of today as God
shows him over the tail of this Shark, Trump,
the head of the
Elephant Republican Party
soon to make Skulls from the sleeping
Church ,,, God shows this in cloud form! We
see above the soon to be
BLUE ,,, RED Goat
Church talking to red pants burning Trump

Below Shark Trump you can see this naked
Goat Church riding on the head of Beast
Donald Trump and right of her naked butt you
can see the red fire coming upon her! Notice
her right cheek is the white hat of President
Trump 45 looking at you. You can see his two
black eyes, his nose and his open mouth as
usual as he stand on his two front legs and
sets down on his hind legs.
Below you can see in burned out rock form close to my old home, the
PIGS head left looking down, the Pig Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 the
woman Church heading for the rocks to hide from God when he rises to
shake the earth seen in Isaiah 2:19-22.

I outlined the woman Church heading into the rocks and holes in
ground from God Almighty soon and suddenly. Notice the heavy coat
she is wearing suggesting winter time, and the up t0 date bun hairdo as
she turns her head looking at you. Above and to the right you can see
the legs of the Swastika Hitler Lion beasts going after her.

Jesus said,
"I will burn off all the Hay, Wood and Stubble from your lives,
you will be saved but
Isaiah 2:19-22
Isaiah 2:19-22 added ... 2 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 2
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Wash.,
DC., God's second Jer-
USA-lem who
has gone bananas at Judgment time
today without a shadow of a doubt!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...